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Monday, 01/20/2014, 09:01 am

VIDEO | Johnson vs. Kyle Full Fight Highlight From WSOF 8

Last Saturday the World Series of Fighting Returned with WSOF 8 in Hollywood Florida.

If you missed our live broadcast of the event, here’s highlights from Anthony Johnson vs. Mike Kyle.



4 Responses to “VIDEO | Johnson vs. Kyle Full Fight Highlight From WSOF 8”

  1. garciagym says:

    That late punch from AJ is further proof he doesn’t deserve another UFC fight.

    • Mr. Falcon says:

      You fight until the ref stops it. Mike Kyle didn’t seem too butt hurt when they hugged after the fight, so why are you?

      • ChrisTuck411 says:

        The guy was face down on the mat. obvious late punch > moron

        • Mr. Falcon says:

          He stopped when the ref came in, right? Maybe you should bitch about the ref not being quicker to intervene? Or you could stop bitching because no harm, no foul? Maybe you’re a child for resorting to name-calling? I’m just spit-balling here…

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