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Thursday, 02/28/2013, 08:47 am

VIDEO | Joe Rogan’s Top 8 UFC Debuts Of All-Time | UFC NEWS

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Many fighters have taken advantage of the spotlight and Joe Rogan ranks the best of the best in Ultimate 8.

8. Rustam Khabilov

7. Stephen Thompson

6. Ryan Jimmo

5. Glover Teixeira

4. Todd Duffee

3. Joe Lauzon

2. Junior Dos Santos

1. Anderson Silva


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  1. Phalen says:

    I agree with these, for the most part. But I kind of feel that they are leaving out fighters that may not be very relevant at the moment. Like, maybe Joe is only mentioning fighters that are active and winning on the roster right now.

    One that comes to mind is Paulo Thiago. He may be on a downward trajectory now, but his debut against Koscheck was awesome!

    Anybody else have some examples?

  2. Tsimanga says:

    No Vitor Belfort?? No Mark Coleman?? Should I go on?

    This seems like just a list to hype some new fighters… can’t be real as Joe knows more than this.

  3. Tsiamnga says:

    ….add BJ penn or Frank Shamrock? Like i said, Joe knows much more than this…. this list is hyperbole at best.

  4. tay says:

    tyrone woodley or that abel trujillo guys debuts were fukn sick

  5. MMA Analyst says:

    Remember, This is Rogan’s list. He sees the sport from a different angle than we all see it,.. more often than we see it. Certain things are going to stand out to him and it’s going to be much different than the rest. I don’t agree entirely with his list, but it’s not like the peeps he mentioned weren’t exciting in their debuts, respectively. This has nothing to do with hype, all of this is just a matter of opinion from someone respected in the business.

  6. K3vbot says:

    have to think that Lauzon’s debut was best only because he was fighting a former champ making his big return. Far as i’m aware nobody else beat a champ in their debut.

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