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Thursday, 02/21/2013, 09:01 am

VIDEO | Joe Rogan One-Kick KO’s Somebody | UFC NEWS

Check out Joe Rogan back in the day in this Taekwondo Tournament.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Joe Rogan One-Kick KO’s Somebody | UFC NEWS”

  1. dastuka says:

    The way he male model spun after was hella suspect.

  2. Ainokea says:

    Daaaaaamn! You got knocked the fuck out!

  3. BringFitchBack says:

    That’s not Rogan. It looks like a butch girl. Yah?

  4. james says:

    That dude got ktfo like Overeem without steroids..hahahahah

  5. the natural says:

    it would be even better if that was jo rogan gettin koed

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