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Wednesday, 10/05/2011, 03:00 pm




  1. Dick Paradise says:

    psst. its fake 😉

  2. dastuka says:

    Why do you think its fake, seems real to me.

  3. sgt thai clone says:

    Joe, Thanks for schooling this Idiot his friends should tell him to wear a muzzel, because hes a fool when he opens his mouth-

  4. MFbrian88 says:

    Hah..That guy has one thing right. GSP is a greaser! Don’t smoke kids! Just drink some SuperPump MAX!

    But on a serious note, this guys really cares about Rogan….looks like a trailer to a film at the end.

  5. Brave Reply says:

    Guys its Fake as fake can be. Its all over Sherdog and this was posted a week ago. Sad that this site is getting behind on current events. The MODs need to get with the program and report shit quicker

  6. Fortyb4five says:

    Thats funny as shit…I read an article on cage potato but didn’t see a video till now…hah Laranja bit off more than he could chew.

  7. Matt says:

    “You can try to hun, joe hogan, you not gonna be able to hun away from yourself”

    “you talk about Hootang Clan say, it’s nothing to fuck with, but heefer nothing to fuck with either”


  8. dastuka says:

    I look at Sherdog, but I dont study every post…it might be staged as most things with cameras tend to be…but not COMPLETELY fake,imho.

  9. The natural says:

    Rogans a dueche bag to disrespect someone like that just shows u rogan has no class but that’s not news
    But lately rogan and mr clean are insanely making the sport look bad and might ruin the whole upcoming oft he sport and just like the sports evolving so shld they i mean come on no more rails for rogan before wrk and no more drunk interviews for mr clean these two can destroy everything without realizing it please new PR

    • Ryan M says:

      Wtf are you talking about? Rogan is the biggest fan of MMA and knows his stuff. He is the greatest commentator ever. He has been with the UFC since almost the beginning. Who is Mr. Clean? Is that a shot at Golberg? Your half coherent rambling was way off base.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      WTF? Huh? You posting while you’re drunk?

  10. damo1412 says:

    its fake this is the dude that chased him to get him in the ufc from eddie bravo’s gym ages ago

  11. dastuka says:

    Ok, He is a great actor then. Really funny. I dont think he was over the top with the accent. I have worked with Brazilians and had identical conversations.

  12. Dick Paradise says:

    you guys are idiots – “Laranga ” has been fucking around making videos with Eddie Bravo for over a year, hes actually a soap opera actor – apparently still good at bjj.

    Gullible noobs

  13. Brezzy 215 says:

    Joe Rogen speaks nothing but truth . He had plausible facts that the BJJ guy couldn’t comprehend . To smoke Marijuana is a personal choice and if he does it so what . then again who doesn’t these days . If yu dnt have proff den stfu .

  14. Elgatogordo says:


  15. The natural says:

    Hey Ryan who the fuck doesnt No there stuff bout mma and so what if he’s a fan he’s still not a piece a shit or anything or always rambling and grinding his jaw and looks like acts like he just blew a kilo in the back. None of ur point at all defends rogan or has no reason y his actions and who he thinks he is will kick him in the ass and what u said isnt just a stupid useless opinion which really doesnt argue anything i said but mr cleans alway been Dana dumb ass both of there egos are goin to destroy sport

    • Ryan M says:

      If you learn how to spell or write a sentence, then I will listen to what you have to say. It took me five minutes to even understand what you just said there. English your second language?

    • Creature says:

      So let me get this straight.. you think the very people who have made this sport so mainstream and huge are going to ruin it? How? by doing exactly what they have been for a long time? Hey you know football is a very popular sport, and many football stars give off tons of bad PR.. guess what its still huge. Joe Rogan is a very smart guy, and he doesnt try to hide who he is to try and look all perfect to please everyone. Id like to know how exactly hes a piece of shit? because me makes funny videos? because he is an intelligent guy who knows wtf hes talking about? Or calls people out on their BS Or because hes a much better MMA commentator than anyone else in the business?

  16. WarProdigy says:

    Im 90% sure its fake. I seen that guy in a couple of Hogans video’s…Rogan is actually pretty smart, use the ignorant forigner to be the anti-weed guy. I would continue writing my comment…but if have the munchies for some strange reason O_o

  17. Jesusisamushroom says:

    Are u shitting me? Dude nick diaz DOES smoke weed

  18. boontown says:

    Has it ever occurred to you that the popularity of the UFC is heavily based on the two people you just insulted?

  19. the truth says:

    shit funny as fuck
    got me thinking

  20. Lino says:

    And he burned out like a boss

  21. luls says:

    its fake you idiots.. but it is funny..

  22. Jake says:

    Please remove this video from web site

  23. jan meyer says:

    Ok fake or not, this is how it goes. People who want to say that the things they don’t do u shouldn’t do either.
    Why? i’ve not many clues.. are they worried? Worried about our health? When it comes to close relatives who have no fking clue what mary jane is ur does, yes, i can imagine they worried.. BUT people as in this (fake) vid are not worried, they wanna let u know that u are crazy and they are cool. They say that u get dumb of it..well, guess what, who doesn’t understand who?? Weed gives u an extra dimension, so who knows best? 😉 Joe Rogan says a lot of true things , seen a lot of em on youtube 😛

  24. Aaron says:

    Hahahahaha! Joe’s gonna have blood on his hands from promoting smoking weed. Hahahahha! Joe’s the man!

  25. ol raz says:

    Rogan is a Cannabis activist and a martial arts enthusiast. As was Bruce Lee. Many athletes that put their body through intensive physical,metal and emotional stress training know of the many benefits of Cannabis. He dropped a lot of serious facts about what cannabis is and how it effects the human system. If more people utilized cannabis like a nutritional supplement and stopped trying to paint it with the alcohol, drug brush, the ignorance would really start to fade. Cannabis is more like a blueberry or a healthy complete meal than it is Crack cocaine or Heroin… the research. And Rogan has been a long time die hard fan of both martial arts and cannabis, very well read and educated on these subject. You can see the passion when he speaks on these subjects. Dana White is a big arrogant Douche…but He loves him some MMA and has taken his passion and support for this wonderful art form and made the UFC on the verge of competing straight up with the NFL and NBA….just look at the sponsors they’ve got with the UFC…ah, I remember when Cage Fighting was BANNED….we’ve come a long way baby. Thank you Joe Rogan and Dana White for being who you are and not letting anyone tell you NO.

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