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Tuesday, 08/07/2012, 08:35 am

Video | Jean Claude Van Damme Trains Alongside GSP | UFC NEWS

Canada’s TriStar gym played host to a special guest recently. 90’s action star and famed martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme took some time to hit some pads alongside UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.


31 Responses to “Video | Jean Claude Van Damme Trains Alongside GSP | UFC NEWS”

  1. Unarmed Spectator says:

    GSP is gonna take some tips from Van Damme like how Segal has been giving tips to Silva. Soon GSP’s Ballet Career will soar!

  2. CANADAN1 says:

    Thats AMAZING, a true legend, with a future UFC Hall of Famer. Thats such an amazing sight, thanks for posting this video. GSP N1, will smash Condit, Kampan and even the spider

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      If he you ever watched any of Van dammes movies you would have noticed he was always all GREASED up. maybe that is where GSP learned how to GREASE UP.

      GSP inactive NO FIGHTS for over 450 days. wow thats impressive for a 30 yr old. All broke down at 30. Look up or ask any doctor what years of PED abuse do to body. Your muscles get too strong for your ligaments and tendons that is why GSP always has something pulled or ripped apart.

      • Koshchek Always Fights Fair says:

        You sir have earned an extra share of MORON points today. Hopefully someday you’ll know what the F you’re talking about. GSP will once again make you and all the haters look like idiots.

      • He had a major surgery that always requires at least a year off you dumb fuck. Blow your greasing excuses out your ass. I hate excuse making cry babies like you. I can almost guarantee that in real life you’re a big siss just based off your comment.

  3. G Bud says:

    Van Damme is clearly unaware of TriStar’s tradition of crotch tickling after training…..

  4. Xaninho says:

    He can only kick with his right leg.

  5. Yo says:

    Split ballerina balls tickling kicks coming sooooon

  6. Dan Jenkins says:

    So we got seagal in Anderson’s camp van damme in gsp”s camp when’s Jon jones bringing in chuck Norris

  7. FamilyGuy says:

    Jones would come out with a real legend in his corner:

    Dan Inasanto

  8. Joe says:

    hahaha, funny as hell. sound like a bunch of gay french canadians jerking each other off. GSP u are such a nut hugger! Next part of training is turning off the lights in the gym and playing “guess who’s in my mouth!!” lol

  9. What? says:

    Where’s bolo?

  10. A.James says:

    I’m coming out with Hulk Hogan.

  11. clay says:

    hit some pads? more like miss some pads lol

  12. Chael Sonnen says:

    Who needs Steven Seagal when you have Jean Claude van dam!


    That was some cheesy shit man.

  14. Rob says:

    I wouldn’t exactly call that ‘training’.

  15. Cliff says:

    All I saw was GSP go for the ‘high five’ at 0:18 and get ignored lol

  16. The guy called “get rid fitch (forever)” that comments on here lies and makes up more excuses than anyone I’ve ever seen comment on this site. Everything he posts is some kind of an excuse on fighters at the top.

  17. Whatever says:

    Jones will have Frank Dux in his corner before the year is done. Lmao

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