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Monday, 10/07/2013, 10:53 am

VIDEO | JDS: “When I Hit People, They Go Down”

“I see things better than I did before. When I hit people, they go down.” No. 1 contender Junior Dos Santos discusses his rubber match with Cain Velasquez and his plans to knock the champion out…again.


8 Responses to “VIDEO | JDS: “When I Hit People, They Go Down””

  1. Big daddy says:

    When you go past the first round you gas out, what’s your point? If hunt didn’t break his toe in the first round he probably would of knocked your ass out!

    • Young Gun says:

      How fucking stupid do you sound? Known fact that Junior overtrained for their 2nd fight. Watch your boy Cain go down on the 19th, and stare in horror

      • Big daddy says:

        @ young gun yeah that was what lost him the fight. If you’re a jds nut hugger you’ve obviously watched his fights. He always slows down big time after the first round. He did that with big country, he must of over trained on that fight too. In that case Cain also had a knee injury. What’s gonna be his excuse this time?

        • Again.. says:

          Watch the fight buddy, look at JDS, at his physique. Even when he did his usual your going down gesture you can tell him wasn’t himself. How can you tell? I’ll tell you how, it was all in his eyes, he didn’t have the fire. The man was going through a tough time, he overtrained, he should’ve pulled out of that fight but didn’t. Cain had a knee injury in the first fight but so did JDS. What’s Cain’s excuse? Cuz all of you Cain dick riders use that one? With Big Country it was early into his career, and he did not slow down. He dropped Big Country in every round. Just because he lost his explosiveness doesn’t mean anything! Cain couldn’t finish JDS and JDS could barely stand. What happened there did Cain fatigue? Yes he did. Point of the matter is JDS can, and I believe will win.

  2. KIDD433 says:

    If I had to put $ on it, it would probably be on Dos Santos. Both men are Bad MFKRS, tough one to call. one man will leave champ

  3. Big daddy says:

    I could only see jds winning by ko. Cain will put too much pressure on him and he’ll gas. It’s going to be another 25 minute beat down.

  4. 757 says:

    JDS went all 5 rounds taking everything that CAIN had. Why are people talking about him gassing? People should be talking about how CAIN hit him with everything and couldn’t put him away.

  5. Ddddddddd says:

    The bad thing about this fight is their the only true contenders right now. After this fight,,what have we got to look forward too? I think both of these guys have the answer for the other one. Whoever has a better night is winning this fight. I think Juniors gonna be the one to have a good night though.

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