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Monday, 04/15/2013, 09:00 am

VIDEO | J. Jones Gives Sonnen The Silent Treatment

Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen spoke with Jon Anik during the TUF 17 Finale. While Sonnen was more than willing to talk about their upcoming fight at UFC 159, “Bones” wasn’t quite as eager as his opponent.


34 Responses to “VIDEO | J. Jones Gives Sonnen The Silent Treatment”

  1. Carl Batista says:

    Jon Jones sucks

  2. The dumb thing is says:

    that Jones had the opportunity to promote the fight (to increase demand, to increase PPV buys, to increase revenue for ALL) but he chose to pout like a baby! Chael, on the other hand, worked it like he supposed to, and could’ve done more if Jones didn’t pout like a baby! So that could mean one of two things: 1) increasing PPV buys thus increasing money in his pocket really isn’t important to Jones, or 2) Jones really is pouting like a baby! Jones could’ve handled it differently and stood there with a professional image, but he chose to swing his arms like a little boy needing to go to the bathroom and pout like a baby!
    I’ve always been a huge Jon Jones fan (since UFC 94 actually against Bonnar), but am just a little bit less now. Don’t know why…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      I like your little boy needing to go to the bathroom…that was funny… But its obvious Jones is playing the tough guy because he doesn’t have the stones or grey matter to keep up with Sonnen. He knows Sonnen would reduce his big ego to mush and he can’t afford to allow that to happen. I hope Sonnen grinds this guy out, but Sonnen will probably get elbowed up and submitted.

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