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Tuesday, 10/09/2012, 08:15 am

VIDEO | Inside MMA Hints At Strikeforce Closure | MMA NEWS


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7 Responses to “VIDEO | Inside MMA Hints At Strikeforce Closure | MMA NEWS”

  1. JoeShmozer says:

    Bout time.. Bring Rousey and the chicks where they belong!!! UFC womens class!!

  2. MARV3L0US says:

    Maybe strikeforce and bellator can make a deal and send strikeforce fighters to bellator

  3. Matt says:

    SF fighters to Bellator? I wouldn’t count on it. Don’t forget Zuffa owns SF. UFC will cherry pick and give the rest their walking papers.

    And the ladies will end up in Invicta… which will very quickly be bought by Zuffa or will enter into an arrangement with the UFC for some sort of cross-promotion etc. which will allow Ronda to fight on a UFC card. This Invicta/Zuffa partnership happens sooner than later IMO. Don’t forget Invicta’s CEO used to work for Zuffa and maintains relations.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Who didn’t see this coming the day Zuffa purchased Strikeforce? Strikeforce was growing at the time so Zuffa got control over the competition by buying them, tranferring the best fighters to the UFC and then let it slowly bleed out.

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