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Thursday, 09/15/2011, 07:33 pm

VIDEO: How The UFC Hypes Fights – Our Response To Recent UFC Video Release

I have attached a video in response to the recent issue started by the article released on…

If you watch it, it will show the UFC interviewer specifically instigating trash talking from BJ. While BJ’s recent recount may not have been 100% accurate based on what the video released allowed you to see, our video shows them asking for specific items from BJ in hopes to hype the fight.

So forgive us for a slightly innacurate recount of events, but as you can see, we are used to the UFC making requests that instigate a fighter to say things he would not normally say and for that reason BJ is somewhat sensetive to these types of baited interviews now.

That is all.

– Pedro Carrasco


57 Responses to “VIDEO: How The UFC Hypes Fights – Our Response To Recent UFC Video Release”

  1. 209forthewin says:

    There is only 1-2 or 3 fighters that have the balls to do it. But if money and food on the table for the futur was not an issue for the fighters i bet we would be surprised about what they have to say.

    Keep it up BJ. You are real. You tell the truth and we the fans like it and will always support you. After alll… if the fans want to see you in the UFC fighting… just like the diaz story few years ago they will not have the choice to make you fight.

    “My job is to give the fans what they want to see” We want to see BJ as real as he is speaking the truth and fighting as always like a warrior. Keep it up BJ.

  2. Fortyb4five says:

    This just in Dana White tries to hide behind a horrible screen name and fails miserably.

  3. Jefferson says:

    It’s pretty obvious that they make them say the shit, cause you get super humble fighters talking shit all the time. Good video, people shouldn’t be shocked though.
    It’s not a sport. It’s a business drived by promoters who want to get more sales and more money.

    Just like they did with Strikeforce. They got the Strikeforce fans and picked all cherry fighters like Diaz, Overeem,etc and will leave it dying slowly without thinking about the fighters just like Pride, Wec, IFL,etc. I am sick and tired of this ufc business shit. It’s going too far!

  4. Eric says:

    In all honesty, it seems like BJ made a bigger deal of it assuming the UFC wouldn’t respond. Looking at the uncut footage, it seems like totally reasonable production requests. I get that BJ might be sensitive, but I also think that he’s also playing damage control to a potential negative response from Nick. Nick freaks out when his opponent hypes the fight, and I think BJ doesn’t really want to make an enemy out of Nick Diaz. He wants to keep it professional. Overall, it’s somewhat much ado about nothing. I get BJ’s position, but I think the “pressure to sell the fight” wasn’t very strong at all. He wasn’t asked to be disrespectful – he was expected to state the obvious. Would Nick REALLY be offended if BJ said he was going to win? It’s not like BJ was asked to diss the 209.

    • NN says:

      Ya, I dont know why BJ is tiptoeing around hurting Nick’s feelings. Get over it buddy

    • Your laying it on thick like chucky peanut butter in your ASS crack bradduh. This is the first time we’ve seen someone that Bj is fighting that he considers a friend. It would be equivalent to Chael fighting Hendo, but Chael would do it no problem bc it’s business and competitiveness ..

      • guamy says:

        Do us all a fav and STFU Henry. contractual obligation BS. he already did his obligations for the condit fight and now they switched it on him so he has to do more PR bull. You sound like your Danas little PR buddy or something

      • JOHN D says:

        I love BJ, but I agree with henry here. Stop being a little bitch. Sell the fight, knock his head off his shoulders, it’s business. Get over it. Looking like a real deal chump right about now. If he wasn’t BJ Penn I’d say he was but fortunately he is and he can say whatever the fudge he wants and come fight night, he will smash diaz face in.

      • e says:

        you aint talkin mma, you’re over-analyzing this topic and you blowin up your own bullshit logic despite how “correct” you think you are. “BJ should do this; BJ should say that..” get the fuck outa here with that incredible hindsight ability shit.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        John shut the fuck up….People like you are all the same. Oh I love bj but or oh I’m a huge bj fan but…dude shut the fuck up you either support him or you don’t..there’s no in between.

      • dyllan says:

        actuallly chael has said that he would never fight hendo.

      • Chris says:

        If it’s not a big deal why are you arguing it in length? Something that garners a long response is either important, or the person is talking just to be heard. You yourself claimed its not a big deal so that really only leaves one conclusion…

      • Jmad says:

        He’d rather let his fists do the talking.

      • I have tons of experience w crunchy peanut butter bc Mrs. Kobasky enjoys eating it from my ass crack, but that’s beside the point..jus kiddin henry. I get what your saying and not sure why Bj thinks he needs to justify himself to Diaz bc at the end of the day ..there’s nothing wrong w saying ..Yes I will beat Nick Diaz and I will win this fight! Don’t over emphasize the point bc it become annoying. Bj and Chaelmonster FTW..

      • burp says:

        @ Henry – BJ’s highlights sell the fight. He could not say a word and I would watch it happily. Why do you need him to promote? Are you that casual of a fan or would you rather watch something manufactured as opposed to real? Interesting point of view is all.

      • Troy says:

        who said BJ has a problem fighting….anyone, let alone Diaz

    • Fortyb4five says:

      I thought this douche bag quit posting?

    • michael says:

      Um, Nick Diaz is an amazing fighter, but if he freaks out about promotional videos? he’s a moron. A real dull bulb. Now I’m thinking BJ Penn might not be the sharpest tool in the shed either. Doesn’t anyone understand that promotional videos are meant to promote the fight? Sell tickets? Get people interested in watching the PPV? Any of that make any sense to people? There has never been a moral code with fight promotion. Why should their be now?

      Imagine this tag line for UFC poster,

      “I am a great friend of Nick Diaz, and I don’t want him to get mad at me for saying I will beat him.”

      That’s going to sell so many tickets, not. Stick to fighting, let the UFC do the promoting BJ.

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    We know BJ, let Dana be Dana, a greedy lil b*****! You just get your cardio up to its peak and let those heat seekers find Diaz face! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  6. dub says:

    I have no clue wtf this shits even sayin

  7. W.F says:

    So in what countdown does BJ call out Anderson Silva? Right?
    Don’t they make him say this stuff, like hold a gun to his head or he can’t be in the UFC anymore.

    This video is really good at proving your guy’s point. Now thats how you report.

  8. MMAProfessor says:

    C’mom, UFC is not the mafia, BJ’s a grown ass man, UFC being the scapegoat, Dana White wasn’t there telling BJ to say all this negative stuff about Nick, this fight needs no hyping, PENN vs. DIAZ will sell regardless…Where’s your head At? Will see in late October….

  9. e says:

    BJ, nevamind these people tryin to get into your head with their bullshit. Always be real, stay sharp, and do your thing BOSS! Fans got your back!

    • Bumtits says:

      This is the same BJ Penn who was all over the place burying Sean Sherk, including using his patented “You’re dead!” threat, but then as soon as the fight was over, was overheard on camera telling him “I didn’t mean any of that, I was just trying to make this the biggest fight of all time.”

      Hey Bj….Stay sharp, stay real!

  10. 808Guy says:

    Obviously the UFC needs the fighters to say certain things in order to hype a fight but it’s also obvious that the above video is previous footage of a different fight (most likely the matt hughes fight since BJ states “since my last lost” which occured prior to the Matt Hughes fight). I feel that BJ’s statement about the interviewers forcing him to say something goes back to his and Pierres primetime where BJ felt that the UFC had portrayed him incorrectly and he just doesn’t want it to happen again.

  11. Beast says:

    Come on BJ its buisness go beat nicks ass hype the fight- dont whine about it be thankful your not fighting frankie the coke edgar again

  12. fuckdapenns says:

    ok where were all this guys before ufc went big now where mma was diein dana made it what it is today so he obiously knows whats best bj needs to stop being such a lil bitch for real man

  13. sbail says:

    they want this sport to be the dominant sport on the planet.

    they can’t do it by guarding every ones feelings and letting an uncoordinated advertisement strategy sell the fights.

    they are selling FIGHTS, not competitions between friends. people want to see a FIGHT. we want to see modern day Bruce Lees, Chuck Norris’s and Bob Backlunds fight it out for real, and we will pay good money for it.

    this strategy is working and fighters are becoming more and more popular and making more and more money, but it’s a process that takes time, money, and lots of people working on different aspects of it, as well as the cooperation of the fighters.

    And just like the world, there isn’t one all knowing all powerful master controlling every little aspect of it. If you think there is then you are a simpleton. DW doesn’t make every single little decision, just most of the big ones. the guy has to eat, sleep, and shit just like the rest of us. and there’s only so much time for everything else.

    So, many aspects of the business is delegated to others. BJ being coaxed into hyping the fight is just someone doing their job, I’m sure the interviewer is asked to “help” the fighters hype the fight for the simple obvious reason that it makes it more interesting to people that aren’t deep into the culture, which is most of the people that buy the ppv’s.

    and the guy that asked the questions didn’t edit the promo video. someone else did that. and their job description is most likely to make the fight promotion clip exciting and entertaining. and shock of shocks, he/she might not even be all that into MMA, but they probably have editing experience. and my guess would be that the ability to edit got them the job more than their mma knowledge did. And same with the interviewer, they probably know more about interviewing than they do mma.

    so calm down, relax, and enjoy the spectacle.

  14. One crack on ya back says:

    @ fuckdapenns- brah u stay on the internet brah!! Try call dem one bitch
    To their face or even to anyone in hilo…. Bradda u get slept!! We no can
    Even understand what u sayin wit dana’s dick in ur mouth u faka! Ur mom
    Teach u any manners or what??? “No talk wit ur mouth full”

  15. Mike Diaz says:

    Dana wants to release a video to knock one of the biggest draws in the UFC and imo the best p4p fighter in the world, just shows Dana’s true colors, a b**** a** snake in the ground! He’s lucky he is the President of the company and not a fighter in the WW division! We already know how real you are BJ, wether the fakers say you should do this or that, NO, you should be real as should everyone. Props to Nick Diaz and BJ for being some of the only REAL fighters who scrap in the UFC, wether in the octagon or in the backwoods of Hilo or Stockton with no cameras! JUST SCRAP! PENN NATION!!!!!!!!

  16. Digs says:

    I’m sure it’s difficult to step in the octagon and do your job when there is all this bullshit in the air.

    I understand why Penn put out these clips to let Diaz know it’s not a personal beef, but it’s unnecessary.

    The big boss wants to put this fight together, and sell the shit out of it. The fans want to see it. So let them make it happen.

    I just hope Dana isn’t tripping on his power and pull this fight too. He’s just the kind of evil bastard that would do something like that.

  17. Xaninho says:

    It would be best to have no real friendships with other fighters, I’ve been in tournaments where I had to fight one of my friends in the finals. It’s so weird to have to try and beat someone that has been a friend for years and with whom you’ve been sparring on a daily base….I mean damn, would any of you GnP with elbows and everything on one of your best friends?

    But I guess you can’t be a member of a team and not become friends.

  18. michael says:

    BJ and Nick should stick by their values and stop promoting for the UFC. They can both fight on Oahu for $200.

  19. George says:

    That interviewer sounds like a MAJOR douche bag. These canned interviews are such BS. But judging by the fact that most MMA fans are of low intelligence (see Sherdog forum users), it must get results.

  20. dipset says:

    John n henry…stfu….wattss crackin lackin w the crumbs beside ur butt crack..

  21. PharmBoy says:

    Pretty ridiculous of Pedro trying to spin this like their camp is opposed to trash talking… does anyone remember the Countdown show leading up to the GSP fight… they were filming at BJs gym when Rude Boy was trash talking pretty harsh … French pussy this and that… and made some statement about “raping” GSP… they all laughed including BJ and his brother…. and that wasn’t a scripted interview spot it was réal and spontaneous

    • e says:

      that was old BJ attitude the young and cocky one. he has grown since then and he is a lot more positive about living well and being humble among his peers, friends/fam, and fans.

      • mma fan says:

        bj penn if people use you to put money in their pocket by making your fight a fill in . you better make sure you get paid right the ufc won’t pay your doctor bills when you get older. the cocky ness should come out if not kick dana whites fat ass

  22. mma fan says:

    The ufc looks like the wwe using fighters until their damage goods throw them out only saying thankyou for your services by letting the same people fight over and over. If I was nick daiz and bj penn i wouldn’t show up for the fight you guys are headliner, main event fighters. you guys are not fill in to make money in dana whites pockets. the only reason the event soldout is to see you guys beat each other up for chump change. GSP

  23. blizz says:

    gsp whipped your boy twice

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