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Friday, 02/07/2014, 06:03 am

VIDEO | Herb Dean Talks About Bad Calls Inside The Cage

Herb Dean found himself under fire this week for blowing the UFC 169 main event between Urijah Faber and Renan Barao.

Now, the man who many consider the best ref in the business, discusses other blown calls he’s made inside the cage.


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Herb Dean Talks About Bad Calls Inside The Cage”

  1. team backfist says:

    Ref makes a controversial call? Cage-side instant replay for the officiating. Problem solved and the end of shit-calls screwing up careers.

  2. magoo says:

    Good story Herb, are you gonna do the same for Faber?

  3. Drgnar says:

    how is the fetal position intelligently defending yourself? controversial call but not a bad one.

  4. Dennis Ipenburg says:

    THe thing is, what little people seem to realize is that refs are there to protect the fighters too. Sometimes a call may be a bad one, but he/she will always have your best interest at heart

  5. Brandon Mowrey says:

    The solution is clear: a team of behind-the-curtains referees watching a panel of screens with multiple angles, the ability to slow down and replay any of them, and a wireless headset mic for the in-cage ref.

    This avoids the inevitable corner challenges to every call, but gives the ref in the cage the benefit of more angles and more eyes. I’d still stick with the in-cage ref’s decisions, but having more information available is certainly better than the status quo.

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