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Tuesday, 04/10/2012, 12:08 pm

VIDEO | Hate Me Now – Evans Proclaims Jones Stole His Moves

Jon Jones and Rashad Evans had a bond, dissovled by ambition and opportunity. Now they’ll clash for the light heavyweight belt, and this bout is personal. Watch UFC 145 live on Pay-Per-View and UFC.TV April 21.


16 Responses to “VIDEO | Hate Me Now – Evans Proclaims Jones Stole His Moves”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I hope Evans pulls this one off.

  2. guamy says:

    damn man jones straight swagger jacked rashad lol. good hype video.

  3. DMAC says:

    And he claims he was never under suga’s wing. Please! Only a little brother does shit like that.



  5. Jader says:

    Jones never sounds confident when he talks.

    • hauts says:

      he doesnt really need to be, he could talk lack luster with a slur, and he would still knock people out, maybe and im just saying maybe, maybe jones lets his fighting do the talking for him, i dont know, all i know is shad will not take that belt, i want him to, but i know he will get knocked, or tko’d. sorry folks

  6. Scotty says:

    HA Never noticed that but watch he wont do it now that Rashad called it out.. Honestly, just want to get this fight over with, the lead up has been going on way to long! Wouldnt mind seeing Rashad win but not sure if he will be able too..

  7. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    lol i like jones, but when i saw him do the monkey walk at the start of the shogun fight i was like, wtf
    pretty certain it was rashad that made a big thing about it and wanted to fight jones tho.

  8. Yeas says:

    I don’t think Jones is as arrogant as he is being played out to be. Its a marketing stand point where certain words are used out of context to give that vibe. Why not tho? UFC is happy to make this a bigger event based on the personality. Borrow best practices, there is a reason WWE makes the money it does.

  9. SmoothAssNigga says:

    Just like he took the karate front kick from anderson and the guillotine from mckenize.

  10. B L says:

    interesting that no one ever noticed that. I’m surprised Joe Rogan never noticed it either.

    Jones is a Swacker!

  11. Brend0magic says:

    Hopefully Jones gets KTFO’d for saying they weren’t truly friends. And that brings up a question imo. If Jones didn’t think they were friends, why was he there training/sparring with ‘Shad? Because Rashad clearly thought of him as a good friend and still says that, unlike Jones who has said like 2-3 different things about their “friendship” To get an advantage on someone he’d be facing in the future? What a jackass, really hope he gets his ass handed to him.

  12. TranceAngel says:

    I agree with all of the comments above. I hope Rashad takes the belt.

  13. Mike Diaz says:

    I got Evans on this one, you got it! Get all up in his face, push da pace, make him skip to your lou! PENN NATION!!!!!!

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