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Monday, 10/01/2012, 06:23 am

VIDEO | Hardy vs. Sadollah Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS

More than likely no fighter, during last weekend’s UFC on FUEL TV 5 card, wanted to win more than Dan Hardy. Fighting Amir Sadollah in front of his hometown in Nottingham, England, the former number one contender showed an improved all around game in route to a dominant decision victory. If you missed the fights on Saturday hit play to check out the highlights from the night’s co-main event.


2 Responses to “VIDEO | Hardy vs. Sadollah Fight Highlight | UFC NEWS”

  1. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Sadollah probably took one for the Team (UFC) in exchange for a big fattt envelope.

    Hardy prob should have been released but I would pay to see him lose a 1000 fights in row before I would EVER pay to see one Jon Fitch snoooooooooooooooozfest/ humpathon, stalling bullshit of a match EVER. Fitch should be runright out of MMA for stealing away painful minutes of ever having to watch his lay n pray ass. Where i watch PPV’s at sp[orts bar the owner has said he will no longer ever show another Jon Fitch fight because the fight before Hendricks KO’d him som egoo dcustomers threw bottles at big screen becausethey hated Fitch so bad and its not worth getting everyone in bar all pissed off and starting a riot. Fans actually hate Fitch as much as I do

    • james says:

      yeah but fans never have the balls to actually confront him, instead they talk shit behind the computer. If you see most of jon fitch’s interview, fans are all over his nuts, asking for autographs. I dont understand, if yall hate him so much, how come not one fan will say that to his face.

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