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Thursday, 09/27/2012, 10:36 am

VIDEO | Hardy: ‘Self-proclaimed Christian’ Matt Hughes is not ‘my kind of person’ | UFC NEWS

“No, it didn’t go down very well anywhere really, from what I can tell on the internet. I don’t really understand how you fly out to Africa, look out on the savanah, look at those animals and go ‘You know, I want to kill that.’ I can’t make sense of that in my head. For someone who’s a self-proclaimed good-guy Christian, it just doesn’t calculate. He’s getting his morals mixed up somewhere. He really needs to have a look at himself and question what he’s doing.

Hunting for food, that’s one thing, but going out and shooting…I mean on that blog he was out there for what, two weeks? And he shot fifty animals. I don’t think he’s gonna eat that, let’s be honest. He’s not my kind of person.”


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  1. Axe says:

    Dan Hardy is one of my favourite fighters because of these comments. You have to be sick in your head to shoot that many innocent animals and think it’s okay. Matt Hughes is a scumbag!

  2. TheWholeTruth says:

    Dan Hardy is awesome.

  3. Wowzers says:

    I’m not one for hunting. I love animals and would have a tough time pulling the trigger if it wasn’t a life or death situation. But I understand that some people enjoy Sport Hunting. Just as I enjoy Sport Fishing.

    Do you know how many Christians, Catholics & all religious people hunt on a daily basis? It’s a way of life for a lot of people.

    Is Hardy just a big pansy? I mean he can’t fight any actual good fighters… So I guess maybe he is just a big clown who talks a big talk.

    I know he’d beat my ass lol.. But dude’s a clown in MY eyes lol.

    • Bob says:

      You are not one for hunting yet you love fishing?? Contradiction much?? lmao..,

      The fact that Matt loves to kill animals is what hes upset about.. Matt is not going to eat that and lets be real, if he can give a rats ass about donating it if he loves the sport of hunting..

      If he cared about donating he could donate his fight money to the homeless but he doesnt so quit sticking up for Matt just because BJ and him squashed their beef… Did you not see Matt on the ultimate fighter when he was a coach?? He got pissed at Rashad and thought he was show boating yet when other guys on Matts team “Show boated” Matt celebrated with him..

      Matt is a confused cunt and doesnt know his own self.. One day hes nice to the world and the next he contradicts everything he so call stands for.. fuck him

  4. Chuck says:

    Hunting prevents the animals from OVERPOPULATING you dipshit. The alot of the meat from those animals gets donated to the nearby villages. People have been hunting for thousands of years but for some reason all you bleeding heart tree huggers think its wrong.

    • Jimmyjoe says:

      Wow have you even got a passport

    • Jon says:

      I’m with Chuck. Anyone who is anti hunting/killing animals are dumb and need to educate themselves on the subject.

    • Bob says:

      Over populating?? lmao do you know how much land there is?? That “Overpopulating” excuse just to kill animals is outdated..

      Do you ever see the MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people starving in Africa?? Overpopulating my ass, if that was the case nobody would be starving!!!

      quit trying to reason and take a second to “THINK” for a change.. smh

      • life is meh says:

        It’s only outdated in some parts of the world (for example Africa). In Missouri, it’s not outdated considering there are more white tailed deer now than ever before and they destroy crops.

      • shanerdaner says:

        Overpopulation isn’t an outdated excuse.. They raise the bag limit on deer every year because of it.
        And there will always be people starving in Africa.
        Even with overpopulation.
        They should be thankful for guys like Matt Hughes it’s a win win situation.
        He gets a trophy and they get the meat.
        You tree hugging pansies make me laugh.
        Next time you try to state facts make sure that they’re actually facts not narrow minded opinions.

        • CMUSMC says:

          Lol animals aren’t bring over populated in Africa. And the only reason for over population in other parts of the world is because WE killed the natural predators and by we I mean people like Hughes. Every time you kill a predator you are hurting the environment read a book will you.

        • life is meh says:

          Really? People like Matt who follow hunting laws got rid of wolves? Enlighten me, when is wolf season? When have wolves been a game animal?

    • Xaninho says:

      Overpopulating hahahah! There’s that invalid excuse again!

      Hunters are bloodthirsty sociopaths. Putting up pictures with his victims being all’s a disgrace. Firing a gun from a large distance at some defenseless animal doesn’t gain my respect, he’s a fooking pussy for doing that. Let him try to walk up to a water buffalo and kill it with his bare hands.

      It’s sickening there are people in this day and age who kill animals just for fun. Yes just for fun, fook the whole donation to villages thing, because that’s just been done to justify their little sick huntingtrips.

      • life is meh says:

        So the people who only eat meat that they hunt and kill would be exempt from your argument? As would the people who bow hunt? Or is the entire group simply full of disgusting murderers?

        • Xaninho says:

          Killing animals for fun is disgusting, period.

          Primitive tribes still hunt for food and to use the animals skin to make clothes, those people are the only ones who truly need to hunt.

        • life is meh says:

          So you’re against people hunting for food in industrialized societies, even though it is better for the environment? Interesting…

        • Bob says:

          WTF? LMAO.. There is a huge difference between killing animal for food and killing animal for sport..

          So you are saying if someone had to defend them self by shooting a burglar they are no different than a serial killer since you say people who kill are all the same? I hope youre not that dumb.

          Also, you said there will always be people starving in Africa no matter what with no excuse for it yet you say overpopulation is a normal thing.. DO you not know how much land there is?

          @ShanerDaner. Also Matt Huges can give a rats ass about donating food.. Show proof he donated the animals or I call BS. You never explain why Overpopulation of animals in Africa and starving people by the millions go hand in hand?? ALso there is TONSSSSSSS of Open space in africa dont give me that overpopulation excuse..

          In America Overpopulation of certain animals pretty much mean animal population is exceeding the human population in society in which case I dont mind about decreasing that rate as long as the animals are used in a way to feed people. Almost any animal can be eaten and if you are a bum you shouldnt be picky but thats besides the case.

        • life is meh says:

          I make the argument that hunting for food is perfectly acceptable, the other guy says its always for fun and it disgusting. Also, I never said there will always be starving people in Africa, that was someone else.

  5. life is meh says:

    Does anybody know where these animals were killed? Was it a hunting preserve or what?

  6. Mustaine says:

    Big Hughes fan but what the fuck brought this up? Hughes? Sorry but nobody’s talking about him.

  7. Tincat says:

    Hardy has been wanting a fight with Matt for awhile. He wants a big name he feels he can beat, to get his name up there and talked about more.

    For the record the meat was donated to villages in need.

  8. Wallace Smashkin says:

    “if i would have got the meat of the animals i would have donated it to a village. they waste nothing over there and have plenty of need for food.”

    Key words WOULD HAVE

    He was killing stuff for redneck fun. Period.

  9. Bible says:

    And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. (Genesis 1:28 KJV)

  10. Chuck says:

    People don’t just pick a random spot in Africa to go hunting. If u knew what you were talking about, people hunt on privately owned ranches just like here in the states. Sometimes they are even high fenced ranches meaning that yes, OVERPOPULATION DOES HAPPEN. So before ya try to act like you know what your talking about, get your facts straight. And for you bleedin hearts, those cows and chickens and pigs whos meat you get from the store suffer more than any of those animals Matt shot. Just saying

  11. jim says:

    Have not heard any complaints from any African contingent. For some reason this not blogged about in Africa.
    There is nothing wrong with what he did.
    There is nothing wrong with hunting.
    There is nothing wrong with not hunting.
    It was legal.
    Try and have a good day.

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