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Thursday, 02/20/2014, 07:13 pm

VIDEO | GSP’s Full ‘OTR’ Interview With Michael Landsberg

Michael Landsberg chats with Georges St-Pierre about his hiatus from the UFC, his relationship with Dana White and drug testing in mixed martial arts.

Here’s part 2:


8 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP’s Full ‘OTR’ Interview With Michael Landsberg”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    just re-watched GSP/Hendricks on Netflix. (& I don’t care who wins and who won btw) but JH did NOT win that fight, it was a good call. He won rnds 2 & 4, and showed he can hang, but he didn’t win. Same with JBJ/Gus – he showed he can hang, but did not win. I think too many people are influenced by 1) Joe Rogan sucking off his favorites and 2) that fact that the opponent isn’t getting annihilated. GSP imo still legit champ – & I hope he comes back renewed and ready to go.

  2. bubbagum says:

    wears a fleur de lees on his right calf…he is a separatist…he has walked into the octagon with a mouth
    piece bearing the flag of France on it…just sick. Some Canadian my butt…what a phony, GSP and Cote…these people
    are all about the money…they are only Canadians when they see money…most of us speak
    English in Canada
    but the truth about the french should be exposed … he is such a phony.The truth would be nice about this guy…

    ESL you phony.

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