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Wednesday, 07/25/2012, 10:16 am

VIDEO | GSP Training After Injury 7/25/2012 | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight Champion, GSP, took to the pads in preparation for his bout with Carlos Condit.

Does he look healed up?


12 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP Training After Injury 7/25/2012 | UFC NEWS”

  1. I saw him in that Ninja Commercial, that was all the proof i needed.

  2. Paul says:

    He doesn’t look brilliant to be fair looks really really stiff , end of gsp ? Who knows

  3. Steve says:

    He looks ready to me. Let’s move up his fight with Condit already.

  4. Bob says:

    I know more ppl who blew more ligaments and came back full training in 4 months.. cough cough pussy.. by the way they came back 100 percent and can move in any direction faggots..

    I still like GSP but why so long?? smh

    • Michael says:

      give me an example of who came back in 4 months like you say they did?

      GSP has his career to think about not just what the fans want to see, i give him props for taking the time HE needs not just what cry baby ‘fans’ like yourself say about him

      I’ll be awaiting your reply bob

  5. MMACRAVER says:

    Looking as stiff as ever with the standup.

    Those kicks are nasty looking. (and not in a good way… slow…telegraphed…He basically cant throw one without taking a step first…. pretty weak)

  6. Jeremy says:

    He is looking a little stiff, but lets be fair…he’s still gsp! he’ll be fine but just hate to see injury’s to top level guys like him because he so great and the window is so small…hope he gets back!!

  7. Carlos says:

    He really looks bad, slow and stiff. He should not be rushed back, the UFC could take the shine off there top star but he always has the Diaz fight to fall back on

  8. maurice says:

    condit will retire gsp. gsp at 100 percent still isnt a better striker or bjj artist then condit. condit is literally the last guy in the ww division u wanna fight, especially after coming off nearly 2 yr lay off and rehab. im pretty sure about a month from now gsp will pull out of the fight saying he’s “not ready.” then condit will go on to crush kampmann/hendricks winner.

    • Travis says:

      Lol your fucked for thinking that man Gsp will come back better then ever & win just to prove to him self and all the big mouth FANS !!! He owns the devision hands down !!!

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