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Thursday, 07/12/2012, 09:28 am

VIDEO | GSP Takes On Ninjas In Comedic Google Nexus Ad | UFC NEWS

Check out the UFC’s welterweight champion in this latest bit from Google Nexus as he beats the tar out of three deadly ninjas.


20 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP Takes On Ninjas In Comedic Google Nexus Ad | UFC NEWS”

  1. Hatsu Hioki says:

    y u make fun of ninjas ;( !

  2. Bob says:

    GSP came from a smooth french dude getting all the ladies to looking like precious from lord of the Rings.. hahahaha its gonna catch up to you georgy..

  3. Me says:

    Gsp… I ain’t impressed by your performance!

  4. danielrchargers says:

    hahahhah that was good.
    and i am sure georges still gets the bitches.

  5. We have found says:

    the next Jean Claude Van Damme! Nah, it wasn’ the worst commercial ever made. It is what it is. You go, Georges.

  6. Azusa says:

    If only George could do that in real life…..

  7. lex walker says:

    That was a good commercial

  8. Brend0magic says:

    Carlos is going to KILL him haha.

    • Josh says:

      Carlos cannot beat GSP standing or stop his takedowns… I’m not a GSP fan, I hate how he doesn’t finish anymore but his skills are undeniable. Condit has no shot.

      • Brend0magic says:

        He can definetly stand with GSP, he will have a hard time with GSP’s takedowns, I’ll give ya that. But Carlos is the best challenger GSP has had in a looong time.

  9. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    GSP greased just like anderson silva before he foight those ninjas thats why he won.

  10. Sean McClure says:

    GSP likes very large black women FYI

  11. Mike says:

    so we are still suppose to believe he is coming off of a major knee injury?

  12. lol says:

    He can finish 3 ninjas in seconds but can’t finish a UFC fighter in 25 minutes??

  13. Ted says:

    It says “check out the UFC’s welterweight champion…”, but I don’t see Carlos Condit anywhere in this video. Weird.

  14. Q says:

    If those were real ninjas GSP would get a Sai through his head when he tried some of that lay n pray

  15. maurice says:

    sumone on here had the nerve to say condit cant stand with gsp. im are you outta ur fucking mind? condit muay thai and bjj skills far exceeds gsp skills. only advantage gsp has in this fight is in the wrestling department, but i dont know how much he really wants to play in condits guard. this is a pick your poison fight for gsp. either get knocked out, or possibly get subbed in condits guard. one things for sure, if gsp is looking for another easy point fight, he’s ran into the wrong mother fucker. if he thought jake shields was tough, he has no idea.

    • McCombski says:

      You my friend are a compleate idot! Condent may be one of the best strikers he has fought as far as versitial but to say he is better than gsp ur crazy. u better go back and watch some of gsp’s eariler fights and c him strike. also he is a way better boxer than carlos. Condent may be a better mauy thai fighter but idk about better striker all around. And to say his bjj skills are better than gsp you r on drugs. Gsp trains with renzo gracie in case you dident know … who does condent train with??? and if jake sheilds was a WAY bigger thret on the ground as far as submissions then condent. and i hate jake but he is one of the best sub and ground control guys in the game.

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