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Tuesday, 09/11/2012, 01:03 pm

VIDEO | GSP States He Wants To Face Everyone In The 170 Pound Division

Sportsnet’s Alyson Lozoff goes 1-on-1 with GSP to discuss a potential superfight with Anderson Silva.


30 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP States He Wants To Face Everyone In The 170 Pound Division”

  1. Texas says:

    He will destroy Condit. Condit wil still be the 2nd best welterweight after getting beat by GSP. Silva-GSP HAS TO HAPPEN!

  2. Majestyk says:

    If there’s anyone out there that understood his explanation of how he injured his knee, please explain it to me. lol

  3. mma guy says:

    wtf about nick diaz, diaz been callin him out for years

  4. KIDD433 says:

    Of course hé wants to stay at 170.Hé’s safe there,and Anderson aint there.

    • brandon says:

      if anderson is such a badass then why dont he fight jones, the fight that makes much more sense, the we are friends excuse is bullshit anderson is scared and dont want the lose on his record. he would much rather fight the smaller man coming off of a nearly two year layoff. i dont think that its a coincidence that the silva camp is making such a bid to fight gsp at the present time when he just coming back from knee surgery and a long layoff and may have a little ring rust.

      • Joe MAC says:

        Brandon you’re an idiot my friend. Anderson, Bj, and Gsp were the 3 best p4p for an era and GSP is the only one who never moved up. GSP is a protected, company bitch. If he ever wants to be mentioned as one of the best p4p he’ll need to move up. I personally think anderson is going to drop to 170 to take his title if he doesn’t have the balls to move up. And if you think anyone on earth is better than Anderson Silva, you’re crazy.

      • Jay says:

        You’re putting it all on Anderson you forget jones also said that he would never fight Anderson. Does that make him scared of Anderson? No. They have a mutual respect and as friends and also because they both recognize the risk they are not looking to fight. Just cause you hate Andy don’t say it’s all him being scared when jones said the same thing. I mean jones wouldn’t even fight sonnen, a guy Andy just beat.

  5. USMAN says:

    gsp is a crying bitch that likes to grease himself against fighters and at night .


    @ Brandon,Anderson should fight GSP,not JONES.First of Jones is enormous at 205 and shouldve fought at HW in the 1st place.GSP and Anderson are closer in age and closer in size.Only a1″ reach difference.Jones should be fighting Dos Santos

  7. Rob sansoo says:

    Boring !!!

  8. shaun says:

    dude gsp is a pretty big welterweight and him fight silva is a way better fight then anderson fighting jones. jones needs to go up to heavy weight. All gsp needs to prove is he can beat condit then move up and prove hes one of the greatest.Cause silva is the greatest

  9. mma guy says:

    once diaz gets over his suspension gsp is gonna take that 209 ass whoopin guaranteed

  10. BJ is KING says:

    cant help but smile when this guy talks, seems like a great guy. Funny how much his english has improved since i saw him first fight in the UFC, maybe it was just nerves back then? Best of luck against Condit (not going to need it lol)

  11. Yeahrightman says:

    I like the guy, but he clearly doesn’t want to fight Silva unless Silva comes to him, and I don’t blame him either.

  12. slacker says:

    Man, GSP is a great fighter. But, how many times can he come up with excuses to not face Silva? If you are that unsure of yourself, then just say no, and stop teasing us already. lol And yeah, IMO, he is right to keep his focus on Condit. Carlos wants to be champ bad! Condit has a 76″ reach. First time GSP has faced someone with equal or greater reach going all the way back as far as Jason Miller. It’s going to be a very competitive fight.

  13. YoMama says:

    In a real fight Diaz wins every time.

  14. Clay says:

    He’s ducking silva. Diaz should fight him and silva

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