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Monday, 09/19/2011, 03:22 pm

VIDEO: GSP says he'll fight Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar best P4P fighter

“For me to go up in weight class, I need to consider a lot of things. Because if I go up, I cannot go back down. I cannot play with my weight easy like that… Anderson used to fight at 168-pounds a few years ago in Japan, so I don’t know what his weight is. I think he walks around at 230-pounds, he’s very big. I don’t know if he can cut down. I walk around at 188-190-pounds. Putting on or losing too much weight, for me, is very hard. I’m always about the same size, I’ve got an ectomorph type physique. I could (put on the weight to fight Silva), it just depends on the amount of time I have to do it. If I do it, I have to do it well, it takes time. But, if the UFC is willing to give me the time to do so, and not make me fight during that period time, and also not making him fight during that period of time, because if he fights and something happens, you know he loses and now he’s not invincible, everything goes out the window.”


133 Responses to “VIDEO: GSP says he'll fight Anderson Silva, Frankie Edgar best P4P fighter”

  1. Michael says:

    don’t be scared homie!! He just needs enough time to get a few extra steroid cycles in so he can beef up.

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      That is exactly true if any of you don’t think for one second that a mna like GSP who has a net worth of 14 million isn’t on some type of undetectable fancy designer steroid then i’m wasting my time. GSP at the very least is on HGH which EVERYONE knows they do not test for in MMA. Anyone can beat a steroid test when they know when they will be tested. Why do you think Sean Sherk only fights every 2 years or so. Also anyone who doesn’t think 80 plus % of MMA isn’t on steroids they are very confused. I bet there is only a hand full of exceptions. Bj Penn, Nick and nate Diaz, Dominic Cruz. trust me the more a fighter makes the better the PED.

      • slacker says:

        When do you think GSP started taking steroids approx.? Was there a certain point where he suddenly started looking suspiciously bigger?

        • bruts says:

          ROFL!!! gsp doing steroids!?!?!!!!?!!!!?!!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!?!!!?!!?!! wow that’s the dumbest thing iv’e ever heard!!!! but go on keep thinking what you want, because only dumb people believe people cant beat everyone! but gsp has proven he can!! yee go gsp!

      • Shawn says:

        GSP is as clean and elite of an athlete as they come…he has a chance to defeat anderson silva just as he could loose…the fight should be at 170 or like 177 to make it on even playing field…anderson already is taller and much bigger and lankier…so even the playing field and have him loose the weight why would GSP go up when he’s the small guy, have the big guy cut down then see a fight happen…frankie would loose to gsp easily too…

    • Tom Ryan says:

      He enters the octogan every fight at 192 lbs. That’s a light heavyweight. The fact that he’s hesistant to even fight a middleweight is ridiculous. When are people going to realize that GSP just says things people want to hear, but never follows up.

      • Edd says:

        LHWs have to weigh in at no more than 206 pounds. Most fighters gain 10-20 pounds of waterweight after weigh-ins. That would put a LHW around 216-226 in the octagon not 192.

      • sean says:

        yeah well silva walks around at 230 so he’s a bigger fighter on fight night , learn how it works before u speak dumbass

        • Tom Ryan says:

          I’m aware of that. But a 192-lb person is a Light Heavyweight and that what the Champ of the 170 division fights at.

          The difference is Silva doesn’t gain 45 lbs in the one day between weigh-ins and the fight. Come fight time, he’s about 195- 197 lbs. Silva gains some weight in the week of 2 AFTER the fight and then loses it in next training camp. GEORGES intends to ‘bounce’ his weight to 192 lbs in a day. Anderson: 10-12 lbs over, GSP: 22 lbs over. BIG DIFFERENCE.

          If GSP is content to enter the octagon as a Light Heavyweight vs Welterweights, then he should have the balls to fight a middleweight.

          PS, I do know what I’m talking about, shithead.

        • Artemis Entreri says:

          All welterweights walk around in the 190’s you stupid cunt; by your idiotic reasoning all welterweights should be fighting at light heavyweight, dumbass. I’d hate to hear your opinion on weight classes in amateur wrestling, educate yourself on the subject matter before you speak out next time, or better yet just shut the fuck up.

      • slacker says:

        I think he is saying what they DON’T want to hear. I’m a fan of GSP at welterweight, but I’m tired of all his intricate angles of reasoning and excuses. He won’t be ready to fight Silva until he learns how to finish at welterweight. By then, it will be too late. I think Condit has a good chance of beating him.

      • effyocouch says:

        Silva walks at a hell of a lot more than 192 buddy.

  2. How could you POSSIBLY interpret that long winded, BS answer as a “yes”. That’s the same crap that he’s been peddling for a long time now. Fighting a guy who is ONE weight class above you is NOT a life altering decision that requires a year off from both you AND your opponent. That is absolutely absurd. As is calling yourself an “ectomorph”. No self respecting fighter would EVER use the word “ectomorph” to pu**y out of a fight. I’m seriously losing all respect for GSP.

    • Anthony says:

      GSP’s bodyfat is extremely low, so for him to put on muscle it takes a lot of time – unless you use cycles of steroids (which many on here claim he does). Anderson Silva is about the size of the average light heavyweight fighter – so I think it is more likely that we will see Jones v Silva if Jones becomes virtually unbeatable.

      • HWNSuperman says:

        I would love to se him take regular drug tests throughout a camp to prove that he doesn’t use PEDs. Look at the guy… You don’t get that cut without an injection or few… HAHAHA!!! Get off GSPs nuts for a few seconds and take a good honest look at your boy to see what’s really going on.

        • JIMMAK says:

          Everyones bodies vary in the way they work.. to say “you dont get that cut without an injection or few” is just hilarious.. Man i know many people in the same calibre of cut as GSP, and wouldn’t say im too far off

        • Connor says:

          I have a similar problem with a low body fat % that GSP does. It would take me years to add a significant amount of weight to my frame through normal methods. Also, I’m apparently on steroids too because I look muscular all year. No wait. I just exercise lots. Retard.

        • Troy says:

          yes you are a retard

      • Mike says:

        I’d love to see Jones v Silva but I think Jones is too strong for Anderson and would rag doll him. I see Jones stepping up and fighting at heavyweight in the future. I dont think GSP will ever fight Silva unless Silva looses the weight.

    • BkRockStar says:

      LmFaOoOo Well put bro!

    • Billdo says:

      He said he walks around at 188-190. All he has to do is cut way less weight if he really wanted to fight him. He either doesn’t want to, or he doesn’t think he can win at his current size. The fact is he really shouldn’t take the fight because he will lose anyway.

      • Shawn says:

        So he walks into the fight at 190 and Silva walks in at 205. Riiight. Would u ‘cut very little’ or would you try to pack on 20 lbs of muscle, make 185, in go back up to 210. Exactly. And in order to b able to do this properly without burning you out, you need to take the time. Yes, you can do this in a shorter period of time using PEDs, but you would never be able to hide it, so whats the point. Most fighters take some form of PEDs. Even the ones you don’t think do. These are the guys that know how to do it right, but without abusing. GSP is being smart, he’s not scared. This guy is so competitive, he’s always looking to test himself. But that doesn’t mean he’s not smart in his approach to every fight. I can bet on it that if the UFC gave him the time he requires, he’ll sign that dotted line against Silva.

        • BJFearsNoMan says:

          If GSP is “not scared” and he is “so competitive” like you say Shawn then he would accept the fight and not ramble on about needing time and he’s an ectomorph blah, blah, blah. The fact is he is scared and cautious just like how he comes across inside the cage at welterweight, the guy never takes a chance at all and just smothers people or jabs from the outside with the occasional pathetic superman punch. Martial Arts are all about taking risks and testing yourself against the bigger guy without hesitation. The one guy who personifies this is BJ plain and simple. We have never heard him spit out a list of requirements in order for him to step up in weight, NEVER!! He’s fought all the way up at 205 against Lyoto and would probably accept a fight with Overeem or Lesnar if offered, thats a real fighter. GSP has a way bigger frame than BJ and he already walks around above the 185 limit to fight Anderson. If BJ can step on the scales to fight Fitch or Hughes or GSP in f****n jeans and shoes and still only tip the scales @167 then why cant your hero GSP do it?

      • Mischamill says:

        Your weight does not matter. It is your skill. So it seems like you do not have confidence in your skill to beat Anderson.

  3. Guido says:

    Georgie is truly an amazing politician. The man is the case in point of what PED’s can do for you. He is on it now and he will just change it up to add even more size. No man in MMA walks around the way his camp walks around. They have the cash and the ability to get PED’s anywhere they want as it is legal in Canada. Georgie is a mutt that is a convicted cheat. He is a great salesman and people will always love him and look past what he really is. He really is a product of a test tube!

  4. Anthony says:

    GSP is very humble… I’m happy to see him throw Frankie Edgar in as a top p4p fighter given the fact he is a small lightweight. I think Silva v Jones is a much more likely match up than GSP v Silva – simply because we know Anderson can fight at light heavyweight without giving up much of a size advantage.

  5. HWNSuperman says:

    What a thing for a coward to say… BJ jumped to 170 in a heartbeat and then back down to 155! Grow a pair and learn how to fight again. If GSP couldn’t finish Shields in 5 rounds and it took Ellenberger less than one round to knock Shields out, what does that tell you about our WW champ? Ask yourself that…

    • HWNNutHGGR says:

      I love BJ but the real fact is BJ is too slow for LW . BJ would gas out after 2 rounds at a pace Frankie Edwards fights at and sadly would lose that fight again if fighting for LW championship. BJ has a better chance to win another WW title if he stays in the buffet line and keeps winging “Serra shots” like he did to Hughs.

      • BJ4Life says:

        First of all you mean Frankie Edgar…not Edwards numb nuts! But I kinda hate to admit it ….BJ has a small gas tank for LW. Yeah, agreed… BJ is more entertaining and has better prospects at WW rather than LW. If BJ were to go back down to LW his body just wouldn’t handle it. BJ beat Diaz and then pay back GSP!

        • BJFearsNoMan says:

          BJ is NOT too slow @LW, not even remotely. If your gonna compare him to Frankie’s speed than what does that say about the rest @LW? I would say Frankie is the only guy with more speed than BJ and also his body would be fine if he were to go back down in the future. The reason for this is that he doesn’t gain any weight to fight @WW, he just fights at his normal walk around weight of 166-168lbs give or take. He does not have to cut weight @WW hence him stepping on the scales last time with jeans on and still coming in 3lbs under the limit. So if he were to go back down his body wouldn’t be taxed from the bulking /cutting like most other fighters would do if they ever have the balls to do such a thing, I’m looking at you Georgie!!

    • syche says:

      completely true. GSP dosent have the heart of a champion…the balls to the wall attitude that BJ has and Condit has it and even nick diaz i would say has it, but GSP i duno its just like he dosent convince you anymore

  6. bryan mccarroll says:

    yeah……uh but you had no problem letting bj come up to fight you.—youre pathetic gsp

    • HarmZKR says:

      No disrespect to BJ but thats probably why he lost both times to GSP. GSP was noticeably a lot bigger than BJ and he obviously doesn’t wanna make the same mistake against Silva. Having balls is one thing and dont get me wrong. We all respect a fighter that has the balls to fight anyone anywhere. GSP is trying to be smart about it by being in the ideal shape for the possible Silva fight. Like he said. Silvas a big man who cuts at LEAST 20lbs to get to 185. If you were GSP, you’d obviously wanna even out the playing field as much as possible especially against Silva.

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Uh, this is the same song he’s bee singing ever since he’s been approached about the fight, so how is it all the sudden being interpreted as a yes? Same song and dance, same lack of enthusiasm. Only way he’s gonna fight is if Dana makes him do it

  8. Billdo says:

    Silva vs GSP will happen before Silva vs Jones. Guaranteed.

  9. JD says:

    Stop saying he’s afraid of whatever, why would he risk his career on fighting a guy who is 40 pounds heavier? Do we blame Jose Aldo for not going up to 170 and fight gsp? No. So why do you keep blaming Gsp?

    You guys are probably meso/endomorph if you think adding 20 pounds of muscle is fast LOL. I used to know some guys (mesomorph) who would train 3 months without even taking any shit like proteins or steroids and they could gain 30 pounds of muscles while some others (ectomorph) would gain 10 pounds for the same training program & diet.

    • Here we go. 40 lbs my ass. How much do you really think these guys cut?? Silva tops out at 220, but it a normal 215. GSP tops out at 200, but is a normal 195. That’s 20 lbs., NOT 40. Just because Georges throws the number 40 out, doesn’t make it true. Factor in GSP having at least 6 months to add 10 lbs of muscle.,(a luxury that Silva will NOT have, as he can’t put on muscle and still make 185) that makes it a 10 lb difference. PLUS, since GSP won’t have a huge weight cut like Silva does, he’ll have a cardio advantage to go along with his speed advantage and superior wrestling. So tell me again, HOW is this a problem for GSP?
      Ya know, the more we argue about this, the more I realize that we gotta give more respect to BJ Penn for fighting in whatever the f**k weight class he feels like. That guy is WAY smaller than GSP, but he was in there with Machida, who’s even bigger than Silva. AND he’s about to go fight in a weight class above him in just a few weeks. I’m just holding Georges to those same standards. After all, they’re both fighters, aren’t they?

      • HarmZKR says:

        Good point. I guess GSP thinks it will be a factor not in his favour if he were to fight Silva at the weight and size he is now. And if he is able to do something about that factor so that it wouldn’t be a weakness against Silva, then he’s obviously gonna do something about it. At the end of the day, he knows his body better than anyone else and if he says its gonna take ‘x’ amount of time for him to be at his ideal weight, then I guess we’ve got no choice but to take his word on it?

  10. DBKlein69 says:

    thats because silva vs jones will NEVER happen. silva is petrified of jones and knows that fighting jones would destroy his precious legacy. anderson is a light-heavyweight who hides at middleweight. notice how willing he is to keep moving down and fight smaller guys. but ask him about jones? nope, he said he cant fight jones because they’re “friends”. lol what a chump. trust me, nobody will be interested in gsp/silva after sonnen gets his rematch.

    • zack says:

      hhahaaa the failanator sonnen isnt gunna do anything but be part of another highlight for the spider

    • On point.. funny as fukk the legacy chasing belt grasping clowns! Do the right thing and challenge yourself and go where no man has gone before.. That is what makes LEGENDS! Getting belts in 2 weight classes is more important then beat everyone in 1 division.. Period!

    • C0UNTERFEIT|G0D says:

      My 2 cents as to why we will never see this fight.
      It comes down to marketing. Simply, BOTH fighters have around the same drawing power (as in asses in seats for the show). However, we must all agree that Anderson is in the last leg of his career. Georges has the edge in longevity. Therefore Georges has much more to lose than the spider. I also believe that George has the easier fights. Above all else he is a company man, NEVER been in trouble with Dana because he is a “YES” man. Anderson has somewhat become the same as we all saw what happend to him when he had a mind of his own. Dana “Anderson doesn’t even deserve a fight against GSP.” Why? because he said there was no competition and proved it? I belive the fight with GSP would be over VERY quick as I believe Anderson would swarm him and GSP has never had to deal with the kind of pressure tha he may bring. Or it will be a yawn fest as GSP takes him to the floor and then scrambles for dear life not to get caught in a submission. Ref stands them up, rinse and repeat. Dana will possibly make the fight when BOTH fighters are on his shit list but, since GSP does as he’s told and has no mind of his own…NEVER GONNA HAPPEN!!!

  11. jeff says:

    Well said superman gsp just scared of gettin knocked out he’s pussy silva allday.all u kats dick ridin georgie stay at 170 anderson will come to u matter of fact dana should make him fight anderson talk is over quit duckin the p4p champ

  12. hendrickson says:

    They dont need to fight each other gsp needs to move up and so does Anderson silva

  13. mezzanoche says:

    I don’t have anything against GSP, he is not on my list of favorite fighters, but I think he is a great fighter. But, if he did go up and fight Anderson, I think he would get KTFO…quick too. Anderson is too big, has fought and beat better, stronger, bigger and more accomplished wrestlers, and his stand up is off the charts scary for anyone, regardless of size or skill. GSP, is trying to play the wait game, and hope the either A.) Anderson gets beat by someone else, B.) He loses some skill because of age or injuries etc. C.) He takes the fight late in his career and no longer has the same drive or ambition to even go all out in training etc. etc.

    GSP does not win this fight if he takes it within the next 3 years though, imo.

  14. Chael Sonnen says:

    GSP is going to lose against condit! They’re gonna force him to move up in weight.. Maybe fight Chael! And then fight Silva! GSP will give Silva Hell of a fight but still lose cuz Anderson is too sick! #breakingitdown

  15. Dangerous says:

    At least Aldo has talked about moving down to 135 and moving up to 155 while still competing at 145 and trying to rule 3 divisions at once. You know how much more of a toll doing that would be on your body than trying to move up one weight class? So he truly wants to challenge himself. That’s a true competitor. BJ Penn went up to 205 to fight fucking Machida!!!! And GSP is worried about moving up one weight class? GTFOH!

  16. aaron freitas says:

    walks around at 190 cant cut weight of 5 lbs bitch straight up

  17. DannyBoy4455 says:

    Translation— Hell no I am not moving up to fight him! Have you seen him fight?

  18. Ahbustae86 says:

    BJ does it. Why can’t GSP do it? BJ comes in under weight.

  19. critterdun says:

    In a related story, GSP has said he will fight Fedor if he recieves 6 months paid time off at 1 billion dollars a day, payable in krugerrands. In addition, his demands include exactly 37 virgins, mostly female, above 26 years of age but below 28 years of age, and a flying monkey.

  20. EffLay&PrayFighters says:

    EXCUSES EXCUSES. GaySP is a great fighter… but he will NEVER be the peoples CHAMP! im so not impRRez wit his perPormaanz! LOL

  21. Brandon says:

    C’mon dog. I don’t even see St Pierre beating Chael Sonnen…
    So how the hell do you expect him to beat Silva.

  22. Pichi says:

    Frankie Edgar a top P4P what a joke… To think I used to like GSP.

  23. Ahbustae86 says:

    People give BJ sh!t for getting out muscled by GSP. GSP ain’t fighting anyone at 185lbs. AS fights journeyman 205ers. People said Edgar is a natural 145er, but has never fought a contender at 145lbs.

    BJ has beaten almost all top LW. Has the balls to fight the top three all time ww. Fought a 220lb machida.

    GSP needs to step up.

  24. plasta says:

    I notice there are alot of uneducated clowns posting here. Why haze GSP for not wanting to go up in weight and fight Silva? Why doesn’t Silva go up in weight and fight Jon Jones? Silva fought at LHW before and no all of a sudden he don’t want to do it anymore. Silva would out weigh GSP by 30#’s. How is that fair? GSP has fought the best competion of all and is the true P4P king. Silva is a beast but he’s been dominating the weakest class in MMA. He needs to go to LHW and fight real competion so be the best. GSP has fought the better opponents.

  25. slacker says:

    If Jones beats Rampage, then either Rashad or Phil Davis, I think Silva vs. Jones would be a truer, better P4P fight. It’s true. GSP doesn’t seem all that enthused or pushing to make it happen. He’s gotta step – up or just admit he’s not willing to do it. No more well-constructed excuses. Actually, I think the interest in seeing that fight is almost passed. If he manages to dominate and FINISH Condit in impressive fashion, then interest in GSP vs. Silva can be re-ignited. Otherwise, the sun will have set for GSP on that opportunity. With Silva finishing most of his fights, he is on a whole other P4P level!

  26. Just Scrap! says:

    It doesn’t matter what GSP weighs and what AS weighs. All that matters is that they both weigh 185 lbs at the weigh-ins. Quit being a b*tch and just scrap!

  27. Nick says:

    Ok, aside from all the shit talking on gsp and A.S. … i think its a good fight for both of them. if any1 under LHW could bring silva out of the 2nd round, it has to b gsp. and gsp could use a loss. all his fights latly have been to decision. i think if gsp won it would piss off alot of ppl tho, and a rematch wouldnt b far off. gsp is a great fighter, his endurance is pretty good, and silva is the best fighter iv seen while watching ufc. personal opinion, plz dont hound me for it, but i still think if he moved up he could take jones. silva has a stratagy that takes 2 rounds to end any fight, and its worked for him. but back to gsp, i think pierre would have to take it to the ground if he had anyhope of beating him. if he stands, hes gona get k.o.d for sure. no question. but hey, just me

  28. TC says:

    Hell yeah, I respect GSP so much for trying to do this….Though I have to say Silva gots this fight but…I cant wait to see all these questions answered

  29. Ryan says:

    GSP i believe is a mesomorph body type not an ectomorph

  30. Mike Diaz says:

    Ectomorph! What is GSP selling now to fight fans? He acts as if a LHW is challenging him, its only one weight class up as I understand it. I’m not up on cutting weight and regaining weight but is GSP saying that he couldn’t fight to his potential because he would only have to cut 3-5 pounds instead of his normal cut of 15 pounds or so? Doesn’t he regain that come fight night after the weigh in? And if he is not accustomed to fighting at MW, does he not train in between fights at MW or does he cut weight to train at WW? Not sure……PENN NATION!!!!!!!!!

    • slacker says:

      If he is really thinking he might move up to middleweight and stay there, he should take a warm-up fight against Belcher or Okami. If he can’t beat them, he won’t beat Silva. He probably can’t beat Sonnen, Stann or Belfort. All of them will stuff his takedowns. He still has enough to prove in WW.

  31. bizzle says:

    Anderson is p4p king, and everyone on the list knows it.. He went up and fought 2 times at 205, fighting the former champion one fight removed from losing his belt.. Let’s see GSP try that and do it effortlessly the way Silva did..

  32. jones says:

    Notice wont mention bj on p4p. he has fought in multiple weight classes.

  33. mmaislandjunkie says:

    sounds like hes trying to find a way not to fight anyone and then when its time to fight silva he’ll probably change his mind. living off his sponsorship money i guess.

  34. Jason says:

    GSP is full of Shit. why can every one see right past his I’m a nice guy act?

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I think i would rather watch Jon Fitch sleep than ever see another GSP fight. I would have to flip a coin to make up my mind who is more boring Fitch or GSP. I like watching REALGHTERS like Penn, Diaz, Rampage, Shogun, Dan Hendersen, Falcao, Condit, Ellenberger, Story, you guys can have your point fighters and lay n prayers

  35. Jesse says:

    I would love to see this fight for all the reasons that GSP wont ever take it. He can’t jab Spider for 5 rounds, he can’t hold him and hug him on the ground for 5 rounds, he can’t win! I would love to see GSP be able to finish more fights and then I might be a fan. But he is a boring fighter, he is good obviously but his fights are boring. I hope he does take the fight because he would have to be impressive and exciting in order to beat Anderson and Anderson might take the fight seriously and might be the greatest Anderson Silva we have ever seen. That is exciting!

  36. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Sounds like he is telling it like it is. Which is, he doesn’t know what will happen in the near or distant future. He does make an interesting interview more so than Bones Jones.

  37. pk9grrr says:

    its not just a loss but an embarrassing loss that gsp is more afraid of

  38. Random Person says:

    GSP would get smashed in 40 seconds. I don’t care what weight he shows up at. Anderson would touch him once, maybe twice in the chin and GSP would have no more career. He knows this, he is too afraid and he hopes Anderson retires before he ever even sticks his little toe in the 185 division. GSP is a pussy who is afraid to test himself.

    I just don’t know what he is afraid of. He could finish guys in spectacular highlight reel finishes if he wanted to. He is too damn scared. Ellenburger put Shields away like it was childs play, wtf GSP, you too scared to let some hands go? GTFO.

  39. Calabama says:

    Anderson Silva is even more of an ectomorph than GSP. In fact Anderson’s weight isn’t even a real factor in this fight for him, seeing as he has no plan to take this to the ground and push his weight on GSP. His weight will not be his advantage it’s his superior striking, speed, accuracy and length. It seems GSP is just wanting to keep this fight in Anderson’s face putting pressure on his ground game which I doubt the fight would ever get to. Yes GSP could take down Anderson ,but really, what would he do with him? His JJ probably isn’t as good and I doubt he has the GnP to finish him and he doesn’t exactly have a puncher’s chance. I’ve tried to play this fight out in my head 100 times and the only way I could see GSP winning is a long winded decision.

  40. Josh says:

    He is so full of shit. He can’t even finish hardy or shields and those guys just got ko’d in less than 4 minutes combined. Plus he says he walks around at 188? Bullshit. Firas says he’s at 197. Anderson at 230? Sorry, wrong again. Silva walks around at 204-ish, when he’s fighting at 185. so there’s maybe 7 lbs separating them currently. I can add 7 lbs in a week. How the fuck long does this clown need?
    He needs to just get over himself. What a joke.

  41. Ninjaman says:

    I think most of you guys are not giving GSP enough respect so what if does not finish his fights, his top ranked competition cant even come close to beating him so what does that make them? GSP is an amazing champion who makes great fighters look terrible. I just wish you all would respect the accomplishments of GSP and wake up and see that the problem is not him but its that his competition is the problem because threre is no competition.

    • Calabama says:

      I would also agree in the fact that if these fights actually took place outside of the ring his main purpose would be to defend himself and not get hurt, much like the idea of Karate. In this view he is a master of his craft.

      • Nick says:

        Thank you!… finaly som1 that a lil respect for the fighters. bottom line, he may not finish his fights, but hes still winning them. thats all the ufc asks. hes still ranked 2nd on the p4p list.

        • C0UNTERFEIT|G0D says:

          I agree I have respect for ALL fighters as fighters, not necessarily people. Here’s a question though, Is he fighting for respect or cash? As fighter myself, you don’t get respect for “just doing enough to win”. If you want the big fight as GSP claims and I believe if HE asked Dana, would get it. FINISH people, despite what he says he has to hold if not fear then at least concern as to what may happen to him. Do you really believe he is not impressed with the way Anderson destroys people?

    • Tony says:

      I don’t think anyone will disagree that GSP is a highly skilled champion, but I think people find him boring because for someone who “makes great fighters look terrible”, he sure doesn’t have the killer instinct to even TRY and finish them. You say he has no competition, then he should be finishing every fight, don’t you agree?

      • Nick says:

        I do agree, i rly wish gsp would finish more of his fights. i think he has the strength for a knock out, and the ground skills for a submision. not agaisnt any of the pros of either style (shields, koscheck, ect) but he could work a little harder on his smaller fights to try and get a finish. my hopes of gsp having a chance on silva will b greatly increased if he can manage a finish on his up coming fight. i still dont think its likly tho. im looking forward to seeing this fight for sure. if it ever happens that is

  42. Xaninho says:

    weight cutting should be banned. Fighters need to start competing in their own weight. It’s getting ridiculous…the size difference between two fighters is enormous if one of them is a big weight cutter. Why have weightclasses if a fighter can be 20 lbs overweight on fight day? It’s stupid!

    • Tony says:

      I think weight cutting is ok, but I think weigh-ins should an hour before the fights begin, thus eliminating the extreme weight gain. If a 195 lb guy can cut to 170, it’s all good, but he should be fighting at 170 at fight time in my opinion.

      • Xaninho says:

        Yeah that would be alright I guess, but I think it’s hard to do that unless there is a high penalty for the fighter overweight on fightday. The fighters need a motivation to make weight, or else they just laugh and give up what-20% of their fightwage?

        So there should be a reduction according to how much the fighter is overweight. The more he is overweight, the less pay he gets.

  43. Xaninho says:

    The 20 lbs is a low estimate for some fighters by the way…Some are more like 30-40 lbs overweight.

  44. Same shit different day.I heard all this from Gsp before.He’s scared plain and simple.Frankie Edgar best p4p?Really how many times has he defended his belt?smh

    • Tony says:

      I always laugh when Frankie gets mentioned in P4P. You’re right, he’s successfully defended the belt once, and he’s never beaten Mayo. I think anyone who has been considered in the P4P talks have at least beaten the #1 & 2 contenders in their weight class.

  45. Gsp is only suckin edgar’s nuts bc he’d rather move down to fight that midget then move up to Andy..

  46. titan says:

    When fighting a guy like Anderson u need a game plan, no one single move will beat this guy. U can’t find training partners that can imitate this guy so its difficult. Gsp just wants to fight him at peak condition and I don’t see nothing wrong in that. They both should be entitled to that. They are both great fighters! I think that match up would be great for promotion and all around entertainment

  47. Jmad says:

    GSP would get ko’d. that is all

  48. brandon says:

    i remember not so long ago gsp beating the great bj so bad that he had to throw in the towel

  49. Michael says:

    The comments always start pretty civilized but at the end it always breaks down into “Ya, well you’re a faggoty retard” lol. Gotta love it.

  50. Nick says:

    Dude…. chart the enforcer, seriously get the hell off the site if all ur gona do is talk shit to ppl and abt fighters. from wat iv seen u saying on this blog and others uv posted on, ur have the hots for bj. u overly defend him, and talk shit abt any1 whose beaten him. its ufc. ppl r going to win and loose, ppl r going to have opinions. if u start talking shit abt ppl cuz they like som1 else, then u just look like a dipshit. wich in my opinion u r. so yah, nice job being a good sport, asshole

  51. Nick says:

    Wow…. u cant even talk shit. i have some advice for u, dont swere, cuz ur not good at that either. r u on ur period or somthin?

  52. Nick says:

    Haha, geez dude. ok, ill leave u alone so u dont look like more of a dumbass than u already do.

  53. DBKlein69 says:

    thank u nick. spare us from having to read anymore of his intelligent commentary

  54. The natural says:

    Ur all haters not a fan of gsp but he’s right

  55. Nick says:

    Hey now. ima fan of gsp. but like alot of ppl said, i wish he would finish more fights. every1 nos he could, but hes been playing it safe since he got his title back from, i think it was matt serra? that waas his last tko and it was a couple yrs ago. im still a fan, but gsp could b way more popular than he is.

  56. Eron Thomas says:

    Anderson is about 200, 215 max think about this Lebron is 6’8 250 so to say Anderson is 6 inches shorter and 20 lbs lighter is crazy. His physique is more like Jordan’s 195 but 4 inches shorter I’m 6’2 199 about Silvas size. If that’s the case Tito would be walking around at 285 and cut down to 205. Plus wtf was GSP saying he won the title @ 22 or 23 he was 25. Jon Jones youngest champ in UFC at 23

  57. jonsey is+back says:

    gsp is scared is sweet science to fight a 185…how about you just cut less weight loser..just like anderson did to fight at 205…gsp is coward to lose

  58. waitwtfffwtfwtf says:

    gsp is a moron if he thinks Silva cuts 45 pounds for every fight

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