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Monday, 07/08/2013, 12:25 pm

VIDEO | GSP Reacts To Weidman’s Win Over Anderson Silva

“I predicted Chris Weidman would win but I didn’t think he’d win the way he did. I thought he would win with ground and pound or some kind of submission but he won with a beautiful knockout standing up.”

“But I think Silva just got caught. I still think he’s the best in the world.”

“Silva’s very good at getting into his opponent’s head so I don’t think it’s a lack of respect. It’s more that he plays mind-games with his opponents. It almost worked this time but he got caught. It doesn’t mean that it was a bad strategy for him.”

“You always recognize a great champion by how they come back from a loss and I know Silva came back from a loss and adversity before. He’s the greatest of all time for sure.”

“I’m really happy for Chris Weidman. He’s my friend, his house got flooded, he’s got a family and kid, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I’m very happy for him. He’s a well deserved guy. He’s a good guy. He’s a high caliber athlete. He deserves it.”

“Depending if Anderson Silva would take a rematch, I believe Weidman can take that win again.”


21 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP Reacts To Weidman’s Win Over Anderson Silva”

  1. jenny says:

    God, does anybody on this earth really give a damn what GSP has to say? This guy is such a tool.
    Oh I’m quite sure he’s the happiest man on the planet right now, since he probably thinks he won’t have to fight Anderson.
    I’ll LMAO if Anderson drops down in weight and takes his belt now! Haha!

    • Sam says:

      I’m Canadian & always respected GSP for his curtious professional sportsman like attitude, but after Nick Diaz made him lose it & slip & show his disrespectful true colors, I am no longer a huge GSP fan.

      Silva would strangle GSP out in moments, a lot easier than he would Jon Jones IMO.

  2. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Here is GSP NOT being politically correct; (Note: Plz read this in that squeaky Frenchy voice of his)”…Fukc Yah, I knew Chris would beat the shit outta that bastard!! I Love seeing him get his eyes rolled back for the clowning he does. Way to go Chris, next time choke his ass out!!, your pal GSP”

  3. squid says:

    gsp is definitely top 3 p4p in the world and very classy. despite the knockout, i still prefer anderson

  4. Big J says:

    GSP can learn something from his buddy, Chris, how to finish fights…

  5. GRT 3000 says:

    (GSP accent) maybe Andersoon, can come train with meeee for nxt fight…I can show him how to mas-ter thee most tentative technique in all MMA – the Superman Jab. ne-ver take risk, ne-ver finish fight, but ne-ver lose either.

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