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Thursday, 10/27/2011, 10:12 am

VIDEO: GSP predicts BJ Penn over Nick Diaz


19 Responses to “VIDEO: GSP predicts BJ Penn over Nick Diaz”

  1. josh says:

    only bc he has an easier fight with bj then nick. ~~~~DONT BE SCARED HOMIE

  2. andyboy says:

    i could care less what GSP has to say about anything. especially if it’s him picking BJ over anyone since he predicted Fitch over BJ, Matt over BJ(at first), and then pulled out of a fight because the timing to fight the winner of BJ/Nick would line up perfectly for a fight with either one….

    • M Green says:

      Fitch almost did beat BJ, so what’s wrong with that call? and on what grounds did he pull out of the fight to get a different fight later that, in any case, he was going to get after the condit fight? He dropped the fight because he was injured, nothing more to it then that.

    • Tom says:

      lol, your a tool. Do you honestly think GSP is worried about fighting nick diaz or bj penn… lol, and even though matt hughes clearly didnt stand a chance against bj, he was coming off a huge win over almeida. The guy thats going to beat gsp is Rory Macdonald.

    • JGrenke says:

      Ask you boss if you’re allowed a break for that sentence. Jesus.

      I’m actually afraid of your ellipsis, because it implies that there might be more.

  3. Ainokea says:

    Josh, think before you speak punk. BJ’s Jiu-jitsu is better, his hands are stronger, and BJ has a granite chin.

    • david t says:

      your fucking high, BJ Penn and NIck might be equal but Diaz got longer limbs to catch him in something, his hands dont matter, Diaz took shots from Daley and im positive bj dont hit as hard as him. I dont see how Bj wins this fight.

      • James says:

        hahaha you’re a moron. BJ’s jiu-jitsu is on another level than Nick’s and BJ can def take Nick down with wrestling. BJ can also drop Nick on the feet. Nicks only chance in this fight is if BJ gasses.

      • Ainokea says:

        Are you HIGH?!?! BJ dropped many experienced fighters who had strong chins with punches that seemed effortless. Well, it doesn’t matter, we’ll see what happens this Saturday. Team Penn

      • Josh says:

        Fuck off. Daley hits harder than BJ? Just watch the fight and you will see how BJ wins it!

  4. DaRuckuz says:

    I am impressed wit yur decision.

  5. DanaBrown says:

    BJ’s and Nick’s BJJ are both crazy. That’s a toss up for me. As far as stand up goes? BJ def has the upper hand on the feet. I say BJ TKO Round 2. And I’m just ready for GSP to lose that belt.

  6. mmajohnson says:

    I dont think BJ is going to stand with Diaz the whole fight. BJ will take him down with ease and work the ground until Nick stands up then BJ will pepper him and take him down again. BJ by decision 30-27

  7. MMA-ster says:

    Sanchez beat Diaz, and Penn beat the living shit out of Sanchez. Get ready to watch BJ kick some ass.

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