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Sunday, 03/17/2013, 10:44 am

VIDEO | GSP Post Fight Interview: Reacts To Diaz Post Fight Antics | UFC NEWS

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre retained his title in a thrilling battle with Nick Diaz at UFC 158. GSP is looking to take a vacation from fighting before returning to face his next challenger, Johny Hendricks.


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  1. real talk says:

    so much for all that bullshit hype acting like GSP was gona demolish Diaz for talking shit. man i remember a time when GSP used to be one of the most ferocious and devastating fighters in the world, now everytime i watch him it seems like im watching a bald canadian jon fitch just jab/lay n pray opponents for 30 min. jab, jab, jab, superman jab, jab, takedown, stand up, repeat. even against someone as physically unimposing in comparison as Diaz that he basically big brothered the whole fight, GSP was still too timid and straight up pussy to go for a single KO punch or submission attempt. that lay n pray shit got old after the Thiago Alves fight hopefully Hendricks can stop the takedowns and actually make GSP fight to finish not compete for points

    • More Real Talk says:

      And he is still Champion. People talk all this smack oh he cant finish a fight but what he can do is defend the belt 8 straight times.

    • Nunya says:

      “real talk” is a “real idiot” GSP kicked Diaz ass. I don’t think that you understand a thing about fighting, or trying to knock out a guy that is very hard to knock out. Until you show me you have a world champ belt of being an idiot, how about keeping your stink hole shut!

      • T.DADDY says:


  2. KIDD433 says:

    I’m sick of that shit too.I will not pay to see a boring ass GSP fight again.Some how these gay wrestling fans will swallow GSP’s DNA and rant about how he’s so dominant.It’s sickening.where’s gargoyle wresting at?

  3. Blue Bomber says:


    What a travesty that us Canadians or in my case, fellow Montreal resident, should have a a champ like GSP. He’s not a mixed martial artist nor should he be considered remotely close to being pound for pound best. He walks around 20-30 pounds heavier than his weight class and as you may have already seen GSP has the should/arm strength as well as leg/hip strength to neutralize opponents, but that’s all. I’m not saying he has no standup or ground skills but what you see most from GSP is stand up hip hugging or keeping an opponent pinned down but not inflicting as much damage as he potentially could. I wish he would actually fight and put it all on the line. Than again I’m probably asking too much from GSP and the sport. As far as I’m concerned Diaz could have beat GSP but was paid very well not to. Dana can’t afford to lose his Golden Canadian draw. Can you Imagine GSP and Silva both losing their respective belts. Big loss of the Canadian and Brazilian market.

    I’ve said my two cents.


    • Nick says:

      UFC fights are not rigged, no one is or has ever been paid to win / lose u fuckin idiot, tht shit would be impossible to rig, if it was rigged it wuld look like WWE wrestling and be obvious
      I’ve said my 2 cents.
      Think before u post dumb shit on the internet.

    • Nick says:

      UFC fights are not rigged, no one has, or ever will be paid to win/lose a fight you fuckin idiot. Just cuz the guy u wanted to win lost doesnt mean its rigged.If it were rigged it wuld look like WWE wrestling and be very obvious.
      I’ve said my two cents.
      Think before u post ignorant comments, dumbass

    • Nunya says:

      Blue Bomber. You are as much of a delusional idiot as Diaz.

  4. Goku says:

    People constantly complain about GSP not going for a knockout or “actually” fighting but you people just don’t realize that the perspective of this business changes when you’re a fan to when you’re an actual fighter. It’s not in his job description to throw devastating punches just to please people. His job is to go out and win fights just like every other fighter. If his opponents wanted to punch where they could have the advantage, they’d practice their wrestling and actually get off the ground to keep it on the feet. When you’re a fan, you enjoy seeing people slug it out and amazing knock outs, which I enjoy seeing myself. But when you’re a fighter, all you care about is your record. You will fight any way you see yourself always having the upper hand and clear for the victory. All fighters mention it in their interviews leading up to their fights. Georges obviously sees he has superior wrestling to his opponents, so why give that up? It’s lead him to many victories, a long title reign, and major respect throughout the MMA world. I’m not impressed with his fights because I prefer damage and hey-maker punches but he has a technique that ensures his victories. It’s not illegal, totally within the rules. He’s just playing it the way he knows best.

    • LeGaCy says:

      very well said totally agree

    • OldSchoolFan says:

      No one is saying it’s outside the rules or illegal. Just saying it’s boring as f**k, safe, and kinda wussy. Someone else said it: he’s a neutralizer – then just waits out the clock for the win. He lost the killer instinct that made him interesting back in the day.

  5. Chance says:

    I’ve seen so many people online claiming they will never buy another GSP fight. I guarantee you though, they will buy the next GSP fight just to see if he will be the “old” GSP. He will continue to do the same thing until he get’s an opponent who will stuff his takedowns and punch him in the face. Hopefully Hendricks will stop him, but if not GSP will keep doing the same boring stuff.

  6. Yomama says:

    GSP is a joke.

  7. tj says:

    Gsp is literally one of the most disappointing fighters to watch. So much talent but is so scared of getting knocked out again that he has to play it safe everytime. Its okay to do takedowns, but takedown, pass guard and too someone or submit them. Don’t just lay and score points. He is lucky he has loyal Canadian fans that support him unconditionally. Hopefully Hendricks can cause him to use his weapons.

  8. Lelouch says:

    GSP is a joke Nick is the real CHAMP! give Nick Diaz a rematch plz !!!

  9. Nunya says:

    These idiots that say GSP is boring or a joke or any negative hater shit, can eat shit! Diaz got his ass kicked. I will say GSP will have trouble with Hendricks.

  10. Lelouch says:

    Fake champ, Nick is the real champ give him a rematch, DONT BE SCARED HOMIE! Nick will make u fight next time and he will be prepared.

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