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Monday, 10/15/2012, 05:50 am

VIDEO | GSP Is Back: UFC 154 Trailer | UFC NEWS

The wait is over: UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre makes his eagerly anticipated return to the Octagon on Saturday, November 17th in a five-round battle for the undisputed crown.

Check out the newly released UFC 154 hype video titled “GSP is back” on page 2.


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6 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP Is Back: UFC 154 Trailer | UFC NEWS”

  1. Not nick diaz says:

    Is it just my phone or is there no page 2 in any of these stories. Cant watch any vids, keeps jumping back to front page.WTF. Come on man.

  2. Team Buffalo says:

    I can’t get to any of the page 2 videos either. Same thing back to front story page. Booty

  3. BJJWhiz/JiuJitsuRules says:

    Can you guys go back to using YouTube because u guys use springboard and can’t watch any vids on my phone and it makes my computer slow which makes me not want to come here and go mmafighting instead.

  4. dogfart says:

    worst thing is springboard just streams the youtube vid
    they are doing it for branding rather than end user experience

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