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Wednesday, 10/24/2012, 10:15 am

VIDEO | GSP: “I’m Not Afraid Of Carlos Condit” | UFC NEWS

After a year and a half away from the cage, Georges St-Pierre says he’s better and stronger than ever. Hear why he’s confident he’ll still be champ after UFC 154.

“The most dangerous thing that Condit has is capacity of adaptation. He can adapt to any opponent that he fights. That’s why he’s so good. He’s very skilled, but he’s also very smart… I’m not afraid of Carlos Condit. I will leave with the belt, there is no doubt in my mind.”


13 Responses to “VIDEO | GSP: “I’m Not Afraid Of Carlos Condit” | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jasplanet says:

    Condit will run, gsp wil run after him and stopping Condits Usain Bolt technique, dragging that fcker to the ground and then just starting to… Smother him i guess. Thats why this fight is going to suck, cuz everyone knows te outcome. GSP will get the W by another boring performance, also Condit will break his orbital bone

    • Joseph says:

      Wow! You must be a clairvoyant or something.

      • Axeholes says:

        If by clairvoyant, you mean stoned, then yes.
        But I do agree with one thing, this fight will be a running fight by Carlos and/or GSP. Problem is that GSP is Condit’s smartest opponent yet, so we’ll get to see what Condit can do against a fighter who’s truly athletic, conditioned, and is a smart fighter as well.

        Will Condit or GSP score a KO? Not likely in my mind.
        I see this going to decision, or win by submission at best.

        A KO/TKO will come purely off a lapse in either fighter’s concentration, and with GSP and Condit in there, that’s not likely to happen.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          No way GSP will KO Condit. Condit needs to get mean and wreckless like he did in Hardy fight. GSP says he’s not afraid of Condit is a joke. GSP is afraid of getting hit PERIOD. GSP spends every fight trying not to get hit. GSP has lost his nerve thanks to Matt Serra. You can’t help but like Little Matt Serra but gthe truth is HE RUINED GSP.

  2. 123 says:

    Carlos Condit will try to knock Georges St Pierre out, just because he had a gameplan to beat Nick Diaz people take the piss.. get over it, Carlos Condit is a monster.

  3. 814 says:

    All the idiots that think Condit is a runner and will runs from a fight are obviously 300 pound couch sitters who are mad because one fight didn’t go their way. Quit your crying, you sound like chicks. Condit is a monster.

  4. HelpMeRonda says:

    Then finish or be finished, that’s how the great ones approached it like Couture. Maybe a fight with Silva would befitting, the Paper Champion vs the Paper Tiger, one fights not to lose while the other fights whom he chooses, whether or not they’re worthy as long as each retains the belt – blah.

  5. Josiah says:

    i like both these fighters but i like GSP more.
    -for those people who think GSP is boring, watches a little too much action films.
    -hey, this is real life.
    -not that i don’t like heavy handed fighters and fighters that brawl but in reality if you think you will lose in that aspect you gotta find another way. you gotta find a way how to neutralize your opponents strength and capitalize on their weakness.
    -that i believe is the reason why this is called a sport and not a streetfight.
    -why do you think grappling is part of the judging criteria, why do you think there is BJJ?

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      You make good points but GSP the REAL FIGHTER is no more IMO and th chances of him ever actually being a REAL FIGHTER again POST Matt Serra are thin and NONE. GSP is a SAFE-fighter-point fighter who’s entiure gameplan consists of fighting the least as possible and not engaging his opponent at all, counter striking-jabbberfestingis what I callit. GSP is afrid to get hit. I mean he was KO’d by a natural 5’4″ 155 lb guy can you imagine if Ellenberger, Rory, Sihar, or any striker actually catches him. GSP vcan’t take a big shot and he knwos that and since he has coachd by Greg “NO ACTION” Jackosn who also knws that his entire gameplans ae to avoid fightng an d getting hit. Sorry buit NEW GSP is BORING AS HELL. Even Fitch is more exciting than the “NEW post Serra GSP” If Condit doesn’t run away he could beat GSP by landing one glancing blow

      • allmightysandman says:

        do you whine this much when you actually speak or just when you type?

        GSP is the champion and until someone beats him, that’s the fact. why don’t you just not watch his fights if it frustrates you so much.

        …and if you think Sera wrecked GSP then that really does show how much of a hater you are rather than fan…but that’s ok…the world needs morons to make everyone else look smarter so carry on.

  6. Bob'O says:

    GSP is “not impressed with Carlos Condit”.

    We just don’t know if that knee is gonna hold up? ~Bob’O

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