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Saturday, 02/02/2013, 11:09 am

VIDEO: GSP Fires Back At Critical Fan | UFC NEWS

While promoting his showdown with nemesis Nick Diaz, Georges St-Pierre took to some fan questions during the recent ticket release press conference.

One Canadian fan went for shock and awe when he asked the UFC Welterweight champion if he would place it safe in the fight or actually go for the finish.

To that GSP responded with…

“It’s not easy in the cage, you probably never did fight someone in the cage, you should try it yourself.”

“These are the kind of people that have a big mouth but probably can’t even fight. They don’t know anything, they eat popcorn, with a Coca-Cola and a chocolate bar, they like to complain, but they don’t know how hard it is to KO someone in the Octagon. It’s easy to say ‘I will knock someone you,’ but in fact, it is very hard to do.”


One Response to “VIDEO: GSP Fires Back At Critical Fan | UFC NEWS”

  1. drew says:

    well put gsp i have to agree

    • Quazzi says:

      true but at the same time i do think that gsp holds back when he could pour it on and finish guys. He is right i dont know anything about actually fighting in a cage. I am just a fan not a fighter. At the same time thats why im not in the cage and he is. I like gsp he seems like a really cool guy but he does not go for the kill like he did earlier in his career and im not a fan of the way he has fought the past few years aka since he started training with greg jackson. GSP can be one of the most exciting fighers in mma if he wants to be and i really want to see him just go for it

    • mark stolzoff says:

      Every other champion and damn near every other fighter in the UFC Manages to finish fights,

  2. mark stolzoff says:

    what a joke, If it’s so hard why is he the only UFC Champion that couldn’t finish a sandwhich,

    • Danny whitehead says:

      Let’s see you do it then tough guy Mark. I’ll bet you’re the type he describes. I bet he could finish you…And your wife…And your mother. As a fighter, I am also tired of hearing B***es like you

  3. thomas says:

    i agree with the point GSP made, but he did seem to jump the guys shit a bit, all he asked was if he was gonna try n finish the fight or not, the guy could have easily said something along the lines of” so GSP its been about 8 fights since you’ve finished anyone, are we gonna have to sit through another 5 round fight again?”

    • Kayer says:

      the guy asked Georges if he would only give the necessary to win

      like not giving his 100%

      pretty disrespecting towards one of the hardest worker out there

      another just bleed fan

  4. Aaron says:

    You people who say GSP can’t finish a fight are hilarious! Of the current champions in the UFC, Silva is the only one with a high % for finishing fights, while having the same number of fights. Anyone else that is in the same ball park for finish % have around half the fights of GSP, and their % will likely go down (if you undertand how statistics work) as they get more fights under their belts. It should also be noted that his rate of finishing his opponents is still over 50%, which is pretty damn impressive in comparisson to all of you sofa warriors that doubt him. If you question his ability to finish, or think it is so easy, go train. Get to the UFC and dethrone him. Until then, sit back and stfu!

    • deeznuts says:

      well ur stats are all kinds of fucked up cause junior finished ppl so does cain, jon jones finishes, silva finishes, ben henderson might not always finish but its damn exciting and the lighter weight classes finish or no finish are so quick and still exciting to watch… shit even ronda finishes. now all thats left is for ur man crush gsp or the second human blanket to ATLEAST TKO not even KO, its unacceptable he hates taking chances and u will never be remembered as the greatest if u dont take chances

  5. Phil says:

    I agree with GSP, that guy never stepped in a fight. I like to see intelligent fighter that have strategy better than a fighter throwing crazy without any technic and getting a lucky punch KO.

    • Lobo says:

      Yeah like that Anderson Silva guy always finishing fights with his non technical brawl style

      • Cody says:

        Anderson silva isnt even technical. he is unorthadox and accurate. not technical. technical fighters dont drop there hands below there face 90% of the fight and they dont have there elbows out when in a fighting stance. just sayin.

        on another note, GSP could finish people but i feel he plays it safe. he needs to get in there and stop some fights. not even knockouts. he could submit 95% of the welterweight division. but he doesnt.

  6. Coby says:

    Bit of a harsh reply from GSP! I know he doesn’t just play the game despite what ppl think.. U watch say GSP vs Matt Serra 2.. he WORKS on the ground. He does damage, other people just clinch or sit on u. Fair enough he may not have KO power, u either have it or u don’t and a wrestler is also going to prefer keeping position rather than going for a submission BUT still, little harsh George!

  7. deeznuts says:

    well I eat lean meats, drink kale/protein shakes, eat protein bars and train and I am still saying: WHY DONT U FINISH PEOPLE OFF? I MEAN WAS HE TOO SCARED TO BREAK HARDYS ARMS?

  8. BJJblackbelt says:

    Deeznuts who are you to determine what greatness is. All of u talking like you know shit. Unless you get in the cage and make a living out of it then you bitches can talk. End of discussion.

  9. T says:

    GSP has a point.

    However, he didn’t answer the question…

  10. brent83 says:

    Yes, there is a lack of genuine kill factor and or sense of urgency whenever GSP fights. Amongst Jon Jones, Rhonda, Cain, and JDS there is somewhat a lack of consistency and overall caliber to the opponents in which each of they have fought. The only people who can truly hold a candle to GSP are Silva and Aldo. GSP has fought and defeated living legends within their peak. Yet GSP will go down as one of the greatest fighters in history, yet so will Floyd Mayweather. They primarily will go down as the greatest due to their consistency of wins. The question is do you think both are pound for pound the greatest within their weight class?

    • Dan Jenkins says:

      I’m not saying he isn’t the greatest welterweight champ ever but the only legends he’s beaten are Matt Hughes who wasn’t in his prime and BJ Penn IMO BJ won the first fight and GSP resorted to pinning BJ against the cage till he gassed in the second which is a punk move. GSP had his chance to be prove he’s p4p but didn’t want the Silva fight so to be honest with you he forfeits and didn’t even try because “Silva could hurt me really bad” that’s why he wanted a ridiculous amount of money but it was ok for GSP to fight BJ (one of the legends your talking about) about 20 pounds heavier. So if p4p is based on opinion then it’s my opinion he’s not even in the top 5

  11. robert says:

    Its even harder when you don’t try, punk ass GSP.

  12. Nick says:

    he sounds defensive about his point grinding ways

  13. KIDD433 says:

    Well put there Mr.Jenkins.Good point I agree 100%

  14. mr josh says:

    seriously, does people with KOpower only has the right to be champ?is finishing your opponent only the way to win? its not a secret how GSP fights yet everybody can’t seem to do anything about it. so until one of you haters does………STFU

  15. Kenny powers says:

    I don’t speak spanish

  16. riDICKulous says:

    GSP is a gentleman still, unlike fighters who finish fights. he definitely has the strength and the skill set to break hardy’s or anybody’s arms for that matter but he chooses not to because of reasons only he knows.

    if you still think he can’t finish fights, why don’t u get into the cage and fight him?

  17. brian evans says:

    all you people unless your a real fighter shut the fuc up lossers couch potatos

  18. MMAnalyst says:

    Cruz, Henderson, Aldo and Johnson all have MANY fights go to decision… not just GSP

  19. NoDoubtNOut says:

    GSP can finish people, he’s shown the ability to do so in his previous fights. It’s just that ever since he was TKO’d by Matt Serra, GSP has been a more defensive fighter than he is offensive. He doesn’t come in reckless and his recent fight with Carlos where he got rocked will probably make him that much more tentative. He isn’t the kind of guy to try and break someone’s arm from a submission, so his submission game isn’t as good as it really could be, but for us to ask him to be better at submission would be us asking him to be a crueler person and break another man’s arm and stop that man from earning money to feed the fam for some time. It is what it is dude. It really is much harder to KO someone though, especially when the opponent is confident and has that mental game where he doesn’t feel like he can be knocked out…by GSP atleast. Half the battle of knocking someone out is planting that Knock out seed in their head and that’s not something GSP can really do..

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