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Wednesday, 09/07/2011, 12:40 pm

VIDEO: GSP Expects To Finish Diaz At UFC 137


43 Responses to “VIDEO: GSP Expects To Finish Diaz At UFC 137”

  1. ragarcia says:

    This has the potential to be FOY! Can’t wait!

  2. Bob says:

    I’ll pass on this one… GSP is boring fighter. I pray he moves up in weight so Anderson can destroy him.

  3. Same old bs.He won’t finish Diaz.Gsp will beat Diaz 50-45.Gsp could’nt finish his breakfast.

    • tim g says:

      LOL! maybe he will read this

    • Shawn says:

      He may have not finished his last 4 fights. But neither did his opponents. AND they all left the octagon looking like they got BTFU. Who says you HAVE to finish a fight to win decisively fashion. I haven’t seen a boring GSP fight. But then again, like most true fans of MMA, I see more than the average mainstream fan. It’s not all about KOs and submissions. Educate yourselves in the fight games, train, and you’ll know exactly what the rest of us are talking about.

      • Calvin says:

        you do not have to be a fight expert to realize GSP has a boring fight style hes a very well strategist and utilizes his game plan very well its just more people come to see people work and finish. and also people give GSP slack every guy he has faced is “the guy who’s going to beat him” so hes fighting the best that there is

    • Jared says:

      He finished BJ Penn

  4. Scotty says:

    I love how GSP always says this before every fight and hasn’t done it in last 4.. He isnt going to stand with Nick cause he will get battered, so he is going to just try to put Diaz against the cage on his back and hold him there for 5 rounds.. Nothing new from GSP!

  5. bjpenn says:

    GSP victorious, yet again… boring fight.

  6. Tom Ryan says:

    GSP cant finish a goddamn sandwich.

  7. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    “Knock out or by Submission”?? Yeah right, I think someone has to re-educate GSP on what the definition of Finishing a Fight is, cause I truly think he doesn’t know what that even means anymore!

  8. Tru says:

    Gsp couldn’t finish a mcdonalds mighty kids meal

  9. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    Same old GSP with the same ole bullsh’t. GSP will not take any chances as usual. all GSP will do is either use his jab freddie roach taught him to avoid actual fighting his opponent or he will “FITCH” his way to the usual boring ass 5 round to decision. you know someday GSP will regret having Greg jackson dictate his boring ass “safe fighting plan” that the fans all hate or as Greg jackson calls it “point fighting” GSP has lost all his balls since Matt Serra knocked his ass out. I would say at this point in GSP’s career 99.9 % of his fans are from Canada because all they care about is if GSP gets the win, they could care less how boring he is where as all other fans want to see who the best fighter is. GSP would get K o’d by Andersen Silva and he knows it and we fans all know we will never see that fight EVER. i may have been a huge GSP fan but he lost me about 4 fights ago and i will never respect him again for SNOOKERING all the fans into paying $55 because he says the same thing every fight “I will finish him” BULLSH”T Don’t waste your money. If Nick Diaz was fighting anyone else other than GSP or Fitch i would pay to see him fight. Nick Diaz is a real fighter who always comes to fight and will stand and bang with the best strikers in the world where as GSP will only use “fitching” to avoid actual fighting. GSP had the potential to be the best fighter ever instead he turned out to be the biggest disapointment EVER

  10. Ly-er_Ly-er says:

    DUDE, its now GSP VS CONDIT!!!!!!! WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. campo says:

    u know what.. 1.this is mma. not boxing. if gsp wants to hold someone down for 5 rounds he can do that.
    2. Nick diaz only got this fight because he said he was gonna quit mma for boxing.
    3. and from the sounds of this 90 percent of you arent real mma fans.. why should he have to change his fight style for the fans. he deserves to be where hes at and u people seem to have forgotten that.

    • Calvin says:

      you do realize the fans are the reason he has a paycheck?

    • Ryan Love says:

      I’m sick of people being calle “not mma fans” because they don’t like GSP. When we criticize GSP for being a pussy (not finishing fights) It is not because he doesn’t stand and bang. It is because he does whatever he can to not engage. If he fights a wrestler or jitz guy.. He stands.. That’s fine, but he doesn’t stand and attack… He jabs and dances…. never putting his opponent in danger. If he fights a striker, then he leans on the fence, or lays on them… again, never really looking to do anything or putting them in danger. That does not mean, that you don’t like mma. It means you don’t like “fighters” who are only trying to score points. If you’re in a sport to impress judges, then take up a diving career. If you’re a fighter… then fight somebody. I don’t care if you punch, kick, elbow, clinch, takedown, ground and pound, submit.. whatever… just fight…

  12. tim g says:

    Now the fights off this is not good for fans. really wanted to see this fight. Come on Dana sort this out. UFC is now main stream and doesn’t need all this dicking around.

    • Chris T says:

      Diaz is a ignorant gangster wanna be who refuses to show up for any press events…Dana is not gonna let him act like that in the ufc

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Condit has the game to beat GSP. GSP will be at risk of being submitted if he trys to do his “FITCHING” on Condit. All condit has to do is use his length and reach to catch GSP because everyone knows GSP is a bleeder who gets scared when he sees gis own blood. i see Condit winning this fight

  13. MFbrian88 says:

    irrelevant. its gsp vs condit now. I wonder what happened?

  14. RCS says:

    i respect the way GSP trains he has some of the best training partners, travels to experts in any discipline he can find, and puts together great camps. He does everything right. But this is man that couldn’t submit Hardy and had troubles standing with shields it appears isn’t peaking but rather the opposite.
    Maybe it’s the old adage can’t coach heart

  15. kendallt says:

    finish? cmon G we no your boring as hell now. ill pass this PPV. maybe not…would be glad if diaz FINISHES YOU.

  16. dwayne says:

    wat diaz out condit in? whos bj gonna fight

  17. MFbrian88 says:

    Yeah Diaz is out because he decided not to show up to the press conference earlier so White replaced him with Condit. Haha stupid Diaz.

  18. J0SeR86 says:

    LOL at GSP saying he’ll win by “KO or Submission”

  19. Bob says:

    Jesus – go smoke some more weed Nick…. Very dumb move.

  20. Raaabert says:

    GSP couldn’t finish a sandwich 😀

  21. Chugu says:

    I once was this ignorant calling a fighting style like GSP boring. That all changed once I started training and now I understand the fundamentals and skills it takes to even get to the caliber of GSP… So please go educate yourselves main stream mma fans and maybe one day you’ll understand… if u want finishes go watch WWE… Just saying…

    • Calvin says:

      i liked that finishers comment but even in sports like wrestling you dont train to go 3 periods with your opponent u go train to pin your opponent and finish the match

  22. Rolo says:

    GSP needs to find that hunger in fighting again like when he was persuing the belt… fighters these days are getting better and better…

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