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Tuesday, 02/04/2014, 12:00 pm

Video | GSP and Jon Jones Get Awkward Together At New York City Night Club

Thanks to the always-present cameras of TMZ, we have this ‘somewhat awkward’ video of Georges St. Pierre and Jon Jones running into one another outside of a New York City night club.

It looks like both of the ‘MMA Stars’ were trying to remain unnoticed. Something that may have proven easier to accomplish had they not both been in the same line, for the same club and within a few feet of one another.

By Chris Taylor



0 Responses to “Video | GSP and Jon Jones Get Awkward Together At New York City Night Club”

  1. magoo says:

    Kinda looked like Bones was giving the reporter the “nuh uh” head shake, but who knows.

    • seminalcacti says:

      He definitely gave the “nuh uh” head shake, but acted cool after GSP turned around. TMZ is awesome.

      • SmoothMarx says:

        I think he was completely distracted and oblivious to the fact that GSP was, but looked around when heard his name being called out. As soon as he saw a camera talking to a “random person” and asking if they can go talk to them, THEN he started shaking his head in refusal. Until GSP actually turned his head and they both realized who they were. Back to old pals.

  2. garciagym says:

    The room’s not big enough for 2 champs. lol..

  3. Billtron says:

    Can just stick with upcoming fights, training videos, post fight analysis, injuries, move of the week and fighter interviews? Something.

    This TMZ s*** is weak.

  4. George says:

    if anything was awkward it was the guy with the camera trying to pretend he’s known them for ages, ‘bones you guys gunna pop bottles?’

  5. Danny Valentine says:

    The only thing awkward was this article. Another waste of time.

  6. Jackson Heath says:

    That is too hilarious, the TMZ reporters suck dick hole.

  7. Steve says:

    awkward dorky commentator that’s all.

  8. Richard Gibson says:

    how was that awkward??? He got him into a club. The reporter yelled his name, he turned around and hadn’t seen GSP yet. Once GSP turned around a Jones recognized him, everything was great.

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