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Wednesday, 08/29/2012, 02:54 am

Audio | Greg Jackson Explains Why Jon Jones Turned Down Chael Sonnen Fight | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister
Greg Jackson comments in an interview with MMAWeekly.

As far as UFC President Dana White was concerned there were two men responsible for the cancellation of UFC 151. Firstly the UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and in a close second his trainer Greg Jackson. Jackson explains why they decided not to face Chael Sonnen on eight days notice and also reveals that he did not know the whole card was riding on one fight.

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94 Responses to “Audio | Greg Jackson Explains Why Jon Jones Turned Down Chael Sonnen Fight | UFC News”

  1. Xaninho says:

    This whole explanation in a few words would be: “blahblahblah we at Jackson MMA are bitches”

    • Max says:

      +1″Here at Greg Jackson’s we specialize in training top athletes. We got running, point, grease, and our very own Bitching out technic that you will not find in any other gym” Is that what I heard? I pretty sure I heard that.

  2. Sting says:

    We don’t need no explanations. Either you fight or you don’t!

  3. Whatever says:

    Chuck Liddell or Randy would have taken the fight on 8 hours notice.

    • John M says:

      My thoughts exactly

    • Alan Peart says:

      Chuck and Randy also lost loads of fights.

      I think it’s pretty clear Jon Jones would rather be as successful as possible, rather than as popular as possible. People might hate that (in fact they clearly do) but the UFC isn’t a popularity contest.

      Anderson Silva, the greatest champion the UFC has ever had, still gets booed. Why? The answer relates to Jones as well. It’s because he has a combination of characteristics hated by the average American UFC fan.

      1) He’s black
      2) He’s very intelligent
      3) He never loses

      Believe it or not, the most unpopular of these characteristics is intelligence. People from the United States like their public figures good and dumb.

      • Thats bullshit. Everyone loves Rampage!!

      • PDUBZ says:

        great logic here. god your dumb.

        by the way, don’t remember silva getting boo’d till he acted like a asshole with cote and maia.

      • Nuitari X says:

        That’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever seen on this site.

      • Jujutsu Player says:

        Your comment is basically garbage. Why you got to pull some bullshit race card….fucking loser. Most people don’t like him because he comes across as arrogant and insincere and a lot of that comes from Greg Jackson. I’m not one of them, I think Jones is one of the most exciting fighters in the UFC and have done since I watched him destroy Matt Hamill and I think he would have beat Hendo convincingly by TKO inside the first 2 rds. I still think however he should have taken the fight, I actually think the UFC should have forced him to take the fight even if it was 10 minutes before he went out! He’s paid to do a job and defend his title, it’s not like Chael had months to prepare for Jones or any kind of advantage, yeah Jones has a lot more to lose but he also has a massive physical advantage over Chael and would have been in perfect condition to fight him. I think it would have been one of the most one sided fights in the history of the UFC now we have to wait till UFC152 for that…..with a horrible match up with Vitor which is only going to go one way….Plus they have Chael and Hendo have similar strengths so I don’t see how the strategy would have been al that different. To Jones fans of which I’m one he’s lost some respect, to the haters and those on the fence he looks like he pussied out.

        • Max says:

          +1 you couldn’t said it better. Wait “bitched out “is the proper adjective in that last sentence. A middleweight fighter can verbally bitch slap a lightheavyweight Champ on the champ’s own weight class and get away with it. When the chump(not Champ) had months of preparation for a better rounded challenger(my opinion). Where’s Randy, Liddel or Penn when you need them to save the day or weekend.

      • You sir,are a moron says:

        Put your race card back in the deck…fighters are not hated because of race…in jones case he is hated for being an arrogant pompous ass who has the heart of a kitten instead of a champion…..meow.

      • lolziez says:

        only thing dumb is this ^ post..

      • KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

        @ alan peart – jon jones trains under GREG JACKSON not the Rev. JESSIE JACKSON, go take that race bullshit someplace else.

      • Well said Alan I agree. My fellow americans are just flat out jealous morons in all aspects in sports though regardless of race. That’s why they hate GSP also. They hate the champions especially when they defend their belt and when girls think the champ is good looking then they flat out want them to die. They hate the champ but embrace the shit talker that loses. They hate Tom Brady in the NFL for the same reason even though he’s never said anything negative to anyone. However they’re are morons also that are just flat out racist and search for reasons to hate black athletes as well.

        • Cory says:

          You’ve just won the dumb ass award for the this ^^^ garbage. Ever heard of a stereo type because apparently you think with them. You ought to stop generalizing how your “fellow” Americans think and act and look in the mirror. Clearly your not an American if you take the first opportunity you get to throw your “fellow” Americans under the bus. At least use some well formed thoughts to make your argument instead of taking the lamens way out and pulling the race card. Jones is hated, among many other reasons, because he is supposed to be a champion and he doesn’t act like it. A+ on being an idiot…..go drink some cranberry juice, I hear it does wonders during menstruation.

        • Robert says:

          All Americans must think the same? You cannot decent, if you do you are un-american. Foolish.

      • Nick Luongo says:

        pretty evident by the number of responses to your bonehead comment that you are in act a bonehead. The race comment quite possibly made this one of the dumbest comment ever, and that dumb statement did not make you any more popular.

      • stan871 says:

        i wanna quote one of my favorite lines from the movie Billy Madison on your comment Alan, “what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I’ve ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul!” – Host

      • Yeahrightman says:

        If you think people hate champions because of race and they hold onto the belt to long why don’t you go ask JDS? Junior is clearly black and not from America and is going to have the heavyweight belt for a long time to come. He will always be popular because he is a nice, humble guy who respects his fans. He also fights in his appropriate weight division. Jon Jones is none of the above. He is arrogant, self serving, and thinks of everything purely for what is best for himself and himself alone. This is why people do not like him. There is a massive difference between confidence and arrogance and Jones is not even close to the line where it blurs. Every single sentence is “I think this” or “I think it is MY destiny” “Not a good move for ME” there’s never any sentence that he doesn’t judge or praise himself in some way. It’s retarded.

      • Max says:

        What??? I don’t like Jones because he bitched out! Plain and simple.

      • Is that a string or your leg Jon says:

        I’m glad your stupid ass is on hear to
        create a clear contrast in who is a
        Stupid coward and who is a patriot
        I’m white my fatherinlaw is black
        We are laughing together rite now
        about 1)johns smart?
        2)Johns black?
        3)his record now means nothing
        please don’t believe me and mine are
        Racist And don’t believe John
        I’m a hard working contractor that can’t
        afford to turn a job down and if you
        can relate I’ve got your back homie

    • tito ortiz would take the fight on the spot.

    • Mike b says:

      +100….those guys were true warriors.chuck is my favorite fighter of all time cause he was a real fighter he would fight u anytime,anywhere.he didn’t give a shit about the money he just loved to fight.and when he lost his last three fights by ko he had no excuses.randy is also a true warrior….man,this sport is changing…it’s sad.hopefully the future of this sport won’t have the same mentality as jones cause I won’t even watch it anymore.

  4. dogfart says:

    so clearly you can see that it was everything to do with greg jackson and JBJ trusted his decision implicitly.

    jones can save himself from this by going and training with the blackzillians and making amends with Rashad.
    the only reason these two fell out was cos of jackson and wink.
    remove that from the equation and its dealt with.

    this would also show the world that hes realised that his camp does not have his best interests and are infact trying to shape and dictate the direction of mma

  5. Ddddd says:

    Theres an imbalance about Jackson I appreciate as an honorable friend
    But I favor teams and coaches that
    take chances that benefit the sport as
    A whole
    Not a fan not impressed

  6. DMAC says:

    Great call Greg! Don’t risk everything he’s worked for to please a few people who can careless if his family eats or not. And everyone that says, all the greats have loses, lol so what, doesn’t mean JBJ wants any you geeks! Bottom line he didn’t have time to prepare, only a shit for brains would step in with 3 days to actually prepare, oh wait let me guess, if you guys were fighters you would’ve stepped up.. Lol

    • The Real Truth says:

      You should change your name to DBAG be cause that’s what you are.

    • B-rad says:

      How do you go through an 8 week camp and not be prepared to fight ANYONE?? Dont try to cover up for your hero/butt buddy Jones for takin a shit on this card.. Im sure Dana White probably made it clear he would gut the card if Bones bitched out, and not taking a fight against a guy who hasnt been preparing for a 5 round title fight is bitching out

      • DMAC says:

        Wow you are stupid! Just barley start watching MMA or what? This guy said how do you go through a camp and no be prepared for ANYONE. Lmao The shit for brains that dwell on this site always shock me with their stupidity.

        • bbjr says:

          You have a point if we are talking about amatuer MMA. Jon is not an amatuer, he is the World Champion. After a 10 week training camp the World Champion should be prepared to fight anyone… especially an out of shape ’85er.

        • Unanimous221 says:

          He is more prepared than anyone else who will step up

        • JmfnW says:

          I agree with you Dmac and you’re the biggest one of’em! The shit that’s been comin’ out of your mouth about this is down right retarded, and makes no sense. Don’t be mad, cause Jones is a puss and make a fool out yourself in the process. Let it be you sound ridiculous. Sonnen hadn’t trained a day, Jones 10 weeks, there’s no comparison. You can’t argue with that although I’m sure you will.

        • aredom says:

          u train by ur oppenent not to just train if he trained against what dan hendersons strong points, if sonnen has diffrent strong points then he technichally had no training. 607.

        • i feel for you boy. some of these people doesnt even know that “the guillottine” is not the 1 used by spanish executioners.

        • Robert says:

          Fucking stupid too, it was mainly used by the french.

        • Robert says:

          French executioners brainiac

      • Moseswhite says:

        GodDamn +10000000000

        Exactly. You’re in fighting shape. You’re the champ. Strap on your nuts and go do your fucking job.

        151 cancellation aside. All the money him not fighting that was wasted/lost aside. The reason people are pissed is because this is te complete opposite attitude that made this sport great. It’s about believing in yourself and your skills and standing up like a man and testing those skills. Anytime. Anywhere. Any circumstance. Am I a fighter? Fuck no. But apparently Jones isn’t either. And I was a massive fan and supporter of Jones prior to this ridiculous pathetic display of bratty pussery. posted an article quoting Rashad Evans whom I can’t stand… But he summed it up the best. Read it.

    • 757 says:

      Wrong ^^^…..The people that you refer to as geeks are the fans who buy the tickets and the pay per view. Without them it’s like every other sport….no fans low pay and your family doesn’t eat. You are shit for brains if don’t realize that !!!!! Wow wake up and realize that the fans are who makes the sport not the sport making the fans

    • rich says:

      Umm. His family will eat either way…

      • 757 says:

        You are dumb. This is how they make money and support their life. Maybe you don’t need to work. Most people do. Besides he is the champ. The guy who said that Chuck and Randy would take the fight was exactly right and you are way off.

    • nate says:

      Dont risk everything you’ve worked for?? What is wrong with you? Every time you step into the octagon you risk everything when you are the champion. He trained for Dan Henderson who is a wrestler, yet he turned down another wrestler? Who is no where near as good? That is cowardice.

      • lmb says:

        how can it be cowardice since it’s like what you said, sonnen is not as good as hendo. period. you don’t get scarred of someone not as good as the fight you were training for. you guys have no logic.

    • 9lives304 says:

      AGREED!!! It was a lose-lose for Jones….if he takes the fight and loses to Sonnen….well….obviously he shouldn’t have taken the fight, and if he beats Sonnen….well…who the fuck is Sonnen? A newcomer to the LHW Division, and ALL he’s known for is taking steroids & running his big fuckin mouth!!! Correct me if i’m wrong about that. Sonnen had nothing to lose and everything to gain, and Jones had NOTHING to gain at all but money, and if he’s not sweating wrapping his $250,000 Bentley around a pole, then he damn sure isn’t worried about the money. When u prepare 8 weeks for a man with the prestige and fighting pedigree of Hendo, then have no preperation for Sonnen…the odds are more in favor of Sonnen…even though i’d have loved to watch Jones smash that big fuckin mouth of Sonnen’s with those vicious elbows…i wouldn’t have paid to watch it, and neither would most people out there. Does it make Jones look bad? Maybe to some..but i don’t blame his decision at all!

      • BJ is KING says:

        He just said he fights for fucking money, so what else is there in this sport for him other than money and fame? He gains both by beating Chael (another fighter added to his resume and drawing closer to beating Titos title defence record). I study sports science as well as physiotherapy and there is no chance in hell Sonnen is coming into this fight as physically capable as jones in terms of aerobic fitness. You suffer significant decreases in your VO2 max (max capacity to move and use oxygen, best indicator of cardiorespiratory endurance) as well as the walls of the heart becoming thinner again which causes a lower amount of blood to be ejected with each heartbeat, and this is only after a period of days-1 week after training stops. Add to the fact that Sonnen is fighting a fighter who is more unpredictable than JBJ and possibly more rounded in every asset, not to mention he will have trouble taking JBJ down. The surprise factor wouldn’t be enough to tip the scales in Sonnens favour, JBJ is just an arrogant fake piece of shit, Rashad was right and it clearly showed then, just as its clearly showing now.

      • Moseswhite says:

        I’m sick of hearing this “lose lose” phrase Jones and several others have been throwing around.

        NOT taking the fight was a lose lose!

        He lost fans. He lost money. He lost respect. The whole card lost opportunity and money. The fans lost money. The UFC lost money. The city lost money. The only thing Jones lost by not taking this fight was the opportunity to win and prove he deserves to keep the belt under the same circumstance under which he won it. By stepping in on short notice and fighting under less than ideal conditions.

        Chael was just as willing to fight under short notice. He may have been training, but so was Jones. So STFU.

    • BJ is KING says:

      eats or not? the guy drives in a fucking bentley his family will eat for years just by selling that car. Secondly he is sponsored by nike so he’s not exactly your average joe fighter. Thirdly, he will have lost alot of revenue with this recent misadventure of his. Fans, who support him and the UFC are in bitter disgust with JBJ, so hes losing money there. Risk? 99% chance of him beating Sonnen. He didn’t prepare? Oh god you are so stupid you must be a troll. Sonnen is coming back from injury break and has had at max, 2 weeks to prepare for JBJ (2 weeks in comparison to JBJ most likely training straight after his fight with Rashad). Your comment reeks of JBJ balls sack, you are clearly cleaning his nuts.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    “give us time to prepare….there’s no one we wont fight” Jones was coming off a ten week training camp….Chael WAS NOT training with Dan like Greg says here. And then Greg does a bunch of ass kissing. Man, fuck Greg Jackson.

  8. big nutts on jones face says:

    Is it just me or can u not understand anything Jackson is saying? All I heard clearly was fight card and Jon

  9. Thetude says:

    i think he didnt take the fight just to spite Sonnen. Good for him, sonnen doesnt deserve a chance at another belt yet. All that trash talk, jones threw it back in his face by turning down the fight. I guess the whole preperation excuse is coming back to bite him now. but everybody knows Bones would seriously hurt Chael, believe that!

    • B-rad says:

      Yea i think so too, but why didnt he take the fight? I know he doesnt “deserve” the shot but hey the man who did deserve it wasnt able to go, so somebody has to step up.. There was a thought of doubt that crept into JJ’s mind when they offered the fight, i guess he was training a lot more striking than wrestling and TDD, maybe thats why?

    • Bossman says:

      The Hendo/bones fight was a title fight…had he fought sonnen it would not have been a title fight. Even if it was a title fight you are supposed to be prepared 24/7 365 days a year as world champion. I see alot of JBJ butt buddies using the”sonnen did’nt deserve a title fight chance” excuse and it’s really pathetic. God I miss the days when REAL champions fought regardless of the situation.

    • but it left the other fighters with no pay. jones is so coldhearted. randy couture would have given half his pay to the other fighters.

  10. Ok says:

    Greg tries to minimize shit, what a joke… He said “we didn’t know that one fight would cancel the card”, well sorry Greg it did and anyone buying a ticket or ppv knew this Einstein!

  11. Btw says:

    Thinks Greg was the one scared to fight Chael on short notice after he just walked thru Brain Stann Luke nothing, a year ago.

  12. punchkick says:

    like dana white said ” greg jackson is a sport killer”.

  13. Sicc1 says:

    Stfu Jackson should have just said yes fuck your excuses real champion take any fight. Plus I remember jones saying he the best in the world in that division well prove it. Hope to see jones vs sonnen on sept 22 but have to wait for washed up vitor to drop out first.

  14. fourtetshou says:

    Greg Jackson seems so disingenious.

  15. Sting says:

    KILL GREG JACKSON!!!!!!!!!

  16. Sam says:

    Clear to see from all the reactions, including Dana White, why UFC is still generations behind boxing…if this Sport is ever gonna be taken seriously, NO MAN gets a title shot on an 8 day notice…Freakin COMMON SENSE….”Hey kids we are to Hawaii for labor day this year, Wow thanks dad, tell all your friends and get ready…..week before….hey kids change of plans, were going to a Texas beach instead….” again Common Sense!!

  17. R General says:

    A true warrior will take a fight in a minute… he was training and in shape so what the hell ! You just scared .. professional he says.. what so professional about having other fighter on the card loose money just cause the pound for pound Jones is not ready my ASS !

  18. dana white should beat the crap out of greg jackson. thats a good. what a historic event. everyone will want to see that. UFC 153: WHITE VS. JACSON. oh yeah!

  19. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    Generations behind boxing?!…why in thu f@ck would we want to turn the ufc into boxing. Boxing has long been courrupted. that’s why mma is the fastest growing sport in the world today and ufc is becomimg a global phenomenon because of it’s purity and now greg “i’ll suck jones’ balls” jackson just tainted it.

  20. Sonthechest says:

    Why did Chael deserve a title fight? Explain.

  21. Jones is a coward says:

    The way this should have gone down:

    Dana White: Hendo’s injured, I want you to fight Sonnen instead.
    Jon Jones: Sonnen doesn’t deserve a title shot. I’ll fight him, but not for the belt.

    Then it’s Dana’s call.

    • BJ is KING says:

      agreed. He then puts the ball in not only Danas court but back in Sonnens, where he can spend all day finding ways to tease Jones while Jones spends the remainder few hours he has a day scanning over footage of Sonnen. Either way, it pleases the majority of the fans, while the people who truly hate Jones can keep making comments about how he is chicken shit etc (i dislike jones but i cannot truly hate him as he is an extraordinary fighter).

  22. Zack says:

    Well uhh actually it was three days notice cuz uhhh you don’t train the last 5 days. That’s where I stopped listening. Greg Jackson is a pansie and makes pansies out of fighters.

  23. Sonthechest says:

    Glad he denied the fight 1. Chael shouldnt even be aloud in the ufc. 2. Why does he deserve another title shot after getting destroyed by anderson silva. 607 elmira ny go jbj!

  24. James Lakey says:

    @ Jon Jones you have let down so many fans and your peers you do not deserve to be the champion and i am ashamed to call u that i honestly hope u retire soon and are goe from this great sport forever

  25. STFU says:


  26. 757 says:

    Wow ^^^ Dumb. Nice insight and conversation. If you know so much and don’t want to see what others say then don’t read it……dummy

  27. theo says:

    thank god that everyone clearly see who jones pussy is … he fight for money not for the fans … he fight to feed his family and the same time drive 250.000 car ..please to us a favour and kill your self

  28. Tin-Man says:

    “…not professional in my opinion” Really?!?! isn’t that how Jones got his title shot??? Hypocrite, thats all i have to say

  29. Truth Hurts says:

    This shows you how full of ish Jackson is Hendo did NOT train with Sonen even once for this fight,Jones managment pussed out.Jones”I fight for the money.”Sonen”You can have my purse win lose or draw.”Jones”NAH.”Fans”????????????”Jackson”excuse,excuse,excuse,excuse.”

  30. Bobbyb says:

    Is Greg his trainer or Manger.

  31. Bobby Bath says:

    Is Jackson his trainer or manger?

  32. 2lowtoe says:

    bones gotta do hw now no body wanta fight him he should call out mir or something just 2 get somefans back he looks like a chicken he made( the biggest mistake of his career )not takkking that fight makkking the fans wait

  33. Bjj BB says:

    This whole time i been backing up jbj, but if hes giving belfort a chance y not sonnen? That makes no sense to me at all, in the 205 class belfort and sonnen are kinda the same in ranks but hes give belfort time to prepare but wont take sonnen on a 8 days notice? Smdh! I think they just dont like sonnen and just did not want to give him a shot based off the shit sonnen was talking b4 dan got injured, but reguardless, ima fan of mma and do have my favorite fighters in this sport and jbj is one of them so i back him the same way id back bj penn if he did this or anything worse, we all need to get over this and go back to being fans that love to watch mma, who gives a shit if a fighter fucks up in life, REALLY!! Who gives a shit!! Life goes on and so will mma so stop being left behind with all this bickering about jbj cause based off what jbj did, theres nooooo way people would hate him this much unless you already hated him from the start. GET OVER IT!!

  34. stonerman says:

    All I heard was blahblahblah we suck blahblahblahblah we are scared of sonnen.

  35. Shawn says:

    Ummm…Sonnen had 8 day…sorry…3 day notice. You bitches had a whole training camp. Sonnen and Hendo both train at Quest. They aren’t that much different. You would have only needed to make a few minor adjustments. Anyone else would have taken that fight in your position. ANYONE. But I guess Jackson bitches are different. Cowardice. Plain and simple. That fight was a gift for any champ. But then again, Jones just proved he’s a chump by not having a brain of his own, and letting Jackson pull his strings.

  36. You drink your own pee says:

    Yeahrightman JDS isn’t black..

  37. Jon Jones is the biggest coward in MMA.Real Champions DONT SAY NO TO FIGHT one guy.How does Anderson Silva do.He said he wont fight second time with Chael.But than he fought Chael second time.(I am Sonnen fan and i still support Anderson).Look.Jon Jones you are not in sport Boxing.Where you can choose your opponent.NO.Here If Dana says to Jose Aldo you must fight in OPENWEIGHT against Junior Dos Santos.Than you must fight against Junior Dos Santos.Jon Jones should have fought with Chael.But this is how Jon Jones does.He chooses the worst fighters that can fight for title.Im not saying that Belfort sucks.But Lyoto,Anderson,Sonnen i think are better fighters.Lyoto could have fought Jon Jones.But Jon Jones says that fight will not make much money.Ok i Agree.Ok good reason.But why not fight Sonnen.You will get in to the octagon fight and make So much money on this event.Why Jon Jones didnt fought anyone except Vitor.Because he is coward.But thats not problem because there will be Jon Jones facing someone else than Vitor you will se.Oh for that much money that would Jon Jones make in bout against Chael Sonnen.I would go into the octagon and fight Anderson and Chael for that much money.

  38. Bjj BB says:



    Dos Santos VS Bitch ass Jones…Make that happen ,then will move on

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