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Friday, 09/30/2011, 05:15 am

VIDEO: Gray Maynard's Freakish Upper Body Strength On ESPN's Sports Science


20 Responses to “VIDEO: Gray Maynard's Freakish Upper Body Strength On ESPN's Sports Science”

  1. Ninjaman says:

    He’s a huge lightweight. I love Edgar but he’s getting knocked out…………..

  2. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Never doubted that he wasn’t strong, but damn! Dude got a serious kung fu grip!

  3. Ninjaman says:

    Eli, Eli, Eli!! You have not paid attention to the past 2 meetings these business men have had. On october 8th in their 3rd meeting Edgar is fired. It’s not because I hate him, he’s a great fighter but not the best person for the position at this time, hence he’s fired!

  4. lolololol they brought up his only UFC Finish besides the time he finished himself at the end.

  5. Fortyb4five says:

    that freakish strength sure helped you land 3 out of 16 takedowns lmao

  6. Frankie Edgar says:

    Im not going to Houston you guys……..

  7. Nick says:

    172 lbs is lightweight now?

  8. GET RID OF FITCH says:

    I’m sure edgars a real nice guy and ll but i really can’t stand watching his pitter patter and constant running away. He should have been DQ’d in his last fight against Maynard when he turned his back and literaly ran away like a pussy. Still can’t believe getting knocked down 3 times and taking a beating from hell is only 10-8 round. No way in hell that fight was a draw. Edgar was hurt so bad in that fight that he now has one eye crossed from the MULTIPLE concussions he received at the hands of maynard. Why is it everyone like to forget maynard already beat Edgar and that draw was a complete gift. so who really has who’s number? I think thats obvious. I have yet to see edgar leave a mark on anyone’s face. Judges are FOOLED by pitter patter from Edgar just as bad as they are fooled by Guida’s jumping around like a jack rabbit makes him look like he’s 1000 times more active than he really is. I can’t wait to see Guida get exposed (AGAIN) like when Florian made he look like he didn’t belong in the UFC.

  9. Jpeech says:

    I agree 100% Maynard one that fight hands down and @Nick. 172 is just his walk around weight

  10. Chris says:

    Haha James Toney

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