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Monday, 03/05/2012, 08:44 am

VIDEO | Gracie's Breadkown Rousey Submission Victory Over Tate

Ryron and Rener break down the beautiful throw, mount transition setup and finish that Ronda Rousey used to seal the deal last Saturday against Miesha Tate to win the Strikeforce bantamweight title.

Want to see the fight video and photo gallery of this brutal submission? Click HERE.

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9 Responses to “VIDEO | Gracie's Breadkown Rousey Submission Victory Over Tate”

  1. waikrujudovic says:

    Great breakdown of how it happened the announcers couldnt see how it went down maybe due to angle & some just dont realize the transition from the throw made it possible due to position. The trow is a modified ogoshi headlock style (hip throw) insted of traditional bak/wrist grips. The armlock she does is drilled @ Pedros judo endlessly. I trained there when she first came before 04 athens and @ end of every class it was manditory we trained this armlock with an uke(training partner/loose body not defending). Then we would drill starting with north hand position high grabbing the thigh without any space leg across belly and behind neck hear to rear near feet and wrist pulling ankle. We would drill this one person down and other loked in after clok started we had 30 sec to finis lock or get dominant positio or be dominated. We cycled 5 people @ 30 sec intervals with little rest between. Most compition based clubs adopt this style of training across us europe south america asia and so on. I remember before training @ Pedros my uncle taught judo @ a club called Tohoku where this drills were practiiced along with hard rondouri and newaza. Cll them shark bait king of the hill or iron man but the principal was to make u mentally strong when u were exhausted. Not to give up due to pain or fatigue when the pressure is on. When u get a fresh body every minute tryin to take ur head off throw u submit pin or choke u minute after minute it makes u a machine. Best part about it was we were still friens @ the end of it all. No disrespect or hate for the most part. This is how u train to win and we also traind with world class sambo bjj wrestlers and of course judoka. This is the reason why Ronda can do what she does or any other martialartist that is @ top level. Again grat break down of how it happened u are one of the few that got this armloc detail totally correct and why it did happen. Also getting your poit across of when to tap. Its chek mate when u cant escape. Save ur body for another day sooner. It will set u bak longer if u are to stubborn to know when there is no escape.

    • capitaljj says:

      except that pretty much none of this is true.
      i teach my first-year students how to escape arm bar submissions. it’s one of the easiest and most basic submission defenses. that’s why you hardly ever see arm bar victories from top position in mma anymore.

      for the most part, miesha was dominating this fight, but failed to make a small, technical adjustment. she looked like she got a bit too cocky on the ground and let her emotions cloud her judgment. she got caught. it happens. it was less of what ronda did and more of what miesha didn’t do.

      don’t get me wrong, rousey has fairly decent throws and her ground game seems to be coming along, but her overall mma skillset is still pretty basic. she has a lot of work to do, if she wants to compete at the top level.

  2. Mma junkie says:

    I would tap, 6min is better then 6months live to fight another battle

  3. charlie says:

    wow. people are talking like she’s the second coming if christ. i’ve seen posts where people are saying she could tap half the UFC roster. it’s so ridiculous. it’s okay to be a fan, if you’re into her schtick, but she has a long way to go before anyone should think of her as a well-rounded mma fighter. and unless she learns some humility and manners, it’s hard to take anything she does seriously. she is a rude, uneducated, classless fool.

  4. K2 says:

    You could just as easily blame Miesha’s corner for not throwing in the towel before Rousey took her arm home with her. It’s the fighter’s job to know when they should tap. Bet Tate taps next time. Rousey vs D’Alelio ended in a quick stoppage and was consider somewhat controversial. If refs start stopping matching cause someone was “threatened by submission” people would bitch even more. If you’re smart enough to fight then you should be smart enough to know when to tap. The fighter’s career is in their own hands. Though adrenaline and ego can be a bitch sometimes.

  5. elijahhawaii says:

    One more time –

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