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Sunday, 05/20/2012, 12:40 pm

VIDEO | Gilbert Melendez Lashes Back At Booing Fan | MMA NEWS

A passionate Gilbert Melendez let this one MMA fan get under his skin while exiting the cage last night following his split-decision victory over Josh Thomson.


97 Responses to “VIDEO | Gilbert Melendez Lashes Back At Booing Fan | MMA NEWS”

  1. ben says:

    Did he spit???? I like Gil bit that’s a real douche move!!!!

  2. Fuck You says:

    GANGSTA #WarMelendez

  3. Dave says:

    Jerk off I like to see that dude get in the cage and fight like Gil. He always brings it like the decision or not!

  4. Jb says:

    Cause you lost Gilbert. Mma is starting to be like wwe

    • jbeamazing says:

      how is it like wwe because gill scored more points landed more shots ok that makes since

      • James Troy says:

        if u watched the fight and looked at the fight metric stats you would have seen that thompson outscored him in all areas. the only thing that melendez did more was takedowns. however the Takedown % for both was even. even though melendez had more he did less with them.

        thompson won the fight clearly. anyone with have a brain could figure that out and if you couldnt, thats what the stats being shown on screen is for.
        honestly how retarded can you be. you bring it to a whole new level.

  5. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    I don’t understand what all the boos are about. Regardless of who won, that was a great fight, fast paced and highly entertaining.

    Thomson undoubtedly won the 4th and 5th. I felt Melendez took the first and second. The third was up for grabs.

    It could have gone either way, but I wouldn’t necessarily call this a controversial decision. Although some recent decisions shed light on the fact something needs to be done about MMA judging, I don’t think this one adds to that stigma.

    • Carlos says:

      Everybody was booing cuz he shouldn’t have won the fight

      • Thurgood Jenkins says:

        No, I understand that. What I’m saying is that if I, personally, am watching a fight and I’m rooting for someone and he loses by a slight margin, I can still tip my hat to his opponent if they put on a great fight.

        • E716 says:

          Yeah fans dont like the decision the judges made so they boo the fighters…makes a lot of sense…..disrepectfulaas fuck

        • Jodog says:

          I can’t speak for the others but I was booing cause he talks so much shit and sqeeked out a controversial win. Booooooo, I watch these fights to see an ass kickin, not a close call. Gilbert’s face lost the fight!

  6. mike r says:

    You could see Gilbert Melendez’s wife hit that booing guy, thats a loyalty right there

    • MJ says:

      That’s totally what I was thinking, we were like “someone grab his hat!” Then I was like no, he or more likely his chick would jump in the stands and start swinging, lol

    • E says:

      i seeeend that shit

    • Reality says:

      I just watched again and saw that. Interesting


        personally to me thats bullshit. She no right to touch that fan what so ever. He has his right to express his opinion and he did. He did not physically touch anyone. Considering we all know that if he touched Gilbert or Gilbert’s wife the security(goon squad) would jump all over him and he’d be arrested. So that stuck up bitch should keep her hands to herself and stop being so asshurt that her husband lost and stole a W.


          oh yeah i thought id add for Gilbert being who he is you think she’d be hotter. (*In French Accent*) “Gilbert I am NOT impressed with your trophy wife”

        • E says:

          yea that shit reminds me of wwe.. lucky that ho didnt get her wig split.

  7. Jb says:

    Gotta give respect to the fan didn’t even move when gilbert lunged at him lol

  8. Whoa says:

    Is it just me, or did Melendez’s fiancee try to smack the dude? lol

  9. Street Thug says:

    Well we know who’s a Josh Thomson nut hugger! Lol

  10. Nick says:

    Kind of a dick move by Melendez. I understand he’d be emotional, but you have to stay professional.

  11. I hate booing fans. But those jerks are part of the game. Touching one like his fiancee did is not a good idea.

  12. Scott says:

    It seems as though 90% of MMA “fans” do not actually understand the sport. They just sit around, watching people hit each other and think thats all there is to it, it’s only been recently that some people have even begun to appreciate ground work. Each round is rated on a 10-point system, the winner gets 10 pts and the loser 9 or less.

    Melendez won the first 3 rounds (10-9), sure it was fairly close but when he wasn’t dominating the stand-up he’d score points by taking down Thomson as a precaution to ensure he did enough to win the rounds. Thomson won the last 2 rounds (10-9) and even though they were more dominant than the rounds that Melendez won, it doesn’t work that way. It’s simply about who won the most rounds, which was Melendez. That is why the score was 48-47. I had it that way and you know who else scored it like that?

    Go learn the rules before you shoot your mouths off.

    • andy says:

      Thanks professor you’ve solved all the issues of people were. I had NO idea it was scored on a 10 point system! Maybe NSAC should give you a job? I’ll bet that would solve all our judging problems!

      • andy says:

        all the issues people were having*

        fucked that one up hardcore >.>

        • Scott says:

          Nice one bro, at least I can put together a sentence properly. Also, if they did hire me to be a judge, it’d take it. I love easy money, thats why I hired your mom to work the corner on 5th avenue.

        • FrankinNog says:

          i miss the 5th avenue candy bar

        • andy says:

          Your insult is defunct on the bases that I caught myself. Also, you know whats more annoying than “fans” who don’t know what they’re talking about? Fans who have to pretend like they know everything and have to put the ultimatum on shit like everyone is just going to epiphanize with wide eyes and be like “omg he’s right!”

          And nice job ripping on my sentence structure with some equally as bad. Also, don’t pull the mom card ass bag that’s low.

    • Jodog says:

      Thats the point, it’s not boxing, that kind of scoring doesn’t work for mma. They will change that in the future. You don’t sound too knowledgable yourself!

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I honestly think a good solution is not requiring a judge to award a winner of a single round 10 points. Each fighter should start the round at 0 and the should be awarded the number of points that correlate to their performances in that specific round, regardless if it is one point or ten.

    • Carlos says:

      Just to tell u watch round 1 again and then comeback and tell me who won that flung does getting your ass kicked the whole round make up for it with one takedown and the other guy immediately getting back up to his feet?

    • James Troy says:

      gilbert only won round one. and thomspon won round 4 10-8.

      they dont always have to be 10-9 (or less) 10-10 scores are rare but they happen. a recent one was the flyweight bout with mightymouse and uncle creepy. the 10-10 score is was caused the draw.

      you should learn the rules before you mouth off. fucking dipshit.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      Gil didn’t do anything with his takedowns. He laid on Thomson when he had a takedown. If you logic is that he had more takedowns then how come Edgar lost to Ben Henderson? No one wins a fight by laying on their opponent.

    • Reality says:

      @Scott That sounds right.

  13. Mr T says:

    Fuck The Fan H was Booing el Niño and he gave him some I’m witty el Niño!

  14. AC says:

    Guess Melendez and that chic deserve each other. #douchebags

  15. Scott says:

    *I’d take it.

    Haha……fuck. XD

  16. Xaninho says:

    I thought Thomson did enough, Melendez took him down a few times, but nothing came out of those takedowns cause Thomson got back to his feet right away.

    Regardless of the outcome, that was a really great fight.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Agreed man, really great fight. The whole card was pretty good actually. You’re right though, Melendez did nothing with the takedowns. I think he should have earned some points for getting the takedown, but I think fighters that are able to perform a quick escape should essentially nullify the takedown. If a fighter can capitalize on the takedown or at least keep their opponent on the ground for a significant amount of time, then they should earn the points. I gotta give it to Melendez though, even though he didn’t do much, some of his takedowns were executed beautifully.

      • Reality says:

        So I guess punching him in the face multiple times while on the ground or in the corner of the cage doesn’t count.

        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Well if his punches are ineffective and his opponent quickly escapes back to his feet, then no he didn’t capitalize.

  17. swangandbang says:

    evidence for a case of assault against Melendez fiance’. legal smack to the face! #melendezsmokeinmirrors

  18. maurice says:

    the fan hung tough after gilberts tryin to shake him up. u gotta be a real loser to boo a fighter like melendez face to face. i bet he went home, alone, feelin like a idiot, and underwear full of shit. dumbass fan.

  19. maurice says:

    and for the record, after last nights fight, i think its safe to say both thomson and melendez belong in the ufc!

    • Jodog says:

      Yeah so they can get their asses kicked. Dana knows gilbert can’t win in the UFC. Why else would it be taking so long to unify the titles. Strikeforce sucks, it’ll be used asthe “minor league” for the UFC because TUF is getting lame.

  20. Axel39 says:

    Scrap Pack !

  21. Noway! says:

    He spit it’s obvious, and his girl even had his back! She’s GANGSTA! And banging!

  22. Mark says:

    I think they need to put a little more emphasis on damage. I mean in a “fight” doesn’t damage count for something? I understand the rules but I think damage should be a big factor. Then there are judges that put too much emphasis on take downs, when sometimes a person gets the other down and doesn’t do anything and the person on their back just gets up. The fourth round IMO could have been considered a 10-8 round.

  23. Kanona says:

    Not surprised… He does roll with the 209 brat pack… Sportsmanship is NOT their specialty…

  24. Dan the Lobster says:

    I wish gill would’v smacked that disrespectful piece of shit!! You fuckin yanks make my blood boil, win lose or draw u dont boo fighters cos there puttin there bodies on the line for ur entertainment! LEARN SOME RESPECT!!

    • mark prater says:

      Yo Lobster, what do you Brits know? You have one descent fighter who also spits on people. Go get your teeth fixed and shut the Hell up!

    • Jodog says:

      If it weren’t for us “fuckin yanks” your dirty ass would be sprechen sie deutsch. Respect that and go watch soccer or whatever you call it!

  25. Ron Rottloff says:

    The reason people booed is clear. Gil and his entire camp talk like he is the baddest lightweight on the planet…but he can’t even decisively beat strikeforce chumps. He would get murdered someone like Benson Henderson or even Frankie Edgar…

  26. bar_ pino says:

    You don’t have leave it to the judges plain and simple

  27. lolidiots says:

    gil is a scrub and a bad fighter

  28. Hostile Hunter says:

    I cant stand to read the comments on this site more than any other mma site out there, bunch of “cry baby know it alls”. 94% of you would never step in a cage or fight someone on the street. Sit behind your computer screen or the Xbox/PS3 and just bump your fucking gums…#waistofspace

    • Woods says:

      * #wasteofspace

    • Balls McGee says:

      If u had to fight to be a fan there would be no sport dumbass. Don’t watch basketball cause U don’t play. Fuckin retarded response. Maybe U should run all fans off so u can cry about y people don’t get paid enough and y sport won’t grow.

    • Jodog says:

      That’s ironic hostile…….I mean tough guy, because it’s your comment that shedding the most tears. I have an idea, don’t read the fucking comments on this site. I love the 94% statistic too, good attempt to disguise your lack of intelligence.

  29. A.James says:

    BJ please come back and expose Melendez once and for all!

  30. Donnybrook says:

    Classy Gil… didn’t even faze the drunkin fool one bit.

  31. Dick Diaz says:

    no one is interested in a 4th fight… josh thomson got a new fan in me because of how he acted after the fight.

    • Dick Diaz says:

      also, its cool that his wife stood up for him but her hitting him is totally wrong. we live in AMERICA, where we are able to say anything we want as long as it does no real harm to anyone… there are fans in all types of sports that boo; its nature, we’re all going to cheer for who we want to win. its not okay for her to hit him though…

      • eat your first name says:

        Lol @ we live in America so we can talk shit without repercussions, yeah good luck w that motto – lets see how many fights you can stay out of for being a douche. That dudes lucky Gil didn’t break his jaw.

        • eh says:


          i’m w/diaz, don’t be hitting people. she’s lucky its wrong to hit women b/c she would’ve got smashed by that dude.

          melendez is overrated.

        • Roscoe10 says:

          Keri Ann is a former Muay Thai world champ so pretty sure that scumbag booing another man to his face would have got more than he bargained for.

        • Jodog says:

          Gil obviously doesn’t have the power to break anyone’s jaw. If he did we wouldn’t be talking about this. There should be no decisions in these fights. That’s how it started and that’s what the point was back in the day. Fight til someone is finished!!!!!!

        • john lozaro says:

          Melendez is a ghetto punk. He should have kept his cool and ignored the spectator. For his ghetto fiance’ they belong together. She had no right trying to slap the spectator. Ghetto breeds ghetto. I feel sorry for their child…

          Melendez is overrated…

      • jones says:

        dick diaz..typical nick hater total loser cop caller in real life…u ilttle dram bitch…she did not hurt hi goof..he hardly evven touched him,,,and u not even sure she did cuz u did not see..u sad ass bud

  32. Gunner says:

    Lost tons of respect for this dude I’m on.some fuck.norcal shit..This SUR CALI HOMIE…

  33. Chartmonster says:

    Smell a law suit coming against Gil’s wife.

  34. AIC says:

    He should sue his wife. When you are in sport where not everybody will love you does not mean you can physically hit fans. Point blank. Truth. Does not make that kid any less of a jerk off, but still. She should be sued.

  35. Michael Rountree II says:

    His wife even gets up in dudes face!! Dont Boo Gilbert, he is not a judge!!!

  36. Lol says:

    Good fuck that fan. That should teach em hahaha. And fuck all u pussies crying on here

  37. SMD says:

    Melendez is a scrub.

  38. dynomania says:

    I love how Melendez thought the guy would react to his lunge and the guy just kept on booing in his face without a single move. No class or maturity as an athlete. please bring him to the UFC so he does get his ass kicked.

  39. AIC says:

    Melendez could not even punk that guy out. His wife had to slap him. She should have gotten slapped right back. If a woman wants to hit somebody because her man is a fighter than she can get bitch slapped right back. And if her man wants to jump in so be it. He can get sued.

  40. The Truth says:

    That dude was a douche, a coward, a punk, a bitch and a loser for booing Gil.
    But Gil is held to a higher moral standard than him–he is a symbol in this sport and his actions directly affect peoples’ view on it. Do we really want a champ that can’t even keep his cool to a douche-bag fan? If the other champs can, he has /no/ excuse. Champions should never conduct themselves that way. Champions dont attempt to bully and intimidate fans of the sport–douchebags and fair ones alike.
    His girlfriend is trash for shoving him, too. Gil already made a move, her doing that just makes them both look like thug trash. That’s the exact stereotype that is driving the common viewer away from this sport, and we dont need that.

    Hold your fucking head high, walk out of that stadium and enjoy your money and your 12lbs of “I won, bitches.” Dont give this sport a bad name by doing some punk-out move on your way past a fan (who was probably drunk, mind you) who helped fund your paycheck regardless of who he was rooting for. You won. Why do that? Grow up for fuckssake.

  41. Brend0magic says:

    Stockton son, yalls some bitches.

    • The Truth says:

      Last I checked, Stockton got embarrassed and sent down to lightweight by McDonald, outwitted by Condit, and beat up by a guy who wasn’t supposed to stand a chance, but got babied to a decision. Stockton aint doing too well.

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