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Tuesday, 11/20/2012, 10:29 am

VIDEO | Georges St-Pierre Not Sure About Anderson Silva Super Fight Just Yet | UFC NEWS

UFC welterweight champion, Georges St-Pierre, discusses his most recent fight against Carlos Condit and what is next.


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Georges St-Pierre Not Sure About Anderson Silva Super Fight Just Yet | UFC NEWS”

  1. joe hogan says:

    preach brotha

    • Shinobi says:

      Is Monsieur Pierre implying that Anderson may be using performance enhancers? Furthermore he goes on to say that the UFC make ‘magical’ things happen…?! Hmmm sounds a little suspicious to me! I say give him Mr Hendricks, if that left hook connects, it’s night night! Then bring back Paul Daley and let the battle of the left hooks commence! #Joe Fraiser would be so proud!


  2. Nunya says:

    GSP is a great champ. Carries himself very well, for a canadian. I would rather see GSP fight Johny Hendricks.

  3. anonymous says:

    GSP vs Johnny Hendricks would be nice…

  4. Mmaknowitall says:

    Hook? Looked more like a straight left down the pipe.

  5. the oracle says:

    GSP is showing no sign of interest with silva. look at his face on this post fight interview, this isn’t even half of what silva can do to him and he knows it.

  6. Ryan Prieur says:

    Carries him self very well for a Canadian? WTF is that suppose to mean? He carries him self well for an elite fighter jack ass!

  7. Richard J. says:

    GSP you are quite possibly the best athlete and sportman in the business today. Young people can look up to the man and without doubt and have a real hero at any standard. It is an honor for people today to watch this man at his craft. I hope not to see him fight Silva. If he gives up any wieght it would not be correct to fight him. If Silva wants to fight make him come to you wieght wise. Don’t let these promoters and fair day fans press you into it GSP. You have everything to be proud of even if you never stepped into the ring again. NO regrets! It’s an honor Brother!

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