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Wednesday, 05/09/2012, 11:32 pm

Video | Full Countdown Braulio Estima

The inaugural World Jiu Jitsu Expo on May 12, 2012 will be hosted at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Braulio Estima explains he was already planning to be a part of the first ever Jiu Jitsu Expo then the opportunity to compete against  Strikeforce Welterweight Champion and UFC 170-pound title contender, Nick Diaz arose and he was up for the challenge….

“I was going to do a seminar at the expo in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and I heard Nick Diaz was going to do a grappling match at the same expo. The first thing that came to my mind was, “Wow, that would be a great match because we have the same weight and kind of the same height and he fights with submission, I fight with submission, and he is a legend in the MMA sport. I was training in Florida when Junior, one of the man guys for the expo, approached me and said, ‘How about a fight with Nick Diaz?’ And I said, ‘Wow. Man, I would love to have this fight.’ This will help both of us. He is a top MMA fighter but came from Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It will be great for me to fight against an MMA legend so that I can hopefully show what I got. And his will be a very good highlight for my debut.”

Braaulio  Estima has plans of  an MMA debut later this year.  He currently trains with “The Blackzilians,” which includes such fighters as Rashad Evans, Alistair Overeem, Antonio Silva and Jorge Santiago.  Braulio is one of the most heavily decorated Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners accumulating a long list of accomplishments in jiu-jitsu since he was 16 years old.   Nick Diaz  has not competed in an all jiu-jitsu match in over two years  and is the obvious underdog.   Estima is not taking Nick Diaz lightly.

“I think people underestimate a lot Nick.  I think because of my name, because of what I have achieved , the pressure is all on me.  Which it helps him, he has nothing to lose. I’m coming off of a break from and haven’t trained as hard as I have for ADCC, I lost a lot of weight to make this fight at 180, I will be coming from Thailand which is 14 hours of difference, so the jet lag is going to be great.  So this actually brings the match a little bit even. But even though, I push myself in every possible way, I think I will do well and I really want to be the guy who first guy to make him tap.  To be able to perform Jiu-Jitsu in MMA the way that he does, you have to be very good. He doesn’t have much of a record of just fighting in BJJ, because he stopped two years ago, you know, so it’s going to be difficult. In two years, things change. I’m a completely different fighter than two years ago. But he has no pressure to win this fight, he just has to go in there and do a good job. It’s going to be a great match to watch.”

This weekend’s World Jiu Jitsu Expo is definitely exciting and historical for the sport.



8 Responses to “Video | Full Countdown Braulio Estima”

  1. dastuka says:

    Whats with the ‘Inception’ Style music behind every video these days?

  2. Ant says:

    I hate how BJJ guys refer to BJJ matches as “fights”. It’s not a fight. I train BJJ and I love it but it is not fighting. MMA is fighting, BJJ is a sport.

  3. Hazestar says:

    @ ANT Hey bro his english is limited … fight, sport, dry hump… Its all the same to them.

  4. Tincat says:

    @ Ant, MMA isn’t a fight either, still a sport.

    When you can bite, claw, poke, headbutt, gouge, grab a rock, a stick, a clublock, etc and there is no referee, no rules to stand you up, no rules at all….

    Then that’s a fight my friend.

    BJJ, MMA, Boxing, Thai boxing, greco’roman wrestling. All combat sports.

    We here like combat sports, and the general nomenclature used to describe a match is “a fight”. You know that already, so stop being a troll and enjoy the fight.

  5. Jiu-Jitsu Is Life says:

    Cant wait.

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