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Monday, 09/24/2012, 10:59 am

VIDEO | FUEL TV 5 In Focus: Struve vs. Miocic Preview | UFC NEWS

In Focus” dives deep into the worlds of Stefan Struve and Stipe Miocic, two UFC heavyweights on a collision course. On September 29th at UFC On FUEL TV 5, these giants will go to war in the Octagon to prove they’re the next big thing.


6 Responses to “VIDEO | FUEL TV 5 In Focus: Struve vs. Miocic Preview | UFC NEWS”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    i guarantee you all ONE HUNDRED PERCENT STEFAN STRUVE WOULD WOOP Jon Jones! after watching that Vitor fight as seeing all he does is Kick to keep smaller guys away… this bitch should go up to his real weight class and fight MEN HIS SIZE. This fool actually tried to compare himself to Ali????? look at is horrid striking.
    BEST MOVE I HAVE EVER SEEN JON JONES USE WAS THAT AWSOME SIDE KICK TO THE LIVER. aside from that, ANYONE in the HW division would smash Jonny Mommas Bitch Bones.

    • Clay says:

      You are a dumbass. Yes Struve would prolly beat jones. But Struve will also be HW champ one day. He’s unreal. Besides that, quit crying about jones. The video isn’t even about him. He is fighting guys his own size. All the heavyweights would move down and whoop his ass if it was so easy. You’re intellectually inferior if u sit and bitch about jones being LHW. And your gonna be crying for many years to come, so u might as well kill yourself now.

  2. OF says:

    Second that, I hate Jon Jones with the passion

  3. Xaninho says:

    He has certain physical advantages over other fighters. His freak, mutant limbs are the big difference between him being a champ or a chump.

    He does make very good use of that insane advantage though, that can be considered as a good quality.

  4. Hjortur Halldorsson says:

    I strongly recommend that you guys watch the Damarques Johnson vs Gunnar Nelson fight on the undercard for UFC on fuel 5.

    Gunnar Nelson is going to be huge in the UFC. Mark my words.

  5. Your real dad says:

    Struve is tougher than crazy. I wish the best for this dude he works hard in there.

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