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Friday, 10/19/2012, 09:29 am

VIDEO | Friday Satire: Random MMA Fan Asks For Shot At JDS Because He Knows He Can Beat Him | UFC NEWS

Around the four-minute mark in the video featured above, this random Mixed Martial Arts fan explains his aspirations to become an MMA fighter.

Having been a frequent visitor of the body building forums for the past 5-years, he admits that he does nothing else but train his mind on the internet in hopes to one day be a pro fighter.

In this video he asks to join Team Blackhouse and wants to fight the UFC heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, because he knows he can beat him.



40 Responses to “VIDEO | Friday Satire: Random MMA Fan Asks For Shot At JDS Because He Knows He Can Beat Him | UFC NEWS”

  1. RitualOfBattle says:

    stupid idiot

  2. the realness says:

    I bet JDS is behind a computer screen somewhere shitting his pants right now.

  3. Jordan says:

    Another body builder getting himself back at it thinking he can fight, well im 160 pound mma fighter and i bet i could take you before you take JDS! Why even post this like the guy said he doesnt go out, f****d his own brain up i think.

  4. MeNotYou says:

    Man I love when ppl come into our gym to try out fighting and after a single 3 min round jump out the ring and say something stupid like “Man it looks easier on TV”

  5. JB says:

    It worked for Chael. Why not?

  6. ovoTrex says:

    this video made my day. i love super fans that think they’re fighter material

  7. ballsackface says:

    lol he tensed for 3 seconds and hes out of breath.
    this guy is either trolling or spend to much time on the internet. he kinds seems ill in the mind

    at first i thought he was trolling but this guy is clearly a retard.
    he says hes serious about bodybuilding but doesnt do abs???? core muscle is bloody important.


  8. TJW says:

    This dude can’t even keep his breathing up while TALKING, I’d haaate to see him in a fight.

  9. whatever says: seriously guys why you upload this random crap!? it’s pathethic. As an MMA site i expected more from u ppl.

  10. MJKIVP says:

    Poor thing… He;s very confused… I think he needs professional help… hahaha

  11. Brad says:

    What a deluded re-tard he’s not the full quid is he…..

  12. TonyBellissima says:


  13. derp says:

    If some people seriously believe this… oh lawd. This is a typical BB forums troll.

  14. Joe JSP Taboada says:

    Dude your a fucking moron. You need a wax alot more than trying to get in cage which you’ve never done

  15. Dude says:

    This dude is absolutely right. He can go ahead and take the title from JDS anytime he wants. Listen when someone does bodybuilding for a year, he surely belongs in there with all the top mma fighters of the world. Because its THAT easy to be in the ufc. Most of us are not in the ufc just because we dont really want to. Its just logic. Hey who knows maybe tomorrow il decide i can take Silvas belt because Ive been training BJJ for a year and a half. Obviously i can do it.

  16. Sean says:

    Please! This is either a funny ass joke that was well planned with someone telling him what to say via instant messenger cuz he kept reading something. Or he is mentally ill. He’s not to be taken serious jesus! He went and got a weight belt LOL This was entertaining! I like how he offered to help A Silva but never said how hahahaaaa! Bodybuilding has NOTHING to do with fighting. Bodybuilders would gas out with no cardio at all. The bigger your muscles are the more oxygen needed to fill them up. Again FUNNY STUFF!

  17. Kingsforge says:

    He looks like he’s on drugs… and he’s not even hench.

  18. Not You says:

    Everyone who commented on this is dumb.

  19. Tyler says:

    Thats awesome man that you are going for your dream. I think that you will need some amateur fights and at least 4 pro fights before you should even consider a fight with a UFC fighter. In less you have trained MMA you have no idea what you are getting yourself into! ITS NOTHING LIKE BODYBUILDING!!!

  20. 11thhour says:

    lookout junior..

  21. Greg Ornelas says:

    Dude, you are the biggest fuckn joke in the history of man! I would bet my house that you could not even beat Jose Aldo! Fuck you couldn’t even beat Demetrius Johnson! Your a fuckn tool and this video should not even be allowed to be posted! Retarded Jackoff!

  22. Mike Luis says:

    lol jds would tool this fag with a jab

  23. Ol Dirty Bastard says:

    Haha honestly though I’d like to fight a top flyweight…like damage could they really do I got decent enough jitz to nullify theirs…I weigh twice as much n they usually can’t even punch eachother out lol…I can’t be the only one to have thought of this right?…n when r they gonna start a super heavyweight division? Definitely much more interesting….there that’s my rant I hope makes me a story

  24. Dick Diaz says:

    yeah… and i can beat nick diaz at a triathlon…

  25. Marcelo Jimenez says:

    This is one of those Tapout shirt wearing douchebags who thinks he can fight cause he watches a lot of TV and get’s his swell on every day. forget JDS, lets see him fight ROYCE and it will be be wrap.

    i can’t stand tough guys.

  26. Marcelo Jimenez says:

    and he was out of breath after flexing and posing… wow.

  27. Goodstuff says:

    I guess everyone doesn’t understand what satire is, this dude is fucking hilarious, i love it

  28. most legit says:

    future hall of famer

  29. alfredo says:

    lmao ur stupid if anything siva and jones should meet at around 190-195 on another note i cant take this guy seriousness no mma training under his belt body building in a whole different ball game jds would murder this kid in first 5sec

  30. bdi-ae says:

    great thanks \o/

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