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Wednesday, 09/05/2012, 11:42 am

VIDEO | Freddie Roach: I don't think GSP vs. Silva will happen, Silva too big | UFC NEWS

“I’ve trained both guys, and Anderson is a very talented boxer,” said Freddie Roach. “He is very good. He’s 6-0 as a pro in Brazil. He has more experience than a lot of the guys in the UFC.

“But the thing is… he’s just too big, the size difference, they want Georges to go up in weight and him to come down in weight and so forth and Georges told me he’s not comfortable coming up in weight. He likes the weight he’s fighting at now, that’s where he’s best and I don’t think this fight is really going to happen because I think that he’s too big for him.”

” I want to see it (Diaz vs. GSP) becuase they tell he hes the best boxer in MMA, and I don’t see it that way… I have a good gameplan to nullify his offense.”


30 Responses to “VIDEO | Freddie Roach: I don't think GSP vs. Silva will happen, Silva too big | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob says:

    last time I checked this was MMA and not Boxing.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      That is such horseshit, Silva is too big. Silva is no bigger than GSP than GSP was bigger than BJ.

      Condit is 6’2″ , Fitch 6’1″ and walks around 205 noone cares that he is 30-40lbs bigger than BJ

      GSP is scared of Silva even though he waited 5 years fro Silva to be damn near 40 and possibly his last fight in MMA

      GSP won’t fight unless he has every posiible advantage he can find. whether it greasing up against a BJJ world champ ir his career usuage of PED’s or making sure he only fighst once a year or as right now having 530+ days between fights which also means 530 days since his last PED test which doesn’t matter anyway GSP can afford HGH and victor conte designer sreroids that are 100% undetectable to run of the mill shitting testing which is all they use. IF GSP wasn’t cheating he would commit to WADA but they can distiguise sythetic testosterone usuage and HGH, EPO’s and they supposly can dectect the Conte designer steroids that Conte sold to barry bonds and vey select elite major league players before he got caught went to prison and was ordered to stay away from anyone assoc with major league baseball. 2 weeks out of prison and he hoooks up with a man that known as “MR STEROIDS” while he was palying football at AZ in college one Kyle Kingsbury. please go back look at picture of Kingsbury on TUFa nd look at him now. 100% positive Conte started his new business with MMA fighters thru Kyle Kingsbury. What better scam than to come up with from a designer steroid chemist while in prison but to hook up with a MMA fighter in the worlds fastest growing sport. No doubt in my mind RORY ROIDER has access to all these PED’s

      • Bob says:

        hahaha Exactly spot on and I agree 1 hundid

      • Alex says:

        ur a fuckin moron. didnt even waste my time reading past the 530 day break seeing as the guy seriously injured himself and has been in rehab non stop since his injury… hence his 530 day time away from the octagon. and all ur PED shit makes u sound like a deadshit conspiracy theorist. GSP is an amazing fighter and if u cant acknowledge that then maybe u should watch a ufc main event some time…..

      • steven says:

        You sound like a moron? I think your the tenth dummy I’ve seen write designer steroids? Please god help you and do your research, there is no such thing called designer steroids. Testosterone is testosterone there are different anabolics and androgenics used to increase your testosterone but saying designer steroids makes zero sense. Get off your high horse btw, steroids surround every sport wether you want to believe it or not.

  2. dave says:

    great another gameplan for greasy…this aint boxing roach..even the best pure boxer cant show his pure boxing skills cuz there are other things to worry abot like takedowns and kicks etc.. nick diaz is the only guy with the perfect style to beat greasy..and its time..fukin gsp is always injured from his ballet shit and hgh..he is boring anyways..and he cant go up 5 pounds.?? he is just scared..he is fighter that needs to be bigger then his oponent to feel comfortable..gsp talks like he would need gain weight and not ready,,its like gsp asshole u walk around at 197-200 you said that cut 5 or 7 pounds less,,anderson would be dryed out..te fight will never hppen not cuz anderson too big but cuz gsp is coward

    • MellowFellow says:

      jeeze did he not sign a book or something? just a huge ass hater for no reason at all. regaurdless of what you may think GSP will go down as one of the greatest EVER and desurves it. get off the hater train and recognise talent when its here. damn prolly hate anybody that has talent Jon Jones, Lebron James, Mayweather

  3. finally says:

    I just love this website these days…I mean there’s always someone new auto-filled in for me in the Name and Email sections.

    Looks like I get to be: ‘finally’ today. Wonder who gets my info?

  4. William says:

    True, Silva is too big, If you see GSP in real life, he doesn’t look big at all, he walks around at 185. If he gains weight it’s just temporary he can’t keep it (high metabolism). Silva walks around at 220-225, that makes for 40 pound difference. It’s too much. Not counting the reach and height advantage. Plus Silva is not just your average fighter, this is the most dominant fighter and longuest reigning champion that at some point thought about fighting at heavy weights against Mir. This fight is unfair for GSP, he is taking it only with emotional motives. But seriously greg jackson and Firas should have advised against it. But I guess people think of this like a video game who’s going to win between Superman and Batman!!!

    • Bob says:

      Silva is just 1 weight class above GSP.. GSP never went up 1 weight class to test it against bigger guys.. Silva has went up to LHW to test himself..

      40 lbs weight advantage? WTF? Can you show your sources otherwise quit basing your opinions on speculations.

      Also Anderson is 4 inches taller which means that is more skin bone and meat. That doesnt mean he is stronger than him. If anything GSP is Stronger than Anderson Silva. Silva just weighs more because of his height.. Which means when Silva cuts down on weight the “Strength” advantage still go to GSP..

      With that said why dont you guys look at Mike Tyson vs Lennox lewis.. Look at the height difference with that..

      Anderson Silva and GSP can have a catch weight without any excuses about size although Anderson maybe taller the strength advantage still goes to GSP..

      With that said the advantages and disadvantages for both fighters cancel out when it comes to size…

      GSP reach: 76 inch

      Anderson Silvas Reach: 77.6 in

      -So they have almost identical reach
      – GSP is stronger

      So dont give me that “hes too big” excuse!!!!

      • STRAIGHTPUNCHES! says:

        yea i agree! they both pretty much cleaned out their weight classes only thing left for them is to fight eachother, get a good pay day for their efforts before they find themselves on their way out and while they still in their primes!
        Nothing worse then not seeing guys fight the best at their primes. i.e fedor vs randy. be a shame to let these sorts of fights pass by. let the best fight the best!

      • kevin says:

        if gsp would do what anderson did he would move up and fight a maybe top 20 mw and then a mw 5-10 ranked, gsp is moving up to face the longest reigning champion in the ufc history

      • William says:

        I met both,size wise it is an unfair fight. I don’t know what went through GSP’ head when he accepted the fight, he might have thought he can simulate Sonnen’s wresling and avoid submission at the end.

        I am not counting GSP out on this everyone knows him and his coache are master game planners, but you have to consider the damage he can take from a 220 pound guy will take you stamina away faster than a 185 one can. plus holding down a big guy is harder than holding down someone your size. Strength wise GSP is not bad but all other fighters who fought him said that wasn’t the most impressive attribute,it is rather his hip flexibility.

        Just sayin.

  5. Sam says:

    What are you guys talkin about people Getn
    other peoples info? I’m new to this getn on
    sites and I’m far from bein computer savvy
    Please be a good dude and give a quik
    explanation Thanks Much

  6. Noah says:

    I just read an article in Junkie and learned that white wants to put a super fight between GSP and A$S (*Anderson Spider Silva) at Dallas Cowboy Stadium at catchweight 180lb IF GSP gets passed against Condit. To me and as a Canadian, I love GSP but I get serious nervous regarding this fight. Not only A$S’s reach and size makes me feel my nerves tingling but also his skill sets and lethal power shots makes me think more. Hope this fight never happens!! A$s fight with JBJ…you homie!!! lol

    • T Roy says:

      NO GUTS!!!! I have a weight disadvantage says Girl SP. This is about fighting whoever whenever and not just winning. Winning should come second, behind kicking ass.

      Let Me Give A Shout Out to BJ—-BJ when you fight others does size disadvantage matter to you? BJ’s actions have proved why people think that Girl SP SUCK!!!

      • William says:

        BJ’s actions were not as foolish because he had prodigy skill advantage, In his GSP fight he realized how fighting bigger non slouch opponents can get you tired. GSP used his weight properly to offset BJ skills by neutralizing them.
        You can go up in weight classes and fight decsent fighters but not a dominant champion because size will matter. Just ask Anderson why doesn’t he fight Jones since he already fought at 205 and was even thinking of fighting Mir in heavy weights.

  7. todd says:

    i am todd lol how come this happens?

  8. KIDD433 says:

    Silva doesn,t have a reach advantage on GSP dumbass.
    Mentioned before but i’l repeat it for u in denial retards
    GSP 76″
    SILVA 77″
    and GSP doesn’t walk around at 185 either dumb ass.0ver 200 when he’s not cutting weight for a fight.Silva has weighed 220,but not on a regular basis.He usually cuts about 20 25 lbs max.and thats to make it to 185.Do the math

    • Noah says:

      Yo dumbass kid! do ur math. which is greater 76 or 77? AS’s precise arm length is 77.6 . learn >=< and come back to comment section. Anderson has fought 205ers and dominated the guys with his size, strength, skills and power. For me AS vs GSP doesn't make sense. btw, i don't discuss these things with kids living under parents basements. thanks for reading the post…study hard ok kid.

      • dw420 says:

        If you are going to pretend to be “mature” and “grown up”…get better lines.

      • Not You says:

        Besides your terrible grammar and senctence structure, I imagine it’s hard to live UNDER a basement. Also, Silva didn’t move up and dominate with his “strength, size and power” he used proper technique, great accuracy and speed. All the advantages a fighter carries into high weight classes.

  9. mranleft says:

    I cant stand the mma fans that cant accept how important pure sports are to mma. roach is giving his take on some important fights and he knows his stuff. he modifies his boxing instruction for mma and is very intelligent.

  10. Crazy Monkey says:

    I’d rather see Diaz/Silva than this fight. GSP/Silva reminds me of Hendo/Silva without the H-bomb.

    Dream fight for me is either Diaz/Silva or Bones/Silva… these are the fights I would actully pay for.

    Hear me Dana? Get it done!

  11. saiasaka says:

    he’s already a legend but think about that; Imagine Silva get a win over GSP and later in a last fight of his career a win over JBJ (if he beat Belfort and eventually one other LHW contender) that would be a fantastic end for the man

  12. The master says:

    Wouldve been a great fight

  13. Me says:

    Condit is 6’2″
    Silva is 6’2″
    & I really don’t think Silva is bigger than Condit at all

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