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Thursday, 03/07/2013, 08:03 am

VIDEO | Frank Mir: Punches From Lesnar Were Like “Getting In A Fight With Your Little Sister” | UFC NEWS

Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir looks back on his historic fight with Brock Lesnar on this edition of ‘Fighter’s Cut’. Mir reflects on the kneebar submission that earned him one of the biggest wins of his career at UFC 81.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | Frank Mir: Punches From Lesnar Were Like “Getting In A Fight With Your Little Sister” | UFC NEWS”

  1. real homies says:

    yeah a little sister that destroyed your face the second time around!

  2. BB says:

    almost like he s trying to fight lesnar again

  3. say what you want says:

    Frank Mir is the man. Great fighter (not the best, but who fckn cares!) Smart guy. Broke some bones on the highest stage in MMA. RARELY is ever in a fight decided by the judges. Cocky SOB (but you gotta be when you’re on the highest level in ANY sport). Making more money than any of us.
    Haters hate because they want something they can’t have. Pathetic.

  4. Frank Mir is a pussy says:

    Mir should shut the fuck up nearly got beat to death in front of his father the last time he fought lesnar. Wish they didnt stop it so he could of ended this queers life

  5. johnny potsmoker says:

    Mir is weak…always tryna run his mouth…he beat a bunch of chumps…i remember him not being able to stand up after cigano peppered him up a bit…mir wouldn’t last a round with cain neither…and cormier is also on another level than mir…

  6. AE says:

    Well that little sister beat the hell out of Frank in the second fight. I mean seriously, how can talk shit if you get crushed?

  7. koonta poonta says:

    Why are people getting worked up for? People these days are suckers for promotional videos. Hello, people! It’s called marketing yourself! Mir is just trying to get you guys to talk about him. If anything, this stuff is just entertainment like the WWE.

  8. Moses White says:

    Always a bunch of keyboard warriors on here that think they know what they’re talking about….

    Mir was a 2 time HW Champ. First to knock out Nogueira. First to submit Nogueira. First to beat Lesnar. Beat Roy Nelson, Check Kongo, Cro Cop…

    Any person that ends up in a grappling match with him is in serious trouble. He breaks bones and doesn’t hesitate to do it.

    Has he been knocked out? Yeah? But only by some of the best and heaviest handed strikers in the world. Anyone that doesn’t have Mir as one of the best HW’s of all time hasn’t been watching long enough.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Everything you say is correct about Mir, but what you aren’t seeing is that people are mainly annoyed about is Mir’s big disrespectful mouth. The guy is a douchebag talking about a guy who beat his ass up for 2 fights. What does that make him a gay, transgender bitch? I know I know Mir submitted Lesnar in their first fight because Lesnar was way too casual and unaware of what Mir was doing, but prior to that Lesnar was beating the fuck out of Mir and he definitely beat him up in the second fight. You have to agree with that! All Mir is really doing is trying to get Lesnar to come back for a big fight with him so Mir can suck off Lesnar’s star power to make some money. Mir is finished in the UFC championship run. Everybody knows that Lesnar, by far, made the most money than any other fighter the UFC has promoted.

  9. Francine Mir says:

    He’s right. I use to knock him out daily when we were growing up.

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