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Wednesday, 04/17/2013, 09:46 am

VIDEO | Frank Mir: Cormier not the next big thing

Frank Mir has been around the block a time or two. In fact, he’s been on top of the mountain and reigned as the UFC heavyweight champion.

Which is why you can excuse Mir if he thinks his latest opponent isn’t all everyone cracks him up to be.

Mir faces Daniel Cormier in the co-main event of UFC on Fox 7 next Saturday in San Jose, and he recently stopped by the Bleacher Report offices in San Francisco for the exclusive interview you see above.

Watch the video to hear Mir’s comments on Cormier’s fighting ability, the level of competition in Strikeforce versus that in the UFC and much more.


10 Responses to “VIDEO | Frank Mir: Cormier not the next big thing”

  1. Ddddddd says:

    Frank freaks out and go”s all balls out leading up to his fights.
    Get a grip.

  2. Semtex says:

    Yep, Silva and Barnett are not good or known at all. Too bad we don’t get to hear a lot of Mir after he gets smoked in those fights he is yapping his mouth for.

  3. The natural says:

    I wish for frank, it’s not true but DC is the next big thing.

  4. Jujitsu Player says:

    HAHA Frank talks a massive game, I see DC knocking him out, as soon as he feels a punch he’s going to fold like a pack of cards. I don’t know if DC is headed to be the HW champion but I think he’s got the most realistic chance of beating Jones if he decides to drop to LHW.

  5. some guy says:

    silly ol frank… too bad he doesnt have a jaw thats gonna hold him up after ol DC lands a solid punch on it. that being said i see Mir going to sleep, or having the ref save his ass AGAIN! i used to be a mir fan but he talks and talks and then gets his ass whooped! good luck mr. mir your gonna need it sir!

  6. Mir for the W says:

    Who has Mir lost to recently: JDS, Carwin, Brock…all big hitters. Mir doesn’t talk shit, he speaks rationally and intelligently. And haters hate that!
    Haters want fighters to speak like Rocky Balboa and slur their words and have droopy eyes! haha.
    Mir got this.

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