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Friday, 10/12/2012, 11:09 pm

VIDEO | Former Champ Frye Thinks Fighters Should Tell Dana White To Kiss Their A**


26 Responses to “VIDEO | Former Champ Frye Thinks Fighters Should Tell Dana White To Kiss Their A**”

  1. Not nick diaz says:

    Dinosaur Don

  2. Clay says:

    Don frye is the man. Let him ref or get paid somehow. The man deserves it

  3. Eric says:

    No suprise in this event, especially not Fitch’s unanimous decision victory.

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    wicked card tonight; props to Fitch (nvr thought I’d say it) and Maldonado for their effort for sure. The Fitch style this fight was actually exciting to watch and Maldonado is a fuckin’ beast.

  5. dredd says:

    retards u forget that bonnar went all three rounds with bones jones , anderson defeated him easily,the only one to ever finish him … jones is no problem for the spider… i believe the fight will happen and silva will destroy him ,,,jones has natural talent but put him against the aponents with the class of silva or dos santos and he wouldnt last 5 mins ,, he aint that special ,,, i would also like to see how bones would handle sonnen that is a interesting match up i would like to see

    • GRT 3000 says:

      I agree that Silva would prob. beat JBJ; Vitor almost had him and look what Silva did to him. same with Bonnar, went 3 rounds w JBJ and w Silva he got spanked in 1. But I don’t agree that Sonnen vs. JBJ would be interesting…JBJ would absolutely destroy him. not even a fight IMO.

    • Haha says:

      Its just his size and reach advantage that makes him up there. If he was the average height of that weight class someone would of caught him. I hope they make him fight the spider. Anderson can actually go 100% with him and thats super sayan shit.

  6. GRT 3000 says:

    & there you have it folks…Anderson is a scared pussy. Spoken like a true idiot from the great….MICHAEL!

  7. Josiah says:

    silva has nothing left to prove in 185, he should leave the division.

  8. GRT 3000 says:

    time for a new pic I think.

  9. GRT 3000 says:

    wtf?! I’ve posted on 3 other storied on here and they all point back to (& show up) on the Don Frye story. c’mon techs…

  10. Edwardo says:

    This fight almost looked fixed to me. I found it extremely odd how Silva stayed against the fence for most of the fight. Also, odd the way it ended with Bonnar coiled up in the fetal position.

  11. Mark says:

    Where is the Jon Fitch Haters?? *Grabs popcorn*

  12. Berto says:

    where is the Jon Fitch haters??

  13. 757 says:

    Michael and clay shouldn’t speak anymore about things that they know nothing about. Please don’t comment on MMA or anything else again on this site. …….Wow dumb remarks

    • Clay says:

      At least I actually comment on subjects regarding MMA instead of just trying to be an attention whore like you. You basically are begging someone to respond to you it’s Pathetic. Maybe you should spend time actually reading the article and forming an educated opinion instead of trying to be a little gossip queen. You are a weak minded tool who cries about people talking MMA but doesn’t even say anything MMA related yourself? Go cry to somebody else you wuss :”'(

  14. B-rad says:

    Silva beat Bonnar? never could of guessed it.

  15. Kenshiro says:

    Nobody is stopping Anderson Silva man not even Bones… he basically LET Bonnar throw all he had at him for 4 minutes (while andersons corner got furious cause he was simply NOT fighting back and anderson just told him to chill.. “I got this”) Then at WILL he unleashed and FINISHED Bonnar in extraordinaire fashion. One of the toughest if not THE toughest guys in the UFC from a higher weightclass who came in in TOP shape and he just handed him the FIRST finish in his career. Look at the ANIMALS Bonnar fought in the past 7 years (including Bones). Silva just showed the world ONCE AGAIN.. nobody is fucking with him anytime soon and the GSP fight dont make no mo’fucking sense!! He’ll KILL George!! He needs to beat up Bones and RETIRE!! Let the new kids play…. !!

  16. Xaninho says:

    Wow I have to admit Fitch fought well. He actually tried to win the fight with submissions and GnP. If he keeps fighting like this he’ll gain a lot of fans and their respect.

    Anderson Silva…..WOW! Truly the GOAT, no question about it.

  17. Xaninho says:

    I laugh at the people who think Anderson Silva is not the GOAT. He proves it time and time again.

  18. Sasquatch says:

    Well I’ve been saying it since the fight was announced… a BS circus act fight and guess what, it was. Maybe they can spoon feed Anderson Maldonado next, that dude can take a sh!t kickin and keep on tickin. Should have had Silva vs Teixeira (but we all know Silva would have NEVER taken that fight, too risky!)and Bonner vs Maldonado (two punching bags punching the sh!t out of each other!). Besides the two very lopsided co-main and main events it was a great night of fights. Fitch impressed the sh!t out of me!, love the new and improved version Fitch 2.0, relentless as ever.

  19. 123 says:

    i agree with Michael.. anderson silva needs to fight jon jones & stop going up in weight to fight bums.. in MY opinion.. anderson silva vs jon jones would be insane.

  20. Dana is Greedy says:

    The reason Silva won is because he fought Bonner plain and simple..Once again it wasn’t close..This is a fight where we all knew he would win so i see what some fans a saying..But Silva just makes contenders look bad Nate and Vitor most recently..And of course we all want to see him in a fight w better opponents but who? Jones is his only real challenge left and we all know they are both trying to avoid the match up..

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