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Tuesday, 06/18/2013, 01:02 pm

VIDEO | Following Schaub Disaster Metamoris Sets Up New Rules

At the Metamoris 2 event in Los Angeles, California UFC heavyweight fighter, Brendan Schaub failed to deliver on any real level of entertainment or competitiveness.

As a result, Ralek Gracie, made the video entered above explaining some rule changes to their events.


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  1. Big J says:

    Metamoris is not down with the way Brendan approached this match. I don’t blame them, there was no action on Brendan’s part…

  2. KIDD433 says:

    Sounds pretty accurate,Brendan Schaub fought like a bitch in his last UFC fight against Lavar Johnson.”Fitched” and stalled the whole fight.Ralek Gracie makes some pretty valid points,the yellow card rule especially.That would UFC would excell greatly if they utilized that rule.

  3. Gerald Lafon says:

    LMAO….Yes, jiujitsu is finding out what we judoplayers have know for some years now. Money creates lack of risk taking, which culminates in boring matches.

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