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Wednesday, 10/24/2012, 10:29 am

VIDEO | Florian Can Still Taste The Blood From Sherk Fight | UFC NEWS

“(The blood) gave me motivation. The fans just went nuts. There was so much blood in the cage that night from him. Literally, it was the next day, and I had already taken two or three showers—the next day I still found blood in my ear, outside my ear. I found it inside, like rolled up in my eyelids.

“There was so much blood, I can’t even tell you. It was ridiculous. I can still taste it to this day. Like liquid metal. It was nuts. And definitely it motivated me. And that was a war. That was a war. I remember peeing blood after that.”

“When I went back I said, ‘Here’s the deal.’ I was kind of dealing with some injuries. I could have done some other things differently. I didn’t have a strength and conditioning coach. I could have been eating a little bit better year-round. I could have been training a little bit more. It was a kick in the ass for me and got me to train like a true professional. I was a professional fighter fighting. After that, I became a professional who fought… A professional athlete.

“And that’s the way I approached it. It really paid off. Before every fight, I always worked harder and harder, and I was able to increase my capacity to train more and more…those losses provided so much fuel for me.”


11 Responses to “VIDEO | Florian Can Still Taste The Blood From Sherk Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bob'O says:

    So in other words, Kenny has second thoughts about retirement? ~Bob’O

    • B-rad says:

      i doubt it, he retired because of a back injury.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      All that blood from one cheap shot by a boney elbow which was Florians ONE AND ONLY shot he landed in that fight. AS much as I KNOW Sherk is one of the biggest STEROID cheats to ever set foot in the octagon he destroyed Kenny in a BLOWOUT

      • KEEP FITCH FOREVER says:

        Get rid of Fitch? you’re such a douche. Why would you even try to comment on MMA, no one takes you seriously if your name is “get rid of fitch”. How can you have that name? If you didn’t enjoy the shit out of his last fight, you are not an MMA fan. GTFO

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Everyone knew (including the announcers who asked Fitch on camera that his job was on line) Fitch fought to save his job but ther is nothimng he could ever do in a million years ti make up for being the most BORING fighter to ever set foot in cage. YOU WILL SEE Fitch will be back being same ole Fitch in his next fight. Fitch is lay n pray for life and everyone but you knows it.

          Fitch came within 2 seconds or less of losing his last fight. by the way Fitch wa sfighting a guy ranked 15th and he is suposed to be liked 5th. Wait tell Fitch fights Rory, Ellenberger, Kampmann, Sihar, When the alst time Fitch actually fought and beat a top 10 fighter?

  2. baby bee says:

    weird….he likes blood. vampire florian

  3. Brooks Basilius says:

    I am gonna get me Pink Pants like yours Kenny

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