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Wednesday, 09/26/2012, 09:17 am

VIDEO | First ‘UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar’ Promo | UFC NEWS

The pound-for-pound king and middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva will once again take a risky weight class move upward to meet The Ultimate Fighter season one finalist Stephan Bonnar, who has won three straight bouts.


20 Responses to “VIDEO | First ‘UFC 153: Silva vs. Bonnar’ Promo | UFC NEWS”

  1. Bitch ass Greg J says:

    As good as “The American psycho” is, he’s just not in that elite level to compete with Anderson’s skills. But there’s always a chance for an upset. Great thing about MMA.

  2. B. Bentley says:

    Is this for real? Bonnar is gonna get destroyed. He’s not even close to Silva’s level. Ugh.

    • Quinn says:

      I totally agree!!
      What’s up with this fight??
      Wtf?? The UFC couldn’t get Silva a better opponent?
      Man, strange days in the UFC.

      • Ali says:

        dumbest fight ever… wont make it out of the first round… forrest griffen was the better stephan bonner when he fought silva and he was embarrassed… give him a real fight at 205

        • RDogg says:

          Ali, Bonnar is very good. Rumor has it that Bonnar has brought in Jean Claude Van Damm to help him train for this fight, and to offset the great Steven Seagal influence on Silva. It should make for an interesting battle.

  3. eli says:

    4 things can happen… a knockout, upset, submission, or decision… dumby.

  4. Nuthugger says:

    Spider moving up to LHW to pad his record in it. Why bother going up to fight someone like Bonnar? Because he doesn’t want to lose. He picks his opponents yet blind followers won’t hear of it. I hope Bonnar pulls off a “shock”, but doubt it.

    • Shatta says:

      What do u mean why bother going up to LHW ? he’s doing it to save the card he wouldnt just jump into a MW fight unless its a title fight he’s doing the UFC a favor right now .. have u ever seen any other Champion right now go up or down in weight to save a card or to fight for the fun of it ? NO! so regardless of if he’s picking his fight he’s making people spend money to watch it n thats what the UFC wants … also if he loses at 205 why would that be an upset it’ll only break his winning streak but he’ll still be UFC MW Champion …

  5. Austin says:

    I love Bonnar. He is an awesome fighter with more heart in the game than most people dream of having. But gotta say I see this going Silva’s way 100%

  6. Guss says:

    Does anyone really think Bonnar is going to make a fight of this? Not taking anything away from his accomplishments, but it will be just like the Silva vs Griffin fight. According to this article he was offered Teixeira but turned it down. Wanted a bigger fight. You must be “Psycho” to take on Silva at his level. lol

  7. Ghostlee01 says:

    Would he have went up to save the card if he would have to fight Jon jones. No! He only wants things he thinks he can win. Doesn’t really want a challenge.

  8. Spades says:

    Lets not forget that taking away 2 stoppages because of cuts Bonnar has never been stopped.
    15 Minutes is a lot of time to make a mistake.
    I personally think this is going to be as exciting as watching Silva pound a heavy bag in his gym, but there is always a punchers chance.

  9. Ngodup says:

    I think this fight is just another step for UFC to get people to talk about how Silva can manage fighters at the LHW division as he does the MW division. It’s just another subliminal step to get more people to talk about Silva fighting Jones and put the pressure on Silva to fight him. Silva is aging and he talks about retiring so UFC probably wants Silva to fight Jones and hopes Jones will win and people will interpret that as the torch of total AWESOMENESS being passed down. Just my own personal theory though.

  10. magoo says:

    If there was ever a time to live up to your nickname it’s now!

  11. yeahrightman says:

    Nothing will be passed. Silva has style all Jones has are ugly elbows and awkward striking. No matter how many times he wins he’s never going to be Silva.

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