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Tuesday, 07/24/2012, 07:15 am

VIDEO | First UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Official Trailer | UFC NEWS

The UFC has released it’s first official trailer for the rematch between current lightweight champion Benson Henderson and the man he took the crown from Frankie Edgar.


11 Responses to “VIDEO | First UFC 150: Henderson vs. Edgar Official Trailer | UFC NEWS”

  1. MMFT says:

    god this guy sounds like he’s getting hit in the face too much.

  2. mahs says:

    in a perfect world, Bendo wins this fight and scraps Nate Diaz next.

    I’d like to see Pettis v. Maynard or Pettis v. Edgar

  3. the Natural says:

    Ben Henderson will not defend the belt he never will b a true champ

    • Bah says:

      Yeah, if he does manage to beat Edgar again Diaz will beat him. I don’t see Henderson being champ for long.

  4. 808 says:

    I’m interested as to what the game plan is for Edgar coming into this fight. Will he adjust his strategy from the last fight or will he dance some more and wait for his counters?

    The fact that he fights two divisions above his ideal weight class means trouble all across the board. It’s hard to keep a savvy wrestler down, especially when the guy outweighs you by upwards to 30 pounds. If Urijah Faber ways more than you, it’s time to drop a division or two.

    • stevo the great says:

      Amen……..when the UFC introduced the newer weight divisions, Frankie should have been first in line.

      Either way…..Bendo will beat Edgar again. And Diaz will beat Bendo. So Diaz will be LW champ and defend. Bet.

    • 808 says:


  5. Edgar is going to win, by KO. its going to be BIG.

  6. The real cat smasher says:

    The biggest LW vs the smallest

    Go Frankie 😉

  7. Who cares says:

    I hope Edgar retires after this fight, i hate watching him so much. He has taken So much damage in the past fights that i doubt he can last much longer without turning into freddie roach or Ali. If he was smashing people like Anderson Silva or Jose Aldo, then he would be exciting to watch, but hes not, hence the gay rematches.
    His hype has passed… two years ago.

  8. Mike says:

    Good Luck Frankie.

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