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Friday, 06/22/2012, 06:40 am

VIDEO | Fight Camp Insider with Matt Serra – Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

In the first episode of this mini-series, Matt Serra travels to Oregon to visit Chael Sonnen at his Team Quest training camp. Serra gets an inside look at the daily training and life of the #1 middleweight contender. Watch UFC 148: Silva vs Sonnen II live on Pay-Per-View or on July 7th at 7/10pm PT/ET.

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27 Responses to “VIDEO | Fight Camp Insider with Matt Serra – Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. Aaron says:

    I like the vibe of this video. Chael is a great guy people have the wrong idea of him.

  2. Chris says:

    what a dirtbag signing autographs for kids while he is in the middle of training… chael is the man

  3. WrestlingRules says:

    Oh Yah I CAN”T WAIT for the complete destruction of the house of cards called Anderson ‘Wacko Jacko” Silva!! Serra is awesome and Sonnen will get rid of this trash….

  4. Truth says:


  5. B-rad says:

    i love serra, you can tell hes back on the pasta diet!! i bet hes a better fighter now because hes comfortable lol

  6. Bob says:

    Bandwagon ass faggot fans. Silva has been respectful his whole career yet you fags hate him. Silva taunts his oppenants just like the great muhamed ali yet you fags like ali. Ali use to taunt outside the ring unlike silva. When chael losses he will fight bisping and lose then fight munoz and lose and will be a nobody again and you bandwagon faggot fans will go nut hug someone else just like when you fedor fans left him. Lol

    • Chris says:

      Lmao Silva respectful? Wearing a mask to the weighins against Vitor was respectful? Playing air guitar and verbally abusing Demain Maia was respectful? He was smashing Forrest and for no reason started yelling for him to bring it for no reason…was that respectful? Him and Wanderlei used to train together and were good friends. Yet when Franklin fought Wanderlei, Anderson openly offered and then came and helped Franklin prepare for the fight, was that respectful to Wanderlei? Ever see the documentary on there first fight? You can catch Silva speaking English to a teammate or Soares forgot exactly who, but then fans came up to talk to him an he started speaking Portuguese and pretty much walked away. Not to mention Soares had to beg him to come to the autograph signing because Anderson has so much respect for the fans and he cares so much. Get out of here with your ignorance man, and BTW go ask real boxing fans that were around to watch Ali, most of them didn’t like his antics it wasn’t till he retired that they appreciated what he was. You know absolutely nothing and you proved it by using insults to make your point. And how can you call anyone who doesn’t like Silva a bandwagon faggot fan, it’s not like we don’t like him because he’s fallen off hes still the champion. He is fake as hell, and I’m sure anybody with intelligence can see that for themselves. I’m sure you will shut your mouth if Sonnen wins, because most likely your a bandwagon jumper, most people who go an accuse others of that, are usually that themselves.

      • Bob says:

        First off taunting in a fight is perfectly fine quit being a pussy!! Second of all wearing a mask is disrespectful? Once again quit being a fucking faggot. Third of all Andersons english is semi decent so for tons of english speaking fans to approach him it would be overwhelming, put yourself in his shoes and quit being a faggot. Also anderson is a fighter and if he doesnt want to sign autographs thatd his choice faggot he joined mma to fight and be the best not to sign autographs which im sure he had something more important to do. And last of all silva and wanderlie both live in brasil and trained with eachother but doesnt mean they were friends dumb shit. I played football many uears with many ppl but doesnt mean everyone was my friend dumb ass. You are a closed minded faggot ass pussy. I feel sorry for your parents.

        • Chris says:

          LMFAO you know me so well right? I’m sure your parents are so proud there son is a keyboard warrior. Thank for proving my point of how unintelligent you are. I feel so upset that some little 12 year old insulted me on the internet.

        • Chris says:

          Thank you for proving my point of how unintelligent you are. I’m sure your such a tough guy that you can do nothing but insult a person you never met on an internet forum. I’m sure your parents are so proud of you using all those big words like faggot and pussy. Haha,why did you get so emotional over this. Does it really hurt you that much to be made to look like a fool? You shouldn’t have posted some idiotic post if you were going to get your feelings hurt by some feedback. Grow up kid you once again have no idea what you are talking about. You were calling me a pussy for proving how little respect Anderson has. But yet look who’s getting butt hurt because somebody else didn’t share there opinion(and I’m the pussy? lmao). And because not everyone deep throats Anderson like you do. Haha talk about my parents and me I don’t care, how well do you know us? Yeah exactly, you probably have a mushroom cut and wear hollister. Anyways thanks for the laughs and let me tell you, you are so tough man I would be so intimidated of you if we met. I mean you are Anderson Silva right?

        • Bob says:

          Im glad you understand me now. Enjoy the maynard fight.

        • Craig says:

          you might want to throw out that Anderson does charge $25 for autographs while everyone including Sonnen do it for free

      • inuk says:

        and Chael is respectful how? Silva is a thousand times more of a sportsman then sonnen will EVER be… ppl just LOVe to HATE greatness…. ppl HATE seeing people succeed !! Silva is an amazing fighter, theres never been a fucking fighter like that dude, everytime you think he CANT possibly top what he did last fight, he pulls out the unthinkable!!! he is p4p the greatest fighter to EVER grace the sport… and I doubt will see anyone better than him in a long, long, LONG time….. fucktards…

  7. B-rad says:

    pizza and martial arts FTW

  8. Rondo says:

    The new MW champ of the world

    Chael. P. Sonnen

  9. B-rad says:

    i wish chael would act more like the one i saw on this video.. he seems like a really cool guy, i guess some guys just like to troll

  10. MOMO says:

    I’m a really big Serra fan so i kinda hope he retires i mean he has a super good gym and is making awesome fighters plus he is super happy now. that’s a fighter i would like to see just call it while he is ahead in life.

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