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Saturday, 04/28/2012, 12:01 pm

VIDEO | Fedor Breaks Down Upcoming Fight & The Difference Between UFC / M-1 | MMA NEWS

MMA-Legend Fedor Emelianenko talks his upcoming fight with Pedro “The Rock” Rizzo, calm behavior, future and the difference between M-1 Global and american MMA Organisations.


12 Responses to “VIDEO | Fedor Breaks Down Upcoming Fight & The Difference Between UFC / M-1 | MMA NEWS”

  1. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Are there no words for “trash talk” and “showboating” in German? LOL

  2. kingrog1989 says:

  3. Bornkiller87 says:

    the russian translator sucks ass. he is not asking him the same questions the german is asking and is not answering the same what fedor is saying. U can even see that fedor is confused. lmaoo

  4. TRUTH says:

    I’m sure Fedor would beat most UFC HW, including Velasquez, Frank Mir and even Alisteroids. But I think he should drop to 205 and have wars with guys like Shogun, Hendo rematch where he doesnt love with shots in back of the head. I’m sure some day Dana will let him in UFC. Just look at what he was saying about Barnett before they became “Buddies” anyways Fedor is a HW from another generation, and the greatest ever. 10 Year undefeated its tough and he did fight the best of his time

  5. Monkey juice says:

    He whipped some badass dudes; Big nog in his prime (2x), roid-rage wandy, randleman in his prime, hunt in his prime, babalu in his prime, mirko at his best. His chin is suspect now, but, he was a fuckin stud. He doesn’t tow Dana’s rope like all the other fighters. Fuck Dana for disrespecting the emperor. He dominated pride when pride dominated UFC. He’s like a spoiled kid that doesn’t get the toy he wanted for Christmas. So he’s crucified fedor in the media. Fuck Dana white, WAR EMELIANENKO.

  6. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Fedor was great before MMA evolved and during that time Fedor instead of evolving he instead fought washed up “CANS” same thing is is back doing now that he lost 3 in row in major leagues. What an idiot the guy who says Hendo only won because he hit fedor in back of head. Hendo KO’d fedor with an uppercut from under his arm pit to Fedors chin FIGHT OVER. funny part was after Hendo KO’d Fedor he woke him back up with his next punch. FEDOR FANBOY face the FACTS no matter how much you cry about REALITY the facts will remain the same Fedor got his ass kicked 3 times in a row and by a Middleweight (Hendo)

  7. Flex juice monkey says:

    Who cares if he lost 20 times in a row. He WAS a stud. Dana Hitler White would have us believe he’s a joke. Fedor was THE EMPEROR for 10 fucking years. UFC couldn’t get him for whatever reason. Too fucking bad. Dana couldn’t get him to the UFC so he crucified him and you’re buying Dana’s propaganda so everyone will stop bugging him about signing him.

  8. I Never Asked For This... says:

    Is it me or does Fedor look unhealthy? Or at least tired as fuck?

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