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Thursday, 06/21/2012, 01:58 pm

VIDEO | Fedor Blitzes Rizzo In 90 Seconds | MMA NEWS

“The Last Emperor” was just victorious in his most recent bout on Russian soil against Pedro Rizzo and here is the video.

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65 Responses to “VIDEO | Fedor Blitzes Rizzo In 90 Seconds | MMA NEWS”

  1. B-rad says:

    the video isnt workin. guess it cant process fedors belly 😀

  2. stevo the great says:

    Video is not working!……We are all waiting to see Fedor the can crusher!

  3. steve-o says:

    fedor aint the goat hendo smashed that fool haha

  4. stevo the great says:

    Video is not working!!

  5. Zack says:

    Video doesn’t work, this comment Probly won’t work either.

  6. scouser says:

    watched it live feydor looked good.he still should go light-heavy in my opinion.

  7. Me says:

    Fedor , Sapp , Winslow triade

  8. Me says:

    Fedor , Sapp ,Winslow triade

  9. fedor sucks says:

    Lame, another can to his padded record. This guy is a joke.

    • Mike cannon jr. says:

      Pull that Dana dick outta your mouth… Show some respect… Boy

      • Bd says:

        STFU!! Dumb fuck .. You’re probably Russian or w/e …. If not just a dumb fuck !! He does have a padded record

      • Anomie says:

        if this fight happened 10 years ago it may have been news.

        fedor is a dud now, just accept it

        • will duffey says:

          you sound like the biggest pussy. i bet you’ve never been in a real fight before. you would get your fudge packed so tight by anyone. i bet that you think you are hot shit and your shit does not stink, but your wrong your shit does stink, it stinks like shit.

        • FuckinA says:

          Fuckin A.

          Fedor haters can suck it. He could come clean the UFC out and they would say the same stupid bullshit.

          Those are the same people posting that Rizzo was going to make Fedor look like a can. Haters keep Hating, Fedor keeps GOATin.

  10. brad says:

    video working now, just took quite a while to load nice stoppage

  11. milos says:

    he looked great fast accurate and in shape with a smaler belly,although rizzo is not a viable messurement of skill at this time,but if he showed up looking like that against some of his recent losses those guys would have had rough nights…

    • Yeah right man says:

      Admittedly Rizzo didn’t fight well but lets be honest he didn’t have a chance. Fedor was just way too fast and way too powerful, good stuff

    • T.DADDY says:

      “if he showed up looking like that against some of his recent loses those guys would have rough nights” LMAO!!!! give me a fukkn break dude.. stop makin excuses for this chump bum fighter.. m-1 aint foolin me.. there tryin to get a few wins together so they can be like look he’s on a winning streak.. let him fight in the ufc… fukk outta here

      • FuckinA says:

        Fedor ruled Pride when it was top organization, he doesn’t have anything to prove to you fucking new guys who don’t know shit.

        There is a reason all of your favorite fighter’s favorite fighter has been Fedor for years.

        Everyone gets older. You haters ain’t gonna ever amount to shit, so just keep hatin because that is all you are good at.

        Fedor WRECKED MANY ex UFC champs and made them look like bitches, and you whiney fucks still be hatin. I hope you get super aids.

        • ryan the dawg says:

          dude you talk shit, fedor was the man in pride but all of these so called legends from the pride days have been exposed in the ufc every last one of them. so fedor was the best of a bad bunch, that doesent make him good

        • marc says:

          ex pride fighters like shogun, rampage, big nog, anderson silva exposed by the UFC??? the only thing they were exposed with were championship belts you dick and win or lose they are still fighting the best in the world

        • russiandoeboi says:

          pride was never matched against UFC. Not counting when rampage destroyed chuck in Pride . point is thos are 2 different eras and your smack talk doesn’t take age into account JDS and jones will soon be passed their primes. age 31 – 38 is past the physical peak. some hng on due to experience.

        • Whatever says:

          The key word there is Ex UFC champs he beat guys who had already been beat. Fedor was good don’t get me wrong but Pride feed him cans for “Most” of his fights. He fought some top guys but when he was forced to fight good strikers and bigger guys it showed us all that he was just that a Good fighter. Had he came along in today’s mma at HW he’s record wouldn’t be that great. I liked Fedor but I’ll be real he didn’t fight guys who could match his striking and when he did, well we know what happened.

  12. Fail Sonnen says: has gone to shit this website rarely ever works right. Here’s the video they fail to provide

  13. David says:

    This is just Fedor padding his record trying to get someone to sign him to a big $ deal. Since losing 3 in a row, let’s examine who he has beaten. A 42 year old Jeff Monson who is nowhere near a top HW, a 25 year old who had 5 MMA fights to his name in Satoshi Iishi, and Pedro Rizzo another fighter so far out of his prime who hadn’t fought in almost 2 years, and is approaching 40. I respect Fedor for doing what he did in Pride FC and his 10 year win streak. But these hand picked opponents aren’t gonna win over people who were questioning his viability as a top Heavyweight following 3 losses in a row to two top 10 HWs, and 1 LHW.

  14. texan says:

    Fedor is and will be the best. i agree he should move to light-heavyweight. dana white needs to bring him in just to see. im curious how he would do!

  15. Video worked for me. Fedor won easily but Rizzo isn’t a world class fighter any longer. I think Fedor might be able to compete at light heavyweight but I don’t think he can compete with the top ten heavyweights in the UFC.

  16. jbeamazing says:

    weak he looks a little more loose in the rib cage

  17. I dont believe Fedor will be retiring anytime soon.Why give it up after a spectacular performance against Pedro Rizzo.

  18. Mike cannon jr. says:

    Huge fan of Dan.. But he we was getn wrecked when he landed that lucky shot… If he and fedor did it 99 more time.. Fedor would win em all….big foot won on a doc stoppage…just like TK did… Fedor only has two… Real .. Defeats…and 2 doc stoppages… That’s real… all u WWE bitcheZ hatin on fedor…. Only show your ignorance.And if u bitcheZ don’t think pride was the big leagues… That’s cuz u were still in your pampers.

  19. Faaris Sheikh says:

    To all off you guys speculating how he’d do in the UFC and how Dana should get him blah blah blah… The dudes retired after the fight now stop hating the guy and admit he is the GOAT

  20. m says:

    worst part is we’ll never know how truly great Fedor is/was bc he never fought in the UFC.

    he would lose to the elite UFC HW’s but there are a lot of really good matches I’d still like to see.

    Mir. Big Nog. Carwin. Travis Brn. would all be legitimate tests.

    • B-rad says:

      yes! i agree fedor should be in the ufc, he probably wouldnt make it to the top 5 but he would be exciting to watch, he does always go after his opponent regardless if they are cans or not lol. hes put on some legandary fights in pride, i bet he would put on some good ones in the ufc too. he would be the HW gatekeepr

  21. Jp says:

    Fedor would get smashed in the ufc. He has fought B class fighters his whole career and lost to a few of them. The top 10 of the ufc would destroy him because he is just not that good.

  22. Fedor To The UFC ! says:

    Why? Because he is a draw. He attracts attention. But let him start against fighters like Mark Hunt, Travis Browne, Shane Carwin. Rematches with Werdum and Bigfoot. And if he got past that, he could face the top tier of the UFC HWs. In two years, Fedor could either ascend to the top of the UFC HW or retire altogether. I think he would be too slow for LHWs. It does look as if Fedor is padding his record against low caliber opponents. If he is truly one of the greatest ever, put him in the greatest MMA organization ever.

  23. WrestlingRules says:

    Fedor is great. He is an exceptional striker and Rizzo used to be really great too. Fedor would be top 5 lhw and hw. in the UFC. Not sure he could beat Jones or JDS, but I wish he could go to 85 he would definitely beat up Silva. I’d love to see Silva get KTFO!!!

  24. Diego says:

    Good, but if your still in the game in order to be the best you gotta come to the States and beat the best.

  25. Sean says:

    i wana see him at lhw in the ufc.

  26. Treid says:

    I accept that Fedor is picking real weak opponents nowadays,but still sure that he would easily punish Roy Big Country,Frank Mir,he would destroy and almost did Werdum JDS would determine how real deal Fedor is

  27. Gould says:

    lol whats next Fedor vs Ken shamrock ?

  28. MartelW says:

    Seeing how fedor and Pedro can destroy all of ..the people commenting with disrespectful comments…I’d show some respect stupid insects.

  29. Punisher says:

    Bring him to the UFC he got some gas left.

  30. EmperorFedor says:

    Silly little boys and girls…Pedro Rizzo was on a 3 fight win streak, was 19-9 going into this fight…he was not some chump, Rizzo is a well respected MMA fighter.

    Fedor was an ANIMAL in the early days of MMA. You have to remember how many years have passed since then. Who still fights 12 years later and dominates? Fighters have a shelf life. When Fedor was in his prime, he was incredible. His legacy will always live on. If he had come to the UFC when the UFC swallowed Pride, none of you would be saying this crap because he would have dominated just like he did…and then he would have fallen off, just like he did.

    What stopped him from coming into the UFC w/ the Pride merger? His management. End of story.

    Fedor will always be a true legend in the sport. Go watch Randleman pick him up and slam him on his straight on his dome, then Fedor gets up and wins the fight. Show me how many other fighters can come back like that.

    Fedor has more heart than any two fighters put together in my opinion. And to hate on him just shows how truly ignorant you are to MMA and the history of the sport.

  31. JMFP says:

    Its ashamed M1 had to ruin his career by trying to muscle the UFC into co promotion and now he’s officially retired. I think his record is paded but then again most great fighters records are. I still gave him a chance at making a title run in both light heavy or heavyweight which ever one he chose. Now all we can do is speculate of what might have happened with him in the UFC since he officially retired

  32. jones says:

    i love how people think fedor is the goat cuz he had 30 can crushing wins an people say that is so hard…so i guess the 2nd goat is also overrated hector lombard?? cuz lombard is nearing fedors winning record i think around 25 str8 he also must be greatest???? noooo he aint qwonder why?? anyways if fedor was not lazy like bj then fedor could still be serious champ he onl;y had to cut 30 pounds ..cheal cut from 225 to 185 anderson from 230 to 185..fedor should cut to 205 from 236 and make hitory and shake up the lhw world…he does have skill and is fun to watcfh…..but he was not goat… he would be top 5 lhw if he cut down now…he is not the joke he is making himself into now..he shoulc fight reral 205 rather then joke ass retired hw

    • hater of haters says:

      you are wrong you ignorant shit. Lombard’s win streak is in B-rate organizations. Fedor had many wins in PRIDE, which was THE organization to be in back in the day. Does the can crushing wins include big nog TWICE, cro-cop, mark coleman, and mark hunt?

  33. Gabi says:

    Lol to the people who think GOAT. Lol. Umm no hand picked opponents lol. Good fighter. Maybe made top ten never in top 5 anytime in his career. Even when the UFC’s HW division sucked he still would of never had a title. Face it. Anyone can fight hand picked opponents and look good if that’s all you really do. Had he had some good opponents yea, but he never fought the best. M-1 protected him to much.

  34. Gabi says:

    And forgot. When in strikeorce he lost. Lol.

  35. robert says:

    I want to be in his wife’s guard.

  36. Amerifag says:

    The same amerifags that are hating on fedor use to say chaal will own silva and how he sux :D:D kids that started watching ufc in 2010 what a joke 😀 so you say all the ex UFC champions fedor beat were shit ? Give the fighters respect. I hate Jones but i still respect what he has done now gtfo all.

  37. jun carreras says:

    who’s this fuckin steve o.. seems like you’re gay before and started liking mma nowadays!.. the nxt time you make comments be sure you have the basis men… you’re fucking annoying!

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