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Tuesday, 04/30/2013, 09:03 am

VIDEO | Fans Brawl In UFC 159 Crowd

As if UFC 159 wasn’t odd enough…

Thanks to the amazing technology of cellphone camera’s moments like this rarely go undocumented.


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  1. you know what it is says:

    I was there … 3 fights all in the same part of the arena that night. This one in particular happened when Roy Nelson was getting into the octagon. When this fight really broke out, the people in the octagon (including Roy) were actually watching the audience fight. It was hilarious

  2. WTF says:

    I love how really white guys that are wanna be fighter/thugs throw their fists out there rapidly like thug babies. Watch the white dude on the left trying to be bad ass. Lol.

    • you sir,are a moron says:

      Is it any different than the 95% of black dudes who think they are baddest and toughest dudes to walk the face of the earth just because they are black?

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      How does a vid with people fighting turn into a black vs white thing?

      It’s not a black thing and it’s not a white thing.
      Humans of all races fight and some do it well and some don’t…. it’s that simple.

  3. Sparta says:

    What I want to know is how a site for mma coverage would force it’s users to watch an ad for ‘Veet’ eyebrow products for women… Is there something in mma culture that I’m not familiar with here?

    Geez guys, you must be desperate as hell!

    • mmabossa says:

      yo numbty dumbty they don’t pick what ads are shown. besides which- in this day and age what kind of moron doesn’t have an ad-blocker on their browser? c’mon into the 21st century bro- it’s pretty cool here.

  4. Musa Muhammad says:

    WTF would you even get into this… you spend all this money to see this event and you’re gonna get kicked out? This is why I don’t go to UFC events-too many drunk guys, living out their feelings of inadequacy by watching other guys be tough. Most of these guys couldn’t bust a grape with a punch. Look at all those punches thrown, not one guy w even a bloody nose. Save the fighting for the professionals and the spectating for people who have enough respect for the technique and discipline involve to place their focus on what’s going on in the cage and not the size of their own dicks in comparison to others around them.

  5. Spinning Backfist says:

    Really…what a bunch of idiots, no doubt redneck scum who were tanked up and thought THEY were in the UFC….get a life chumps

  6. Kirby Mayne says:

    I think that guy had a better chance than Chael lmao oh and love the song… BORN IN THE USA!!!

  7. gvd says:

    I love MMA as a sport, but the the majority of the fans are douchebags.

  8. B says:

    Every time they pass the camera through the crowd at a UFC event it makes me thankful for PPV. I’d never go to a live show. Never seen so many wannabe tough guy dbags and trashy sluts in one place.

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