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Saturday, 05/25/2013, 12:11 pm

VIDEO | Fallon Fox vs. Allanna Jones at CFA 11 Full Fight



In case you missed Fallon Fox and Allanna Jones fighting last night at CFA 11, here is the full video.


Fallon Fox made her return to professional fighting after a few months of controversy surrounded Fox coming out as a transgender fighter in March.


45 Responses to “VIDEO | Fallon Fox vs. Allanna Jones at CFA 11 Full Fight”

  1. joe hogan says:

    she shoulda kicked him in the balls. that wouldnt be illegal.

  2. dave says:

    always the mark of a poor fighter, seeing them walk heel toe. Who walks heel toe? a good experience fighter would capitalize on that. Fallon Fox should not be allowed to fight in the women’s division. The famous Thai Ladyboy was a Muay Thai fighter and admitted that the estrogen injections caused her/him to lose alot of strength and subsequently had to quit Muay Thai. Fallon Fox is up to something shady

  3. Noir says:

    It’s evident from this fight that Fallon Fox isn’t worldclass anyway. If she ever has to fight a true female contender, she will have her ass handed to her. I see now that this whole novelty about her fighting is really just an excuse for trans-phobia. Just let her fight and get her ass kicked. She’ll never be a great fighter anyway.

    • Grapekali says:

      Its called sandbagging for a bigger payday.. That dude isnt gonna risk not being licensed.. He will keep his name out there by wining on a unfair playing field in hopes to get a big payday for beating a woman. The promoter of this event should have his license revoked.(dude makes Dada5000 look like Dana F White!)

      FL has a TON of trans men out there for this dude to fight on an even playing field if he so desired, but he would rather fight women because hes at an advantage..

      This POS needs blackballed from WMMA. There is absolutely NO valid reason to have a man fistfight a woman ever. Regardless of what you have had removed, enhanced, or reassigned, its weak and shows a complete lack of morals,values,and class.

      Stuff like this takes the “Martial Arts” right out of MMA.

  4. drew says:

    this actually making me sick, like i want to vomit

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