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Monday, 02/17/2014, 01:41 pm

VIDEO | Faber Dances His Happy A$$ Off In Pharrell Video

Faber is a man of many talents, but is dancing one of them?

Check out the California Kid in this Happy 1-hour video from Pharrell Williams. Urijah starts shaking his groove thang at the 36:00 mark.



0 Responses to “VIDEO | Faber Dances His Happy A$$ Off In Pharrell Video”

  1. The natural says:

    Faber starts wit 24 mins left 4 whole mins of fAber slide

  2. The Guesterizer says:

    so…… he can’t dance really well….

  3. team backfist says:

    Nice to see an MMA celeb not give a shit and have fun. Cool guy.

  4. Nicholas Meer says:

    What? what is this?

  5. Phil says:

    Don’t know whats worse, his dancing or this song.

  6. ^ says:

    God damn how long of a video does that woman following Faber need?

  7. Kerry Norton says:

    Either he has zero rhythm or there was no track playing. None the less, good to see him out having fun rhythm or no.

  8. seminalcacti says:

    Music video officially longer than Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

  9. Drew Torraville says:

    thats him and his sister right? nice to see her doing so well!

  10. Ryan Pry says:

    that lady following them with her phone was weird and she ruined the whole shot lol

  11. Ryan Pry says:

    that lady in the background following them ruined the shot

  12. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Lmao….Faber looked just like Machida in his last fight.

  13. Lonelysoul says:

    He has no rhythm at all, so no I don’t think he can dance. He’s not that great of fighter anymore either

  14. Say huh says:

    Urijah The Prancer-cise Kid, lmao! What a waist of my time. SMH

  15. Henrik Vahlgren says:

    Faber is bad-ass =) This awesome!

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