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Tuesday, 03/26/2013, 11:38 am

VIDEO | ESPN Profiles MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome | MMA NEWS

One of the wonders and powers of sport is the inclusion.

We’ve often seen stories of special needs athletes who participate in games, and enjoy moments of belonging, of connection, of triumph.

But what if a special needs athlete’s chosen sport revolves around violence — a sport where there’s no team protection, and the goal is to force your opponent into submission?

Garrett Holeve’s chosen sport is MMA. When he steps into the ring, he faces the same risks as any other fighter.
And that’s exactly the why he wants to fight.


0 Responses to “VIDEO | ESPN Profiles MMA Fighter With Down Syndrome | MMA NEWS”

  1. Mike says:

    that was awesome

  2. UFC 84 Forever says:

    That was absolutely fantastic; you can absolutely see he knows what he’s doing.

    So proud it was MMA that gave this kid his shot; absolutely phenomenal sport.

  3. bear42 says:

    that was truly one of the most inspirational videos I’ve ever seen.

  4. dman7 says:

    that was a tear jerker!

  5. Sasquatch says:

    Wow man that blew me away!… like dman7 said “a tear jerker”.

  6. KIDD433 says:

    The kids got heart

  7. 3Syxes says:

    that lil dude just got a new biggest fan (Heart of a mf Lion!!!!)

  8. korean jesus says:

    very amazing and inspirational individual !

  9. Jason says:

    What an inspiration! I wish I had the courage he has.

  10. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Am I the only one that thinks this is all fukced up? Yah the kid is inspirational and all, but actually fighting?? Even though it is amateur and they are wearing pads, this shit is for real. That kid is handicapped. He could get all fukced up or die in there!! Or am I just being a prick?

    • TroyGGG says:

      You Prick!!!

    • M says:

      You are being a prick. Just because he has Down’s doesn’t mean he can’t understand the risks. They are the same for him as for any other fighter.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        yah but I take it he is fighting a normal chromosomed human and not a trisomy. Normal people are faster and stronger putting them at an advantage over this handicapped dude. I guess if they were both Down’s it would be even but up against a non-handicap person is fukcing barbaric. Is that a prick position or is everybody else pricks for not seeing this?

        • Scotty says:

          Did u actually watch and listen when they were talking during his fight? They said the kid knew when to hit him and when no to.. As he knew Garret’s response time isn’t as fast so he would hit when garret is reacting or can react.. But he wasn’t not going to hit him because garret wanted to be in a real fight.. And he took the punches and continued to fight.. If there was any caution where they would need to stop it they would stop it! He knows what is going on, he trains for real and he found a passion which he actually can do!

  11. Kelly says:

    This was a wonderful story Garret may an individual with a disability but he can DO ANYTHING that he put his mind too. It is a gentle reminder to all not to ever sell anyone short. Never Give in and Never Give Up! Keep up the Great Work Garret You are an Amazing Young Man !!!!!

  12. violet says:

    Hes brilliant!!!

  13. Ian says:

    Eyes are sweatin

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