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Monday, 04/01/2013, 11:27 am

VIDEO | Ellenberger: If I was GSP I’d Fight Silva Then Retire

“A lot of people like to talk negatively about GSP, but to be able to do what he does against the top guys, consistently, it’s extremely hard. For him it’s like, he’s in a position where he can only lose, it can only get worse. If I was him, I would look to fight Anderson Silva then retire. You beat the top guys [but] eventually you’re gonna lose, eventually someone is gonna beat you. That’s just gonna happen. He may not be finishing fights, but he’s consistent. The hardest thing to do in this sport is be consistent.”


3 Responses to “VIDEO | Ellenberger: If I was GSP I’d Fight Silva Then Retire”

  1. YoMama says:

    I agree that no matter how many grease or drugs you use, its tough to win them all.

  2. Dyckless Coward says:

    If I was GSP, I’d keep winning and making that $$ as long as I can. Why retire when he has another 10 good fights left. That’s a lot of $$

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